August 28, 2011

Fear of the unknown grips Zimbabwe

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ZVIMBA- Rodgers Munemo looks lost and dejected in Nyakudya village under Chief Zvimba. To strike a conversation with him is as remotely as seeking a pool of water in a desert. To rebuke me he says, ”You can not trust any one even yourself in this country. Am sorry I can not help you because of these fires” His parting words are pregnant with meaning and fear is taking its toll here. Zvimba is President Robert Mugabe’s rural home and traditionally a better place to enjoy freedom of speech at least if it is social but the demise of former army general Solomon Mujuru in a fire at his farm recently has forced Zimbabweans to embrace fear as a norm. As you travel within Murombedzi’s Chikaka, Madzima, Mumbumbu even in Chirau area defeaning silence envelopes here. Villagers here are not secured. Zanu PF supporters are worse than their political violence victims in the Movement for Democratic Change since 2000. In early 1980s it was those in Midlands and Matebelaland province under moment of madness under Gukurahundi where at least 20000 civilians were killed by notorious 5th Brigrade. In the mid 1990s, supporters of the Zimbabwe Unity Movement ZUM were targetted and beaten up and some lost lives. No one enjoys the brutality against each other and the late Edgar Tekere was against and even challenged his former members in Zanu PF to form ZUM but lost out as few supported his cause then. When MDC entered the political field in 2000, many of its supporters died. Fear gripped some resolving to shun MDC. The brave were also killed during the 2008 presidential run off. The latest death of Mujuru has even brought more fear to progressive Zimbabweans as the talk of elections beckons upon us. Mujuru fought for freedom and his death unified everyone but another trail is affecting us all with fear gripping everyone. Munemo is not the only here. Many pray it will come to pass without deep hatred and divisions for the country.


TB jails Zimbabwe prison guards

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KAROI-Prison officer Mathias Kadiki (not his real name) has been on guard to Roderick Chambwe (not his real name) for the past three weeks at Karoi hospital side ward. (more…)

August 24, 2011

Karoi council official in stand scam flees to S.A

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KAROI- A Karoi town council top official implicated in housing stand scandal fled the country to South Africa early August. Moses Chibaya was the registry officer and was summoned to a hearing over allegations that he had swindled unsuspecting residents several thousands of dollars in a well crafted plan. Chibaya assured his victims that he would facilitate them to get residential stands but diverted the money to his personel use. ”Chibaya acted as a middleman in the scam. Several people were duped of their hard earned cash as he used duplicate receipt books on residential bussiness stands. Both parties including council and prospecting house owners lost out in this scam” said a close source who can not be identified for professional reasons. It is alleged that Chibaya was summoned to a hearing over the scam and instead slipped out of the country while on suspension. ”We suspect there is underhand by some senior officials as he was summoned to a hearing when he faced criminal charges. How can workers hearing determine outcome of a criminal charge? He is part of corrupt council officials here” added another source. Chibaya currently holed in Johanesburg left a trail of girlfriends in Chikangwe where he paid lobola to at least 5 of them within two years. ”He was living large, spending his loot on women and used to hire a taxi to drop his groceries daily to part of women empire. He was still yet to pay for 60 chicken he bought on credit from the council’s farm” added some of our sources. Senior council officials are keeping a tight lid on Chibaya scandal that has exposed most of them as on ”looting spree to empty the coffers in the farming town. Town secretary Maxwell Kaitano could not comment as he was locked in series of meetings. Karoi council has failed to develop as some former workers took turns to steal the revenue raised from residents battling to make ends meet

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