October 26, 2011

Zanu PF trio jostle for a seat in Hurungwe

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HURUNGWE- Tension and confusion has gripped Hurungwe north constituency as three Zanu PF members are already jostling for a position although elections dates are still yet unknown for rest of Zimbabweans.
Villagers in Chibara village under Chief Kazangarare situated about 55 kilometres north of Karoi town say they are now living in fear as the three have different camps that will bring more confusion ahead of the party primary elections whose date is still not known.
Former Mashonaland West governor Peter Chanetsa is the current Member of parliament for Hurungwe north where villagers are living in fear as another war veteran Karenga is also eyeing for the same post.
However, some sources say hardly two days after Karenga had addressed the villagers during the restructuring exercise in Chibara area, Chanetsa came to ‘’set the record straight that he is still in command and will be fighting to retain to the same post’’ in the event that elections are held.
‘’As we were pondering what these two men were up, Senator Reuben Marumahoko came again and said he is looking forward to be elected and represent us in next elections, so are elections going to be held too soon? asked a villager who looked to be confused.
Marumahoko is the current party acting provincial chairman whose mandate is to restructure the party that is in shambles in Hurungwe and Kadoma ahead of December congress set for Bulawayo.
However some civil servants among them teachers complain that they are being blacklisted if they do not attend public meetings.
‘’There are some national youths members who are blacklisting some of us and we are now living in fear if ever elections are going to be held sooner or later’’ said one teacher speaking on condition that he is not named.
Chanetsa confirmed that he will seek a re-election but said the time is not yet ready.
‘’I am reminding our party supporters that I will be around come election but some are busy de- campaigning me during restructuring exercise’’ said Chanetsa in a brief telephone interview.
Karenga and Marumahoko could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.


Fenced Norton man kills fourth wife

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NORTON- A Norton man suspected to be fenced with runyoka by his own wife has killed a fourth victim in a case that has left the neighbourhood shell-shocked here.
All his victims are sex commercial workers who unknowingly accept his proposal to stay with him since his wife is not always around as she lives in South Africa.
According to close friends of the latest victim as well as his neighbours, the fenced man is acting like a snake striking unsuspecting victims at will.
The suspect fenced man is married and he lives in the Maridale suburb of Norton. He survives through the money sent by his wife who lives in South Africa.
Last week, The Weekly Mirror heard that the suspect went to bury his latest victim who died a suspicious death in Chiweshe rural.
The other late victims were also sex commercial workers and the ‘’husband’’ acts during their burial at times footing their funeral expenses.
The latest victim had two sons and a daughter from her previous marriage.
‘’The latest victim was sex commercial worker whose illness shocked everyone as she never lost weight during the three months she was ill. She had been to all doctors and traditional leaders as a last resort to have her healed through continued headache but she dead a painful death. Initially she was diagnosed as suffering from meningitis and doctors at Parerenyatwa Hospital reversed their findings after going through rubber puncture. She was still fit and you could talk to her as is she was not ill. We are all shocked’’ Said one close friend who declined to be named.
The Weekly Mirror has the name of two other women including the latest victim.
However a neighbour of the man nicknamed ‘’Maridale’’ said the latest death of the woman has given conclusion that he may be a ‘’Devil with a long shovel digging graves for women’’.
The other three women passed away after dating the ‘’semi bachelor’’ who is fenced with Rukawo or runyoka by his wife.
They all die after a short illness raising suspicion of the wife who acts like a Good Samaritan.
‘’The woman knows that he could be dating a woman and sends money for their upkeep but gives them green-light to keep ‘their’ husband. She is generous to the women’’ a neighbour added speaking on condition that he is not named.
‘’Unfortunately he is not around following the burial of the latest wife he was staying with. As of now he is at the late woman’s mother who works at Norton council and she is a member of the police neighbourhood watch committee here’’ added another source also declined to be named.
Some sources suspect the woman may be using her husband’s errands for her business interests.
‘’We are always surprised why she is doing this to all the women who have succumbed to the man’s venomous attacks. He is a killer and we are saddened by his acts especially to our fellow workmates in this profession’’ a sex commercial worker Jessica from Katanga told The Weekly Mirror last week.
Runyoka is a traditional way of safeguarding spouses and mostly it was man who used to fence their women but the latest incident has exposed how ‘’true love is just meant for two‘’
Traditional leaders say the runyoka puzzle can be unlocked if the suspect confesses of his or her misdeeds but the fenced man is still yet to be confronted before he makes yet another attack on sex commercial workers around Norton town.

Unpaid ambassadors to revive our tourism sector- Comment

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Zimbabweans are well known for their hospitality, hardworking, resilience, patriotism that has seen those standing heads and shoulders above every other citizen. We are proud nation as we have our roots of humanity and are glad that we will maintain for future generations.

Everywhere you go, Zimbabweans have made our nation proud through their honesty, although we have few misguided elements that may put the good name into disrepute over their actions.

Lest we forget the barbaric action during the controversial land reform in 2000 where hundreds were killed as we failed to reach to a compromise that saw our nation getting the bad tag of violence and intolerance.
By coincidence politics which is always dirty was at the centre of our undoing.
The violence that gripped the nation then must not be repeated as we suffered when one of our foreign currency earners tourism was thrown into the deep end and as a country we are paying for the price.

This week we are glad that there is an event that will redeem our lost glory and we have the International Tiger Tournament where tourists are flocking for a sporting event that will sell Zimbabwe as a safe destination and it is in Kariba where Movement for Democratic Change supporter Luckson Kanyurira was brutally abducted in Charara before killed in April 2001. His body was left in the open at Nyamhunga bus terminus for hours as some Zanu PF youths became barbaric, hostile and uncaring to human body.

Now is the event kicked off in 1961 by farmers that will redeem us as a non-violent nation especially in resort areas like Kariba. It is best opportune time for us as a nation to celebrate this event.

There is no need to send ministers and tourists ambassadors to sell Zimbabwe but the tourists will see for themselves and make informed decisions to revisit us again and boost our sector.

We hosted so many events including hiring international artists at the expense of our poor financial reserves that could have seen thousands of dollars channelled to other needy sectors such as health, education or food security that could have benefited thousands of people. No results yet on millions wasted. Poor planning must be stopped.

What the country should have done is market the country through other organisations as direct participation of our ministers would be regarded political and mess it again.

Support those companies at local level so that foreigners will definitely sell our Brand as Zimbabwe that has natural wonders that will attract them again and again.

We wish we all remain tolerant to each other during these times of nation building as sectors such as tourism farming are regaining ground and we will make it soon after a wasted decade of political bickering.

We hope tourists who came here will never be paraded for their support of our country as part of the global village, that way we reaffirm our natural gifts of hospitality, hardworking, resilience friendliness and patriotism.

We had our great ambassadors who came from as far as Norway, United Kingdom, and New Zealand among others and hope it will be soon that we are back on the track. No to yet another wasted decade please

Accommodation crisis as tiger tournament rolls into life

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Staff Reporter
KARIBA- There was last minute rush for accommodation in the resort town of Kariba on Tuesday as participants were gearing themselves up for the Kariba International Tiger tournament marking its 50 year anniversary kicked off on Wednesday.

Hotels and manly lodges were fully booked as participants were making frantic efforts to secure accommodation at different campsites with main host Charara also fully booked.

‘’ Final teams entries stand at 267 by Tuesday night. We have an impressive foreign turnout representing nine countries among them Mozambique, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Norway, Namibia among others. Zambia has nine teams and South Africa has 35 teams’’ according to media statement released late on Tuesday.

The world recognised fishing event Kariba Invitation Tiger Tournament kicks of on Wednesday till Friday.

The tournament was started off by farmers in 1961 who took time off to go fishing and the sporting event has become an annual event.
Residents here welcomed the influx of tourists as it will boost the confidence of some who had despised Zimbabwe as unsafe due to the chaotic land reform and the violence that gripped the nation since 2000.
Kariba Publicity Association chairman Nigel Ncube was full of praise of the event when contacted for comment saying it was good for the town.
‘’We are happy that we are hosting the event and it will assist in marketing Kariba as a tourist attraction’’ said Ncube.

October 4, 2011

We wait all for Kadoma show results- Comment

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Kadoma Agricultural Society’s show last week had hundreds of people visiting though it was not just a district level in our province but became a national as companies from other provinces graced the occasion.
TN Holdings boss Tawanda Nyambirai officiated making it international as he is a renowned banker and businessman of repute who represented the company and country on different forums.
TN Holdings has businesses in Zambia and Nyambirai is a role model to tap new approach in investment policies for any small to medium entrepreneurs and how to make it nationally, regionally and internationally.
Many of us are the biblical ‘’Doubting Thomas’s’’ and we believe in seeing.
Nyambirai’s invitation proved that even those who have made it internationally still want many more to follow their foot steps of achievements.
Patriotic Zimbabweans want to see our country prosper.
Zimbabwe has the potential to regain its lost pride as the bread basket of Southern Africa or even globally through producing food that is in great demand.
Nyambirai’s advice is simple- Create conducive environment for business to thrive and we must keep the momentum.
We have both human and natural resources to make it and we are step ahead as we have endured hard times that never kill.
Such is the resilience that we need from those who say the truth that we set us free to make it as a nation.
At highest level Nyambirai was urging the Government, but at lower level, the local authority has the potential to be a stumbling block for investment.
When he spoke every one listened attentively and policy makers present nodded in approval.
These are the same people who formulate some policies that affect the general public and force business to crumble and we will remain doomed.
Some are forced to work at home as there is no enough space for offices in central business centres around towns in the country.
Council administrators are main culprits as they fail to attract investors due to poor polices and plans.
We are against that and we want prosperity that’s why we are taking a positive approach.
Words of wisdom are said by those who want prosperity and Nyambirai is among these.
As Kadoma Show Society committee make their post-mortem report, they must know that we all need results.
These results may take ages but we all believe the initiative was to motivate investors to see what Kadoma is made of and it is good that the opportunities are there.
Kadoma is a city of gold but are policies conducive to make it when investors take the risks to open new companies here? We all hope so.
As we wait for results, we also applaud the commitment shown by the Kadoma show society team.
On our part we say, few misguided media marshals in Kadoma must learn that we are also behind the positive image of City of Gold to enjoy it all as a family.
Let us all play our roles for a positive change and attract investors.
We want Kadoma to regain its golden status as Zimbabwe strives to reclaim its bread basket position. Time is on our side so let us can all make it with confidence

Zim can reclaim bread basket status- Nyambirai

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KADOMA- Zimbabwe has the potential to reclaim its lost glory of bread basket of Southern Africa and make it globally if it seize the opportunity to boost the agriculture sector, a top banker and businessman Tawanda Nyambirai has said.

Officially opening the 98th Edition of Kadoma Agriculture Show here last week, Nyambirai said, ’’There is great demand for food globally and Zimbabwe must take the initiative to reclaim its lost glory as the bread basket of Southern Africa even globally’’

He added that it is imperative for the Government to create conducive environment for investors in the sectors that are intertwined with agriculture that is the back borne of the economy.

He said, ’’Our Government needs to encourage the flow of capital as the banking sector is strained to assist the farmers due to land tenure system. Government must come up with proper land tenure system that gives certainty on the part of the new resettled farmer that he is on the land today but will not be kicked out tomorrow. The Government must give the same assurance to the banking sector that the land is transferable to a second market in case there is default by farmers who could have taken financial loans’’

Nyambirai bemoaned the slow revival of textile industry that has affected thousands of former workers.
Nyambirai said, ’’The agriculture sector has faced onslaught from cheap imports from the East and as a result we have been reduced to a country that produces cotton, export it for less than US$1 but will buy the final maybe a T-shirt or a couple of them that will charge US$8. Here in Kadoma, the now defunct David White head is a sad story of the collapse of once the vibrant textile sector.’’
David White head former workers are battling to revive the company as thousands were laid off and the company has been under curator ship.
He called on the valued added tax regime that will see farmers benefiting as they strive to use the land reform productively.
Nyambirai, a renowned banker with TN commercial bank and TN Holding that has businesses interest in Zimbabwe and Zambia further said the Government must create conducive environment to revive sectors such as textile that is linked to agriculture.
He further paid tribute to Zimbabweans for their continued resilience.
‘’Of late our economy has gone through difficult time but has been sustained by remittance by those who are working hard in countries throughout the world. The country has human resources that can assist to boost the economy’’
Show society chairperson Mrs Gutu urged new farmers to take farming seriously to boost the economy.
‘’The challenge is for you as resettled framers to use the land productively so that we continue to feed the nation’’
Kadoma agriculture show drew 52 exhibitors, up from 32 last year and had companies from as far as Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare Bulawayo and Harare showcased their products

Kapfupi snatches Karoi band member

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KAROI- A cold war is looming between popular street actor cum musician Freddy Majalima aka Kapfupi after snatching Karoi based Simbaradzo band member Justice Mushongan’anga popularly known as Baba Svomho.
Simbaradzo band leader, Takesure Chikukwa is bitter that the physically short band member he brought to Karoi from Mhangura in 2009 dumped the band that had future plans with him.
Chikukwa confirmed that what happened to the band exposes un-professionalism and exploitation in music industry, ‘’Justice is now with Kapfupi. He went there promising to come back but the two have not communicated with us. They must learn to communicate and although we are not missing Justice much, he should have told us and we should have parted ways amicably. In Shona we say natsa kwauobva kwaunoenda irima meaning learn to party ways amicably for a better future‘’ Chikukwa told The Weekly Mirror.
Another source added that the band had their contracts ready for renewal in August but Justice could not wait any longer for the offer from Kapfupi.
Justice was hired by Kapfupi as the later wanted to shoot a video to compliment his song Machisa or Machisa Wamoto a short man who is suspected to be a son-in-law to a married old couple. Machisa’s height is similar to his son who at times is left with grandparents.
Unfortunately, Majisa the father slept behind his mother-in-law in replace of his son and is suspected to have witnessed sexual act between his in-laws.
Sources say Kapfupi approached Justice or Baba Svomho for few days in early August as he wanted to have him during a video shoot out for Majisa song.
As lucky could have it Kapfupi was among the bands lined up for the Heroes Splash where they had a polished act in Mount Darwin.
Many who witnessed the Kapfupi show live on television saw a ‘’short young man’’ struggling to carry his guitar using different voices as a young man and an old man with a hoarse voice. That was Majisa at the centre of controversy in Karoi.
‘’The bitter war between Karoi town council is how come Justice was released when he has a running contract with the local authority? He breached his work contract and he should have asked for leave that could have been granted but on conditions that they satisfy both parties. Kapfupi is taking advantage of our silence over the issue‘’, said a close source who declined to be named.
Another source said ‘’Justice or Dereck is refusing to come back as he feels he has the best opportunity in his career as Kapfupi is now a role model nationally. Kapfupi is a success story and Majisa suit well to his plans and no one wants to be associated a Karoi band that plays in the local beer hall” said another band member who declined to be named.
Kapfupi added confusion to the whole saga when contacted for comment saying, ‘’Justice came seeking employment and I could not deny him the chance. Unfortunately Chikukwa believes he has monopoly over his band members. I tried to talk to him but is just arrogant and I had to use abusive language. In fact Justice is happy and band members are like soccer players who have chance to renew or change clubs during off season ‘’
He added that he video is still yet to be shot. Justice aka Machisa, Baba Svomho, the man at the centre of controversy’s mobile was unreachable possibly he has changed phone lines after switching bands from Karoi to Harare.

GMB official flees after infecting maid with HIV virus

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KAROI- A Grain Marketing Board top official fled the country after it emerged he had infected a maid with HIV virus. The official whom we can not name as the victim is less than 16 years of age was forced to sell 45 tonnes of maize in his bid to secure freedom that turned out to be elusive. Sources claimed the official whom we will call Mr Z claimed the maid wanted to fix him after the family resolved to terminate her contract. ”He wanted to secure freedom and sold maize to buy it out and tried luck from those in authority but later was told that medical results were pinning him down as they were both positive” said the source who can not be named for professional reasons. A work mate confirmed that the official slipped out of the country to South Africa. His mobile was unreachable with a family member only saying ”He is out of town” The Government has made it mandatory to have rape victims tested of HIV virus so that courts can impose
stiff penalties on perpetrators. There was no immediate comment from the police at the time of writing on the case. For feedback

Husband of snatched wife living in fear of top cop

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CHINHOYI- The husband of a wife who was snatched by a senior police officer based in Chinhoyi says he is now leaving in fear.
Wilson Gutuza, whose wife was snatched by Superintend Dube, opened up again to The Weekly Mirror that he is now leaving in fear after he was abducted by some thugs who wanted to steal his phone so that they could retrieve information pinning the top cop as the love triangle deepened.
‘’Supt Dube is threatening me in a bid to retrieve information from my phone. He hired some thugs who wanted to steal the phone but I was lucky that they did not manage. I am now leaving in fear as I was not anticipating this to happen. I am no longer comfortable with his presence near me here in Chinhoyi as he has the power to abuse and these thugs take his word as gospel truth. My life is in danger.’’, the dejected Gutuza said.
Provincial Police Officer Assistant Commissioner Rangarirayi Muchauraiwa confirmed that they had tried to bring a truce on the warring parties over the issue but could not divulge more information.
A source close to the meeting said it was called to iron out the differences between the two so that Supt Dube could show remorse and respect Gutuza besides snatching his wife.
‘’The meeting was aimed at bringing the warring parties to resolve the issue without much publicity though the social issue has further been damaged by improper conduct by a professional man. Supt Dube is devoting a big head over this issue. We hope they will come to an understanding that this will come to a pass’’ said a source who refused to be named for professional reasons.
However repeated efforts to get a comment from Supt Dube were unsuccessful as he refused to comment when contacted on his mobile. He even denied that he was the one who had the phone and was evasive when he answered it trying to mislead this paper.
Later on we received a call from his lawyer Mike Mutsvairo of Mutsvairo and Associates who wanted to know if we had phoned Supt Dube but could comment either as we wanted to have his side of the story on allegations that he is threatening Gutuza and the subsequent meeting to bury the hatchet.
Gutuza who was happily married to Alice Chinoda claims that he had problems with wife in 2009 amid revelations that she was going out with Supt Dube of Makonde police DHQ in a love triangle that is turning sour for Gutuza.
It has been double trouble for Gutuza who wrote a letter of complain to Supt Dube’s superiors to have the matter resolved amicably but the top officer became a family judge using his work phone barring him (Gutuza) from seeing his former wife and a six year old child.
Gutuza further claims he used see Supt Dube at his house on odd hours before his love affair with Alice went on the rocks and was subjected to ill-treatment by her.
At one time Gutuza wrote, ’’Supt Dube has completely destroyed my family and I am no longer living at my house Number 8826, Ruvimbo as Supt Dube regularly come there using ZRP vehicle registration 3288M. Of late there have been incriminating cases against me and Supt Dube was behind advising my wife to nail me so that I can be jailed. The two want to have enough freedom to enjoy their love affair. Junior officers are being abused to arrest me, Gutuza claimed in his letter.
As we continue to write this story where suspicion o abuse of power and love triangle is at the centre of controversy, we are still waiting for Supt Dube to come clean on the allegations so that we give the chance to give his side of the story through the same media that exposed the affair.
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