December 6, 2011

The truth will set us free one day

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Zimbabweans are slowly awakening to the reality of saying the truth so that it can set them free though it may take time with backlashes of when, where it is said, or who is to benefit the word that unites family, society and nation at large.
We must be prepared for it at all costs, no matter how costly it can be.
It is a sad reality that many are being pushed to the wall at family, society and political levels where they remain at ‘’grassroots’’ level. Their ideas are not considered, some are not even allowed a chance to speak.
At family level during get together parties, marriages and funeral awake, some elders are given the chance to speak and his word will not be challenged after his presentations.
Even if he blunders, to rectify it, you are judged as a rebel. At times family ties will be severed and labelled an outcast. In churches, when a priest says final prayer, no one must add more words as it is vote of thanks politically, what ever said afterwards is irrelevant.
Such is a sad reality that we can not question our representatives.
For Zimbabwean political parties, you can not question anyone whose rank is above yours, more so an outsider can not ask party political decisions that expose the party’s lack of vision.
It will be hard to come out clean besides being labelled a sellout, a spy from another rival party. Many bystanders have left blundering parties going to the dogs, no one has the guts to ask senior party officials if they make decisions that will cost those votes in any election at council, parliamentary or senatorial elections.
Questioning the credibility of candidates elected to represent the party, your intentions are misrepresented that you are working for rivals, why are you so much concerned if you are not part of us?
Political parties do not want criticism which is a small gift that you may accept or reject without paying anything for in life.
Criticism is healthy for family ties, party democracies and for nation building.
The so called arm chair critics, ‘’spies’’ working for rival parties have role to play as they level the ground for better leadership renewal and good governance that accepts constructive criticism.
We have a story where a Zanu PF supporter had guts to tell mourners that the deceased political commissar Philip Muguti fueled tension in Mashonaland West especially in Kariba.
Comrade Jonasi, this is welcome but Muguti should have known this when he was alive. We understand your plea, may be your late wife, Nesi who was a Central committee member briefed you during the time of matters of the heart are discussed. It is always during this time where man make blunders or achievements as we make decision ‘’during moment of weakness’’, naturally.
Cde Jonasi broke our taboo of Wafa Wanaka but the truth will always set us free. You are now a free man who downloaded a burden that ate your heart for too long. We are happy many will do soon.
Let us desist from the mentality where those in power of authority are not questioned over their actions, no matter how retrogressive they are.
We need to move forward as families, communities and nation at large.
If the truth is said, given time to amend our misdeeds will shape the families, communities and the nation we all love to be, a peaceful, democratic, progressive, united and best example for future generations


Karoi council, Kunonga priest clash over taxi rank

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KAROI- Karoi town council and an Anglican priest aligned to excommunicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga faction are fighting over a designated place for taxis where the priest is demanding rentals from the local authority.
The stand off has seen the council pushing out at least hundred taxis that operate in the town from the area within the central business centre after the priest demanded that he will personally collect the taxis monthly fees.
Confused taxi operators were forced out last of the taxi rank on Thursday complained that the priest had made it hard for them to operate in town situated about 204 kilometers north- west of Harare.
‘’We were surprised that council police officer barred us to enter the rank we have been used for the past seven years. There is a cold war looming between the council and Anglican priest over the taxi rank. We do not know where to go as commuters were used to that place for too long ’’ said taxi driver Douglas Mutenha.
Others shared the same sentiments saying the feud had left them undecided on how to operate freely as Zimbabwe Republic Police were chasing them away from undesignated places.
‘’We are being forced from one place to the other and council are still yet to give us an alternative place. This place is overcrowded and some rural kombis are failing to get commuters’’ added another taxi driver.
Council officials said the stand off over the taxi rank that was designated by the council had seen the Priest in charge of Karoi parish; Peter Balicholo demanding that the church must collect taxi fees monthly since it is within church premises.
‘’The priest is making outrageous demands of the area that is not church but council property. We have instructed the council police to bar taxis to use the rank until the matter is resolved at highest level’’ said a council official who refused to be named.
Karoi council secretary Maxwell Kaitano confirmed that there was a standoff that will be resolved soon.
‘’We are working out something over the minor misunderstanding over the taxi rank but we want taxi operators to pay fees to the council as responsible authority not anyone else’’ said Kaitano.
Some parishioners accused Balicholo as a criminal who is thriving on the lack of rule of law. ‘’There is no justification in his demands as the church should make that resolution by with Balicholo who is in Kunonga’s camp criminality thrives. It is unfortunate that a priest is embroiled in making profit for who we wonder.’’ a church member from another faction said.
Balicholo refused to speak when contacted for comment yesterday though he is accused of driving out 60 children last year in January where he used baton wielding police.
Some parishioners deserted him in favour of Chad Gandiya who leads another faction that has suffered police brutality and have some priests evicted in some parishes around the country.

Desperate villagers face starvation after good harvest

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HURUNGWE- Karuru business centre is now deserted as you can hardly see any activity during the night or day as it used to do a month ago.

Situated about 45 kilometres north east of Karoi town under Chief Kazangarare, it had become a lively rural business area where villagers could meet and drink to literally forget their problems away all night long.

Many of these business centres throughout Hurungwe district are suffering the same fate as communal farmers prepare for the forthcoming farming season, though they had better harvest last season.

Villagers used to have cash on them that was coming their way after selling maize from their last season’s mean harvest that they knew could not last long.

Desperate villagers sold part of the maize that could have seen them through the next harvest but they were lured by money that some had to spend drinking here.

Villagers were meeting buyers from as far as Masvingo, Ngundu, Gutu among other areas throughout the country who could come to get maize for resell in their areas.
This made the rather passive rural business centre with aging shop walls showing off hard years gone by but giving out a lively place to be as it was good for partying villagers.
Now it is a pale shadow of itself and buyers are spending more than two weeks to get 50 kilograms of maize.
‘’Villagers here no longer have maize to spare and we are spending more time without any hope to get it. It was one of reliable suppliers of maize and villager were accommodative but now you can hardly see them here’’ says Nedson Moyo a maize buyer from Ngundu situated over 700 kilometres away from Karuru.

He had brought with him groceries among them sugar, soap cooking oil for barter trade if they demand it but no one is forth coming with the maize.

‘’It used to be clean business for everyone but I am loosing hope as these villagers are no longer have maize but I had orders from Ngundu.’’ he says.
Moyo is among maize buyers who had flooded Hurungwe and says he used to buy 20 kilograms of maize for as little as US$2. 50 before it were increased to US$4 though it was fetching US$10.00.

‘’Maize is still in great demand in Masvingo and other areas where people are facing starvation due to poor rains’’ he adds.

Ironically here in Hurungwe villagers are now facing starvation after they sold their harvest for a song. They were despair to make ends meet as the ‘’elusive dollar continue to knock down’’ on its causalities country wide, as Moyo sums up.

‘’We were desperate and now we are starving. Though we were selling it in bits and pieces, we are regretting now’’ says 65 year old Mbuya Matilda Karambamuchero of Chimwanja village.

In Karambazungu under Chief Matau, villagers blame the Grain Marketing Board for its failure to pay farmers on time.

‘’If GMB was paying us on time then we could have sold it there and bought something tangible but alas we are counting our losses’’ adds Martin Muchera.

GMB, one of the loss making government parastatal is seeking funding from the treasury to pay up farmers who delivered maize in May.

‘’Villagers go through this nearly every year and will never learn’ laments an agriculture extension worker who declines to be named.
‘’Hurungwe farmers have the good rains pattern and better soils to thank that their starvation is limited not in Masvingo where it is perennial‘’ he concludes.

December 4, 2011

Dry spell affects tobacco in Hurungwe

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HURUNGWE- The dry spell currently being experienced in some parts of the country has affected dry land tobacco for small holder farmers here.
A survey conducted around some rural areas and farms in Hurungwe has revealed that the tobacco that had been planted is now drying up due to lack of rains.
‘’Generally tobacco can do better without rains for some time but this dry spell has affected my crop and am planning to use the fields for other crops as I have run out of seed’’ said farmer Josiah Mupamombe in Tengwe area, 50 kilometers east of Karoi.
He had 3 hectares under dry land tobacco though the irrigation pipes he had were vandalized by fellow settlers at the farm.
In Hurungwe north under Chief Kazangarare, rural farmers are bemoaning the dry spell that has affected their tobacco saying if the rains do not make it within a week they will be counting losses.
‘’We were living under false hope after being assured by weather prediction that there will be a wet spell with early days of December but we are witnessing high temperatures without any rains and it has affected our crops. We can not irrigate the crop as there are no dams nearby’’ said Raimos Matesanwa of Matesanwa village.
An Agriculture extension worker confirmed that some parts of Hurungwe had been affected by the dry spell.
‘’Farmers have to endure this but some resettled farmers had irrigation pipes within their farms vandalized and it will need the Government intervention to rejuvenate the farming sector that has been affected by lack of managerial skills. We hope they have seen the need of irrigation pipes in case we go through these hard times for more years as a nation’’ said the official who declined to be named as he has no authority to speak to the press.
Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector is transforming itself following a decade long social, economical and political crisis.
Finance minister Tendai Biti allocated US$15 million to sustain the current irrigation rehabilitation and development program targeting 56 scheme. This will see farmers utilising water in dams.

Muguti burial exposes Zanu PF simmering divisions in Mash West

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Karoi- The burial of late Zanu PF provincial political commissar Phillip Muguti on Friday has exposed widening divisions rocking the party as he was accused of fueling tension since 2000 as factions emerged.
Jonas Jonasi whose late wife Nesi is a former central committee member shocked mourners at Rufaro farm on Friday when he said Zanu PF will never be a democratic party if there are people like the late Muguti.
‘’I am concerned that the late Muguti brought divisions within the party by imposing candidates from his camp. He mislead other aspiring candidates when primary elections will be held so that those from his camp could just win without competition. As political commissar he should have been neutral but he was sowing seeds of division. Muguti’s death must unify than divide us’’ said Jonasi much to the applause of some mourners.
He went on to say there were suitable Zanu PF candidates turned against the party due to frustrations manifested by Muguti and his camp.
The late Muguti’s camp barred Catherine Gumpo to contest as Kariba mayor backing former council employee a Magombedze but he was defeated by Gumpo who stood as an independent candidate.
‘’We will always blame leaders who do not unify us as Kariba became Movement for Democratic Change breeding ground in Mashonaland West because of the likes of Muguti. This must come to an end as we rebuild the party ahead of elections’’ he added.
The late Muguti joined Zanu PF in 1979 and rose through the ranks to be provincial political commissar under embattled chairman John Mafa whose tenure is in controversy.
This comes as weekend elections were deferred again to yet another date following the death of Muguti on Thursday.
His death has thrown the party elections into disarray again as there are moves to gang up against Mafa who had gained support three weeks ago when elections were postponed in Seleous.
Party insiders said that some candidates are being forced to withdraw their candidature in favour of Marumahoko. Mafa is linked to a faction controlled by Defence minister Emerson Mnangagwa in the succession battle within Zanu PF and has the support of other provinces in his bid to secure the position.
‘’Mafa is being linked to Mnangagwa faction and we can not allow that to happen so they are plotting every move that will see Mafa loosing the election at all costs ’’, added another source speaking on condition that he is not named.
Mashonaland West is being led by a faction under Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo that has settled for Marumahoko after President Robert Mugabe blocked businessman turned politician Phillip Chiyangwa to contest the elections following the espionage charges when he was the provincial chairman.

December 3, 2011

Mutasa fingered in Zanu PF Mash West divisions

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Chinhoyi-Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Didymus Mutasa and Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya-Moyo have been fingered as big brains behind divisions that are looming in the provincial elections that have been put on ice for now.
Party insiders say Mutasa is one of the top politburo members supporting expelled chairman John Mafa in return for their positioning as the party vice presidents in the post President Robert Mugabe era.
‘’Khaya-Moyo and Mutasa are eyeing the vice president posts that they want to share and are supporting Mafa so that in return he will support their candidatures. Mafa is being supported by some provinces that has raised eyebrows for the party’’ says a source who refused to named.
He adds that the disciplinary hearing conducted by Khaya- Moyo against Mafa was a face cover as he was cleared of any wrong doing.
‘’Initially they were banking on Philip Chiyangwa but when he was not allowed to contest, they are supporting Mafa at all cost’’ says a provincial member in Chinhoyi speaking on condition that he is not named.
Chiyangwa was readmitted into the party following his espionage charges but President Mugabe blocked him to contest any position although Mutasa and Khaya Moyo had given thumps up to his return.
Sources say Mutasa is harboring vice presidents post and Mafa is likely to endorse him.
According to some sources Mafa is linked to Emerson Mnangagwa faction that is vying for the presidential position though in Mashonaland West the Ignatius Chombo led faction is against Mafa’s return to lead the province.
Chombo’s faction has been forced to settle for Hurungwe senator Reuben Marumahoko who is acting provincial chairman who is aligned to Joyce Mujuru faction. Mafa had gained support from all districts but it was seen as a slap in the face of Chombo faction that is fighting hard to have him ruled out in any election within the province.
Mutasa laughed off the allegations saying he is national leader who can not support any faction.
‘’Zanu PF is united under President Mugabe and am a national leader who can not be seen supporting individual at provincial level’’ said Mutasa in a telephone interview.
Chombo could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

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