April 25, 2012

MDC-T official convicted over unsanctioned memorial gathering

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HURUNGWE- Chief Gonzva Nyamhunga convicted a Movement for Democratic Change official for convening a political gathering without clearance. Irene Mujari is the party Hurungwe district chairlady and was on Monday given 14 days to pay the goat and chicken after she was convicted by the traditional court. It is the state outline that Mujari convened a meeting with MDC-T officials including Hurungwe West Member of Parliament Severino Tall Chambati at her homestead last week. In her defence, Mujari said they held a planning meeting of traveling arrangments for late Senator Tichaona Mudzingwa’s memorial services. She denied that it was a political gathering. However in his ruling, Chief Nyamhunga found her “guilty as charged” MP Chambati confirmed that they had requested for a written judgment but Chief Nyamhunga refused to hand them one. “It is a pity that traditional leaders are tommenting their subjects due to political differences and are now instilling fear ahead of possible elections”, said Chambati. Of late Public Order and Security Act, POSA, that requires that police are notified of any political gathering has been used to target mainly MDC supporters.


Just Children workers under distress as major donor pulls out

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By Staff Reporter

KAROI- Workers at Come Up to Me Just Children’s home are bitter over

salary delays that have seen some playing hide and seek with their

landlords over unpaid rentals following pulling out of a United

Kingdom based major donor early this year.

Disgruntled workers claim that all is not well at the children’s home

situated near Karoi hospital as they are battling to get food for the

children most of them who were abused by their parents and guardians.

The children are vetted by Ministry of Social Welfare so that they can

be adopted at the centre where they will be calling home and attending


‘’ We are battling to make ends meet here and we are not assured if we

will be here for too long and all what we are doing is no longer work

but we are volunteers. Our salaries have been delayed and we are

failing to pay rentals’’ said one of the workers speaking on condition

that he is not named.

He added that some top officials had since resigned over the financial

challenges besetting the organisation.

‘’We are under paid and the delays affect us as we can not get loans

to repay. We are surprised why the management can not source for

funding from other donors as we had the great part of last year

without electricity here and water can be cut off any time due to the

bill that is yet to be settled’’ added another source also declining

to be named for fear of victimization.

A Harare official confirmed that all is not well in the organization

that prospered during the late founder Moses Kasimonje whose vision

was to give ’’ neglected children peace of mind’’.

‘It is true that some officials resigned due to financial challenges

and have started off their new projects’’ said the official whom we

can not name.

However Just Children managing director Norma Kasimonje denied that

there was financial mismanagement saying the board alerted workers

that the major donor had pulled out and financial resources were


She said the so called disgruntled workers are mischievous.

‘’Your sources are misleading you as we notified all the workers what

we were going through after the donors pulled out. We are prepared to

show you our financial statements at a round table with the so called

disgruntled workers. Every home, organisation and even countries are

facing economic challenges and donors are neglecting us when we are

still yet to stand on our own. It is unfortunate that some of those

who resigned were exposed by the donors that they wanted to hijack the

project and were using it a launch pad’’ said Mrs. Kasimonje in a

telephone interview last week.

She however explained that the Government is failing to pay $20.00 to

every child that the organisation is looking after as per Government


‘’If the Government can not afford to pay for these children’s upkeep

what else do you expect from us? We should be getting money for

reunification of these children with their parents but w can not get

that money and it is a challenge for us as well’’ she said.

Mrs. Kasimonje explained that though some international organisation

such as Unicef were assisted children with books, they can translate

the funding into salaries.

She later said that there was no need to publish the story as it will

give a bad image of the organisation fighting for children’s rights.

‘’Do not write the story as we need to discuss the merits with board

members and our lawyers. In fact, we want you with the workers for a

round table discussion over the issue and iron out our differences ’’,

she pleaded.

However, workers maintain that they are still yet to get reprieve over

their working conditions and denied the proposal for a discussion.

‘’We are not blacklisting the organisation but we need salaries and be

assured of our future at work. If we attend the discussion what

assurances do we have that we will not be victimized for exposing how

we are being ill-treated? said another worker

Chegutu deletes cholera tag as water improves

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By Staff Reporter
CHEGUTU- A dark cloud of uncertainty used to hover over heads of many
residents here as water was always scarce here and many were forced to
bury family members and relatives due to cholera epidemic that claimed
over 4000 people throughout the country during the 2008-9 era.
Revai Matasa of recalls, ‘’those were the worst days we went through
here and it remains written in our memories as we will never forget.
We could bury relatives and friends as if we were in a war. At one
time we buried six people within a day. It was a war we thought will
never be won but we survived to tell this sad story’’
Revai, a 35 year old mother of three battles to keep tears flowing
down her cheeks as she explains how residents in the high density
suburb of Mumvoo and DRC that witnessed deaths during the cholera era
that wiped the country of its human resources.
It was an unexpected experience for many locals here as the country
battled to grapple with economic, social and political challenges
faced with the Southern African country nearly came to a virtual
‘’ the Municipality, just like its counterparts throughout the
country, is faced with a grim situation related to the availability of
financial, material, capital and human resources to undertake its full
mandate as envisaged in the Urban Councils Act. This is due to the
unfavourable macro-economic situation that the country has been
experiencing over the last decade, compounded by limited possibility
of mobilising off-shore developmental aid, Jacob Chikuruwo, chamber
secretary who is also the director of administration says.

However an aura of hope is within the town as is set to improve its
water reticulation system.
’’We experienced critical water shortages throughout the town area of
jurisdiction, resulting in residents drawing water from unprotected
wells and other sources, a phenomenon which culminated in the 2008/9
cholera epidemic’’ he adds.
He says the municipality had to engage French Red Cross Society and
United Nations Children and Education Fund (UNICEF) for assistance in
rehabilitating water reticulation infrastructure.

Though the country is facing electricity challenges, the Government
granted a $ 550 000-00 loan that was used to erect a ‘’dedicated
power-line’’ to supply power to water supply, pumping installations
and attend to the sewer reticulation system, he adds.

Chikuruwo reveals that the water supply situation has greatly improved
with the system now capable of pumping 10 mega-litres per day as
compared to the previous situation of about 6 mega litres/day.

However the municipality still faces the challenge to satisfy its
population as Chikuruwo explains, ‘’The system is, however, far from
being perfect as we still have challenges of supplying the commodity
to households due to a decayed pipe network and extensive vandalism in
the past years’’

The African Development Bank chipped in with US$1,9million that will
be used to expand the water treatment plant and further attend to the
reticulation infrastructure so as to enable a pumping capacity of 18
mega litres per day, he further says.

Godknows Marapa is not happy at all as it will take time for the
sewerage system to improve in her home area.

‘’For how long are we going to wait here as sewer pipes burst and are
not repaired on time? They must try to fast track repairs as we may
lost some residents here and bring back somber memories again in this
small farming town. Cholera was a monster and disaster’’ he says.

Chikuruwo admits that health hazards associated with water borne
diseases could be said to have been averted in Chegutu.

‘’It was as a result of the strenuous efforts applied by the
municipality, Government and the cooperating partners who have
assisted the urban population of Chegutu.
He adds that Zebakwe Trust, an organisation constituted by Government
(Ministry of Mines & Mining Development) and Zimplats, has also
partnered the municipality to construct a sewerage treatment plant.

‘’This will assist and be a service to over 30,000 residents and
ratepayers of Kaguvi suburbs’’ he adds.

Residents here are waiting patiently to have all programs implemented
so that they forget about cholera and hope it will be over once and
for all.

Donor funding high time we start afresh

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Donor communities are well known for spearheading development in
education, food security, infrastructural development, housing, health
among other sectors.

Africa in particular has received large sums of funding from mostly
Western countries and this has created semi God monsters of local
leadership who approve the requests for funding.

Zimbabwe is a recepeint of donor funding and we have a better story to
tell as it is assisting to in reviving our battered economy. HIV and
AIDS pandemic is literally going past its sale by date as pledges made
to Global Fund is dwindling. Other diseases among them malaria,
tuberculosis, cancer are seeking funding and it will be day dreaming
that HIV and AIDS will attract many donors in future the way it was in
early 80s up to 90s.

Times are changing for the better or worse and we remain our own
enemies as small communities at work, organizations, nations and
continents over donor funds.                      

Some market shops are white elephants in small towns after donors pulled out at the last
minute or one of the top officials could have diverted the initial proposal to suit his intentions.

In rural areas, some bridges were neglected halfway and it is a sad situation as to source new funding for the project remains a tall order.

Some officials who are good at convincing the donor community with sounding proposals have made a killing when they seek huge financial assistance that will leave them with fat pockets even when donors pull out before the project is implemented fully.

However, the story of Just Children is rude awakening to all those who rely on donor funding as some workers feel cheated when major donors pulled out. They still believe he owed them a living on the initial
proposal to full fund the project and their livelihoods.

The Western countries are feeling the heat financially and not all can afford to splash large sums of funds  they get it from their own Governments.
It is high time that the natural resources including gold, diamonds, and platinum, among others are sold and transparently by the Government to fund home grown projects that will assist organizations
that foster development.

If such plans were put in place the way Western countries appreciate good governance, then the Jairosi Jiri initiative could not have seen his widow as a destitute at all cost. The late Jiri could have been
Zimbabwe’s first hero with several streets named after him as a guarantor of people’s rights.
He had a vision to look after the blind and disabled.
As we call for transparency from organizations that get donor funding, top management must not abuse their workers by underpaying them while they get out of office allowances among other incentives.
Those donors that are still funding some projects must not survive on divide and rule tactic. We want action that suits everyone but with long standing against donor fatigue

Two women face censure over infidelity fight

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Staff Reporter NORTON- Two women from Roman Catholic church face
censure when they fought last week at the church premises after it
emerged that one of them had a secret affair with a married church
member. The man at the centre of controversy is also a member within
the same church. The suspect woman accused of snatching married
husband stays in Flamingo surbubs of Norton. One source said, “The
affair was well known to many members but the wife did not know much
about it until last Sunday when she confronted the suspect soon after
services. They fought while dressed in church uniform and it was
embrassing to both couples. Though they were restrained over, the
damage had been done.” said a source. However last Thursday the two
women were stripped of uniforms for “putting the church’s name into
disrepute”, according to another source. ” It was recommended that
they can no longer wear uniforms over the incident that has brought
the church name into the mud of infidelity. The punishment will only
lifted as when the seniors see it fit that they are remorseful over
their adulterous actions” added a source.
It was not immediately possible to get a comment from the suspects.


Divided house will always fall

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Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
is facing divisions in Mashonaland West, Bulawayo, Masvingo among
other areas.  These divisions have been going on for too long and
provincial leadership is said to be in shambles for imposing
themselves as aspiring candidates in forthcoming elections. Three
camps are emerging and money is said to be playing hands by some of
those behind the camps. We are against use of money to buy positions
come what may. As national leadership is still investigating ways to
combat these divisions, the house built from protest vote since 2000
faces collapse. It is daydreaming that the party will consolidate the
support it had when it won seats in Hurungwe West, Kariba, Chegutu and
Chinhoyi. The seats were won because the electorate sympathised with
the party on how it had it had lost some members due to Zanu PF
brutality in Kariba where Luckson Kanyurira was brutally killed in
2001. His death touched so many in the town that they voted Zanu PF
out. In Hurungwe West Milton Chambati’s death at Magunje growth point
gave rural voters the chance to denounce the former ruling party
violent past. Even some of its members did not see reason where blood
could entice them into voting Zanu PF into power. Chambati won as
people wanted to show how they value human life above politics. It was
a score against Zanu PF’s dominance but it is going to be short lived
due to divisions tearing the party apart. It will regain the 5 seats
it won. Generally urban councils are in turmoil because majority of
councillors are dull and dumb to effect turn around strategies. They
can no longer listen for advice forcing residents to cry foul against
the party.  Some of them who are junior party members are eyeing to be
Members of Parliament. What a shame. They never learn and believe the
electorate will buy their campaign motto of Change. They risk to be in
political dustbin if they align themselves to these factions that are
dominated by power hungry leaders. As we look forward to elections,
political parties must be transparent on their candidates. We will
witness divided houses falling as united they must stand

Zimbwabweans divided over early elections

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Staff Reporter CHINHOYI- Some Zimbabweans have welcomed lack of
funds to sponsor elections this year besides push by President Robert
Mugabe and that watershed polls must be held without fail. Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has also joined the chorus but institing
that there must be electoral, media and security reforms with full
implementation of Global Political Agreement signed in 2009. In random
interviews conducted some Zimbabweans said they welcomed Finance
Minister Tendai Biti stance that he had financial budget for this
year elections. Joshua Matinga a Makonde based human rights activist
said there was no need to rush for
elections when voters roll is in shambles. “It is good that we focus
our attention on a new constitution that will be baseline of free and
fair elections. Voters roll must be cleared of ghost voters first
before elections are held” said Matinga. A teacher who refused to be
named in Karoi said rushed elections will bring back sad memories of
June 2008 presidential elections where at least 200 Movement for
Democratic Change supporters were killed ahead of disputed polls.
Teachers were sidelined as election officials and mostly Zanu PF
youths were recruited as polling officers. “Instead of getting rid of
unqualified youth officers who are not working but being paid monthly
salaries, our politicians want yet another blood bath. It is logical
that elections are held next year after full term of parliamentarians”
A logde operator based in Kariba decried that calls for elections will
affect tourism sector. “We can not afford another wasted year for
elections as this will put off both local and international tourists
who are slowly boosting the sector. We are still yet to recover from
2000 political violence” said the operator in a telephone interview,
speaking on condition that he is not named. However a Zanu PF’s
Hurungwe district coordinating committee (DCC) member admitted that
they are facing challenges in restructuring the party and election
will be hard for the party to win. “We are failing to garner support
to restructure, so who will vote for us? Its daydreaming to have
elections this year” said the DCC member who declined to be named for
fear of victimisation. Martin Chipere a farmer in Tengwe said they
were enjoying better tobaccos sales due to Governmnent of National
Unity. “Our economy is a bit stable and as farmers we are enjoying it
so far. Elections must stop.” said the tobacco farmer. However Martin
Mupara differed said election must be held to clear the confusion
surrounging governance, “We welcome elections as investors want a
stable Government not a shack coaliation that can hardly agree on some
policies that are of national intrests” A Chinhoyi
businessman summed it up, “We do not want empty shelves without food
to feed our families. Business will crumble. We want breathing space”.
Biti in his monthly state of economy address said there is no money
for elections this year. He said, “We have money for refferendum which
itself is an election. We have elections in form of census and we can
not afford a third election. We have not budgeted for that” He added
that there is US$37.2 million required for census and had set aside
US$22 million while US$15.2 will be sourced from developmental
parteners. Zimbabwe coaliation Government is shaky besides scoring on
stable economy, reboosted food security, health and education that had
collapsed in the last decade

Three MDC factions emerge in Mash West

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Staff Reporter CHINHOYI- Factionalism continue to divide Movemement
for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in
Mashonaland West province where three camps have emerged ahead of
possible elections. Some party insiders accuse party provincial
chairman Japhet Karemba of failing to stamp authority that has seen
organising secretary Wilson Makanyaire leading another faction. ”
Karemba is partenering with South African based Greenwich Ndanga while
Charlton Hwende and Tafadzwa Bvumo are leading another faction.
Makanyaire is also leading another faction and we do not know who to
follow” says a youth provincial member who refuses to be named for
fear of victimisation. Another party member in Chegutu concurs that
the divisions are likely to affect the party if elections are held
anytime soon. “We had two factions before the Bulawayo congress where
Zvinguruve faction wanted to remain in office against Zvipani that
was fighting for leadership renewal. Now there is a third force called
Chirangano. Is this not a replica of Zanu PF terror campaign team of
Chipangano with MDC-T?” says the source. She adds that if grassroots
restructuring was ever to be done, the party will always remain in
shambles. “We are confused as each of these leaders have their
preferred candidates for any position and if you do not belong to that
camp, you are considered a sellout” adds a Chegutu based member. It
has also emerged that the camp faction leaders are pushing for new
candidates in the party strongholds among them Chinhoyi, Kariba and
Hurungwe West. Karemba is accused of favouring new candidate in
Chinhoyi urban seat won by Stewart Garadhi. He is said to be
supporting Silas Matamisa who lost in 2000 and 2005 elections as well
as Zanu PF turncoat Tendai Musonza who is eyeing the town seat.
Hwende who is based in Namibia is also pushing to be accomodated,
according to our sources. “We are likely to face imposition of
candidates which is undemocratic. Sitting MPs and councilors are
being victimised by those in the provincial leadership. In Hurungwe
West MP Tall Chambati will face Makanyaire who is using his position
to elbow the policymaker out. “These leaders are all over as they
jostle for positions even in councils. There is need to cement the
divided and warring parties” adds the youth party member. Although
there was a team assigned to investigate the internal divisions,
results that are taking long to come and implemented will continue to
haunt the party, she adds. “Something must be done to end these
divisions” says a Chegutu member. Some sources in Karoi town
downplayed the camps saying there are only three youths members who
are “well connected to Harare teams” who are causing divisions. “Here
in Karoi, three youths members are being sponsored to cause divisions
but no one is concerned. We are awaiting for recommendations from the
team that was here to probe these factions and look forward to a
united front before elections” Karemba and Makanyaire could not be
reached for comment at the time of writing

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