May 28, 2012

Democracy at long last for us

The thematic committee on peace and security held public meetings in Mashonaland West and Central provinces last week to gather people’s views on impact of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Zesa, load-shedding and billing on wheat farmers.

Those who attended these meetings had the opportunity to understand how parliament works even in small towns like Karoi and Mvurwi. Of late every public contribution has been turned political but at least parliament public hearings must be seen cultivating confidence in us regardless of our political persuasions.

The public hearing came at the right time as plans can be made to rectify the challenges faced for future plans. This year like the past decade in terms of planning where inputs were released late in farming season is another chapter of failure in wheat production.

Although Agriculture minister Joseph Made can blame his counterparts, his lack of planning is well documented when he was appointed minister. Public officials must be accountable to the public.

Of late Finance Minister Tendai Biti has received backlashes from members of the public for his ‘’stingy attitude on releasing funds’’ for certain projects but few asked why diamonds remittance is overseen by mines minister Obert Mpofu not treasury? Such anomalies erode public confidence of our Government and must be acted upon as policy issue.

Once a while, public hearings will dispel misconceptions about how some ministries are operating and the public has the right to know.

Zesa, like Zinwa, TelOne, NetOne must come out clean on what rate did they use to carry forward arrears during worth less Zimbabwe dollar era when Reserve bank Governor Gideon Gono is still yet o give banks the monies locked in the banks.

All people are asking for is, can the proceeds from diamonds sales clear all the debts on our behalf as it is of national interest so that we start afresh? People are not asking for more, Cde Mpofu.

We hope that this part of democracy is slowly working for us even it means that one day another committee will be in Gandavaroyi, Matoronjera, Filabusi, Chalala or Chendambuya.

During elections, politicians travel far and wide campaigning to be voted into offices but they must stand for us in parliament and our voices can only be heard during such public debates. It is good move for us and we hope resources permitting it will be continuous.

At long last we can say it is democracy in our midst-working for the people, by the people and we will shoulder the achievements and shortcomings together.
Public hearing will give us an insight of parliament works and this all we call democracy for the people, by the people. At long last it is in our midst and we all cherish it


May 27, 2012

MDC-T officials at MP’s throat

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By Staff Reporter
HURUNGWE- Divisions are looming within Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai amid allegations that some faction members are pushing for election in Hurungwe West in a move aimed at dislodging Member of Parliament Salvinos Tall Chambati.
Party sources claimed the latest move had party organizing secretary Wilson Makanyaire and Tawanda Bvumo who had to abandon an election at Zvipani business centre after supporters demonstrated against the move claiming top leadership wanted to impose candidates.
The Weekly Mirror exclusively revealed in April that Mashonaland West province has three factions with one being led by Wilson Makanyaire, the other by party chairman Japhet Karemba with South African based Greenwich Ndanga and Chalton Hwende leading the third force.
However both Makanyaire and Hwende have denied the allegation saying there are no factions in the province and are solidly behind Karemba’s leadership.
According to latest revelations by party insiders, Makanyaire and Bvumo went to Zvipani in Hurungwe two weeks ago for ‘’re run’’ for the chairman and secretary positions in a move calculated at removing Chambati who was elected as chairman within the district.
Although the move was rejected by the rural folk who demonstrated against it saying the top leadership was trying to impose candidates, the pair are believed to be back at the ‘’drawing board’’ for another election date.
‘’We were surprised that Makanyaire came here to conduct election for chairman and secretary positions yet they endorsed the results that Chambati was elected without any problems. Should we spend the whole year running around for elections and re-runs for two positions as if we can not plan ahead for any other strategies on how to retain the constituency ahead of possible elections?’’ said a villager at Zvipani business centre but refused to be named due to the warring camps in the party.
Another youth member revealed that the two are pushing for the rerun so that Makanyaire will be accommodated at lower position as it will be easier to campaign as a party candidate.
Party sources revealed that Makanyaire is among those eyeing Chambati’s position in Hurungwe West.
‘’We know that every move is aimed at removing Chambati but our main worry is do these people have anything to offer besides dislodging him and give away the constituency to Zanu PF?, queried a youth member.
Chambati admitted that there were tensions at Zvipani over the elections that were postponed after party members rejected the move.
‘’Some party members are not happy but I will wait for the province to decide on this election whether it is valid or not’’ said Chambati.
Makanyaire confirmed that he attended the elections that were to be presided by Bvumo but postponed after some members were busied in from other areas.
He said, ‘’I attended the occasion as I am responsible for organize party structures but they could not go ahead as some members were not within the party structures and we called off the elections. There was tension and we could go ahead ’’
Makanyaire denied that he leading another faction saying, ‘’we are a truly harmonized provincial executive but there is division of labour and some take it as factionalism, Karemba is our leader. These are all lies’’
Bvumo’s mobile went on unanswered when wanted to have his comment at the time of writing.
MDC-T managed to wrestle Zanu PF of one rural constituency in Hurungwe during the 2008 March elections

Zanu PF MP suspended as succession saga deepens

Staff Reporter
CHINHOYI- Zanu PF’s Hurungwe East Member of Parliament Sarah Mahoka was suspended by District Coordinating Committee (DCC) assimmering divisions over succession battle deepen in President Robert Mugabe’s home province. According to party insiders, Mahoka is linked to rival camp led by defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa camp that is fighting Vice President Joice Mujuru in succession battle to take over after President Mugabe has left. A senior party member said the division were deepening as Mnangagwa was slowly gaining ground in Mugabe’s home province.

“Mnangagwa camp consolidated power here after Jonh Mafa won
as provincial chair besides moves to bar him. Mafa and Mahoka belongs to the same camp and she campaigned for him in Hurungwe against Senator Reuben Marumahoko.” said an insider speaking on condition that he is not named. Marumahoko is linked to Mujuru faction.

Other sources revealed that Mahoka is paying the price for challenging late Sabina Mugabe during the party women congress for the treasure post in 2009.

“Mahoka challenged the late Sabina Mugabe who was on death bed but it was not good to challenge the Mugabes. She withdrew but the damage had been done. Senior party members will never forgive her” said a provincial cordinating committee member but declined to be named.

A central committee member confirmed that the move to pass vote of no confidence in Mahoka was will be endorsed at national level as she will never appeal. “The Mujuru camp is using this to silence vocal party members, and Mahoka was among them” a source added.

Zanu PF faces divisions among its members ahead of possible elections and mainly those who oppose Mugabe face the wrath within the party.

Mugabe is still yet to annoint a successor as he has been endorsed by the party to stand in forthcoming elections though his advanced age is a tide against his wish.
Mahoka has denied the expulsion by DCC saying she is a “strong party
member” and cannot be expelled by a lower organ.

May 23, 2012

Karoi hotel workers in salary wrangle

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Karoi- Workers at Karoi hotel are in a bitter salary war dating back to 2010. The crisis hit hotel has failed to pay workers their salaries as National Social Security Authority, NSSA, wanted to sell property over unpaid remittance. The sale advertised in Herald was suspended last week as director Nhamo Madziva promised to settle the outstanding bill. Workers committee chairman, Stephen Mubaiwa says a pastor who came as a visitor wants to buy the hotel though he has not paid for his accommodation since February. “We are living in abject poverty as guests have to bring their food. Workers are not being paid salaries and we are failing to pay rentals. Pastor Lloyd Garawaziva claims to be our new boss and we are still to get our salaries on time”, said Mubaiwa. Some of the 27 worker at the hotel formerly under Goodwood group of companies have been at the hotel for nearly 30 years. Madziva denied that he owes NSSA any cent saying, “I do not want to comment on those petty issues” Karoi hotel staff is accused of supplying a three star meal to Zanu PF youths who were in prison as they awaited trial of murdering a Movement for Democratic Change supporter Luckson Kanyurira.

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