July 27, 2012

Health is politics too

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By Staff Reporter
Journalists have been called to craft health stories that they can
compete with politics, crime and business favoured by editors and
readers as a
sound national economy is measured on citizens’ health status.
National Aids Council communication director Mediline Dube told health
reporters last week in Kwekwe that health stories are political and
there is no way editors can sideline them if they are well presented.
‘’There is politics everywhere as in some rural set ups a woman can be
chased away if she goes against family laid down rules of when a chicken
can be slaughtered. Health stories must be given prominence so that
they are given adequate space in any newspaper. A sound national
economy is
measured on citizens health, so no one will ever ignore anything to do
with their own health ’’ said Dube.
Junior reporters raised concern over how some editors look down upon
health stories especially HIV and AIDS besides reversing economic
gains of mostly
Southern African nations as 15 to 49 years productive age group is greatly
Meanwhile NAC’s Vimbayi Mdege has called on the media to avoid
discrimination during their reportage of the pandemic that is now
Presenting a topic on Mainstreaming gender in HIV and AIDS reporting, Mdege
said the media must avoid fueling the epidemic through sensational, poor
and unethical reporting or help restrain it by promoting information,
understanding and behavior change.
‘’Media shapes attitudes and influences the national agenda for the
good as it investigates and raises questions of cultural values that
lie behind the epidemic. Media also plays a critical role in
stimulating public debate and dialogue in challenging the long
established gender norms.’’ Mdege said.
She called on the media to provide the platform for plurality of
voices including those living positively so that they can be heard.
According to 2010 HIV epidemic prevalence rate, 18 percent among women and
12 percent were aged between 15 and 49 years that is the productive age
“Out of one million adults (aged 15 to 49) living with HIV and AIDS,
60 percent of them are women who assume the responsibility of caring
for the
sick’’ added Mdege.
She called on the media to accurately mirror the societies, produce
coverage that is complete and diverse reflecting the world as seen by
men and women.

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MP calls for peaceful transtion

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Staff Reporter CHINHOYI- Movement for Democratic Change Member of
Parliament for Chinhoyi has called for a peaceful transtion of power
where majority vote is respected without people being coerced by the
army who must shun political activism while at work. MP Stewart
Garadhi was contributing in parliament on a motion of elections raised
by Masvingo Central MP Jeffreson Chitando. He said people were not
killed in Zambia after Kenneth Kaunda lost after 27 years in power
when the majority said, “enough is
enough”. Garadhi said, “Why is it lives are lost whenever there are
elections or referrendum? The Malawians have meaningful resources but
have peaceful transtions from Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi to the
current leader. Why is it so, is there too much hatred between us or
there others who incite us in Zimbabwe? He went on to thank African Union and
Southern African Development Community, SADC, for snubbing the junta
in Mali. Garadhi suggested that if elections are held without
reflecting majority votes, then there is no democracy to talk about.
“Why is that 1.2 million or 1.6 million voters decide on behalf of 14
million citizens. There is a problem as some are threathened. In
Zambia the military does not say they support UNIP or other party.
They are being responsible in peacekeeping and respect people’s will”
He added that everyone contributed during independence war. “The
liberators are almost finished, what will the next generation say,
asked the policymaker. Garadhi appealed to the nation that they must
not be fooled by politicians saying, “There is life after President
Mugabe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai. We should not be killing one
another as we go towards elections”
Mashonaland West wittnessed bloodshed with deaths of Milton Chambati,
Luckson Kanyurira, Bakacheza among others although suspects are still
yet to be arrested. Zanu PF claim Lansrod Zvirongwe of Banket was
abducted by MDC supporters although it is claimed it was an “inside

Bogus soldier escapes from prison

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By Staff Reporter KAROI- A bogus soldier and jailbird who escaped from
Karoi prison on Thursday night tested freedom for less than 15 hours
after he was captured following a manhunt. Prison sources say the
suspect took advantage of
electricity blackout during the previous night after a bulb was broken
in prison cells and he outclassed
six officers on duty and escaped from prison after cutting through
prison cage before slipping out into darkness on Thursday night.
According to our sources, prisoners were beaten by officers for not
identifying those who had broken the bulb as they feared that unlit
cells fuel homosexuality among imnates. “Suspects who had alerted
officers remained mum when the suspect cut off the wire within the
prison cell cage before coming out of the complex” said another source.
The suspect, Phillip Chiwara, who was on the run after he escaped from
lawful custody was captured in Chiedza on Friday night. “He was
serving sentence for impersonating as a soldier and had another case
of running away from
Hurungwe prison.” said one of our sources speaking on condition that
he is not named. Chiwara prison term was due to end in June next year.
Karoi prison and police officers were deployed throughout high density
suburbs of Chikangwe, Chiedza and nearby farms as the search
intensified on Friday. Last year in
December, another prisoner escaped under guard in Karoi hospital and
is still at large after he left two officers sleeping on duty. Karoi
prison Officer in Charge Supt P Zvongouya could not be reached for
comment at the time of writing as he was said to be out of office,
although sources maintained that a probe had been instituted over the
jailbird escape. “Those officers on duty will be grilled as
authorities want to know much” added our source.

We just want to remain apolitical

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The action by some Movement for Democratic Change provincial executive
members who passed a resolution to bar some journalists from other sections of the media during public functions is unwarranted and
unwelcome to say at
It was uncalled for as we yearn for more freedom of press including freeing
of airwaves in the country that has struggled for the past 32 years under
Zanu PF government rule.
It was a relief for the nation when Unity Government came into force in 2009 as we can witness minimal changes but some are fighting to
turn us into dark past.
The ban was not communicated to us as their target in writing, but the
action exposes the type of leadership that we have to content with if they
are voted into power from their party.
It is giving us an insight that we have leaders, who are power hungry,
dictators who will never accept criticism even that is healthy. They are sheep in wolf skin as we cry for democracy and press freedom. They
believe in egotism but it will be a self destrtucting button in
political life.
We have to prepare for worst days to come if they get into power as
Mashonaland West province will be under a classic rule of Idi Amin replica.
We want to take this opportunity to remind politicians from political divide that we do not want to be a political appendage.
If by any chance you dreamt that you had The Weekly Mirror on your side as political campaign launch pad, wake up and smell as the coffee, Sir.
Some may claim it was a collective decision but we will unmask those who
are behind the ban as they just want to abuse the media the way Zanu PF has
been accused and tried with state controlled papers.
It is a matter of time before some chickens come home to roost and we will be awaiting the days of reckoning.
Those in glass houses must not throw stones and we want to set the record
straight that The Weekly Mirror is not part of any faction of any political party in the province and nation at large.
We are dutifully carrying out our role to inform, educate and entertain to the
best of our knowledge and we will never take sides in any factionalism
be it in Zanu PF, Zapu, MDK, Zimbabwe Youth Alliance, NAAG, Zanu
Ndonga, and any
fly-by-night parties that surfaces during election time.
We give equal coverage to any political player and we have no hidden agenda.
We have been vindicated as we probed how factionalism was deepening in
MDC-T as the violence in Hurungwe West and Chegutu has proved how we had
done our home work.
We hope no one will claim that we were doing them a favour as these
were facts that some will forever deny just like doubting Thomas.
Once again accept our editorial charter- No scared cows in our coverage.
We will strive to be apolitical in our coverage and remain voice of
the voiceless.
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Pay examiners on time

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Better Schools Program of Zimbabwe, BSPZ, is a noble idea that
Hurungwe district embraced with positive plans for an educated nation.
It is a known fact that that Mashonaland West has more untrained
teachers due to lack of teachers training colleges and advanced level
schools compared to other provinces. We blame our politicians for
their failure to articulate noble policies on our behalf in education,
health among other sectors.
Soon after independence there were few role models such as teachers,
nurses, doctors or journalists within Hurungwe, Kariba and Makonde
districts. It affected many of those young folks then.
Hurungwe in particular was incapacitated by former district education
officials who groomed their kith and kin from afar to be temporal
teachers, got trained and are now substantive headmasters at the
expense of locals.
Few of those who made it never wanted to be associated with ‘’uneducated folk’’
Now its water under the bridge and most people are looking forward to
BSPZ as it aims to boost better teaching practices and we are grateful
for that.
We carried a story where Grade Seven Examiners are disgruntled over
non-payment in Hurungwe under the district initiative for pupils to
write uniform exams.
We believe these teachers gave expertise to set up the exams, so it
boggles the mind why they are still yet to be paid their dues.
When it is leaked to the media, it is not that they want to wash dirty
linen in public but they know the consequences if they dare ask those
in authority. They will be BLACKLISTED in future programs regardless
of their experience.
Let the truth be told, CORRUPTION will never be tolerated in any
system and everyone must get what is due to them on time.
District officials are on part time arranging the papers for schools
but those who sweated with questions are still bitter when these are
getting more financially. It is unfair and unjustified.
Although we understand how some promotions are attained, let it be
known that those are bitter will be punished but the program is doomed
to fail if those in management do not change their attitude.
Our simple plea is, Can you just pay attention to the grieved
examiners and let them get few dollars you promised them?
A hungry man is an angry man so why not pay them their dues and
increase it next time so that we can not be our own worst enemies to
educate the nation.
Why is it that those headmasters who recorded zero pass rates dictate
the pace during public meetings?
We want improved results from Better Schools Program of Zimbabwe
within Hurungwe.
May you please just pay those who are disheartened after good work?
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Here and there with Stepper

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So every popular musician must support MDC-T or councilors believe so
as they invite admired musicians in Karoi where elected councilors are
part of invitation panel?

They were forced into hiding after Gochi- Gochi singer showed them his
true colours as a national youth officer.

He was on national tour of duty and MDC-T policymakers were
caught napping when he belted Sunga Jombo tiende from Zanu PF’s Mbare
crew. No opposition will ever sing from Tambaoga, Sekuru Brian Tau
Mteki or late Elliot Manyika of Nora fame’s hymebook. Watch out who
you dine with as we prepare for elections.

They blamed him for being a sell out, but he had a ‘’sold out show’’
beating Macheso according to
town joyous clubs. Chinhoyi municipal officers are demanding
bribes from truck drivers and are now regular clients of baby chicken.
One day our cameras will bring you evidence.
Our late Professor Masipula Sithole used to say more about elections
and erections.
This brings to a juicy one where an ex-Zanu PF councilor is auditing
married women.
Word has it that he was caught in his birthday suit with a Zesa worker’s
wife. But it was payback to the meter reader fond of reading deep
tanks of several women, exceeded seven who know each other.
He was used of dumping them until this loose councilor dumped by his
wife picking up the loose ball.
Talk of erections and power cuts, some Zesa workers were being paid through
sex and beasts by corrupt officers in Karoi. Can we all queue to pay
with mbanje, beans, madhumbe or
mbambaira? Cde Mangoma is that innovation in your ministry?
And in Chinhoyi again hair dressers were left shell shocked when this
guy at DDFG from an opposite building was caught having afternoon
session with a hooker as windows had no curtains. It was free for all
and he romped her as if it was like a porn movie. Chikara chainge
chabata baba. And a medical doc is now hunting after dumped by his
wife. He failed love tests, its natural not thesis and researches,
doc. In Mhangura farmers fought for sadza nenyama at fielday. Why not
eat mbudzi, huku or mbira you farmers? In Karoi, some sex
workers lost out during Jah Preza show as thieves had party of
stealing, they used to give them shelter and are now they are targets.
Shame on our sexy sisters as they were part of the hunters team, but
now they are the hunted. The thieves will curse themselves as there
were more pampers to shape hips but no condoms at all. Our sisters are
busy manufacturing kids on behalf of married women. By then census
will be over. So Zanu PF disbanded DCC but one guy is bed ridden in
Chinhoyi we are told. They used to sing, Iva gamba utarise mhandu, Cde
Shefu we wish you well. Two witches confessed their double act in
Sheckleton again but no takers to court and cameras. They want
celebrity status by ginya. Reporters and police can not be seen
covering witches as if it is the namesake of Karoi town. Ho makasa ho.
These Mhangura businessmen are at each other’s throat over black magic
to enhance clients base, we get it. And they fought like Chisora and
Haye. Juju inodawo ngoromera iyi. In Chinhoyi, 3 youthful rapists are
in prison for sharing a form 1 minor after duping her that they will
go to Winky Dee show. So Bigman songs are out of touch kumabhanana
ikoko. Did you know kurembedza mabhurukwa is a sign of homosexuality,
so Zim youth stand counted as gay lot. Be worried if your friends are
in that bracket. This week is enough. Tell us more at

PMTCT set to reduce Zim mortality rat

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By Conrad Mupesa Zimbabwean government is tirelessly working to reduce
HIV and AIDS related deaths on pregnant women through the Prevention
of Mother to Child Transmission, PMTCT. According to
statistics 16 percent of pregnant women in the country are believed to
be HIV positive and 10 percent are not booking with hospitals or
medical facilities to get medication that reduces transmission.
Ministry of health official Dr Mushavi told HIV and AIDS reporters in
Kwekwe recently that there was need to educate everyone on how PMTCT
reduces transimission. ” It is the duty of medical practisioners, Non
Government Organisations like National Aids Council to disseminate the
information to attain that objective. The government is targeting at
reducing the current number by 50 percent in 2015″ She called on media
to play advocacy role to help retain more nurse and sustain health
sector. Zimbabwe adopted World Health Organisation standards by
introducing effective way to reduce mother to child transmission by
using More Efficacious Regiment 14, replacing single dose of
Neviripine drug. She urged mothers to exclusively breastfeed babies
for six months. ” Feeding infants with other substances such as water
creates ulcers in their stomachs and it will make them exposed to
viruses such as HIV that causes AIDS during breastfeed” Mushavi said.
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Salary pact for Karoi town workers

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Staff Reporter
Karoi- Disgruntled Karoi town council workers battling to get outstanding
salaries since January reached a face serving agreement with
management last Thursday forcing them to abandon threats of industrial

According to a document in The Weekly Mirror’s possession, council
workers had applied for a job action over delayed salaries and it was
due on 23 July 2012.
However a conciliation hearing led to the agreement that the workers will
be paid January to March salaries by 31 July 2012 and the management will
foot salary advances not exceeding 50 percent of one’s salary to
assist employees during funerals and sickness.

It was also agreed that those within the departments that need protective
clothing must get these by the end of this month.
The parties also agreed that the workers must get last year bonuses
starting from early August till 31 December 2012 and there will have a
review of above agreement on 9 August 2012.
Town secretary Maxwell Kaitano signed on behalf of management while
Bangura signed on behalf of workers committee and labour officers who
facilitated the truce Mr. Musaniwa and Mrs. Musunhe were the

According to a reliable source the government treasury will be footing council
salaries as the move is aimed at bringing sanity in the council facing
cash crunch.

‘’Senior politicians from both Zanu PF and MDC-T within the Government
catapulted Karoi council’s place ahead of others and will got money
for salaries.’’ added a source.

Karoi is battling to pay its workers salaries due to financial crunch
though there are allegations that top management officials are getting
their salaries on time.

‘’We are told that the council is not making money but why is that
some of top officials are getting enough to built houses and buying
fleet of cars.
It is unfair’’ bemoaned one junior officer speaking on condition that
he is not named.

Some councilors have come under fire for demanding their meeting allowances
ahead of workers, some sources revealed.

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MDC-T’s Karemba faces expulsion

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By Staff Reporter
Chinhoyi- Movement for Democratic Change provincial chairman Japhet
Karemba faces censure from his party after he sanctioned elections in
Zvipani that resulted in violence in June.

There are simmering divisions within the party and insiders say
although the move will be hard to execute it will prove that the party
can adhere to its rules to discipline disloyal officials, according to
our sources.

According to party sources, the move to suspend Karemba follows a damning
report by a probing team that included Amos Chibaya and deputy youth
chairperson Costa Machingauta that visited Hurungwe in June and gathered
information that Karemba provincial executive failed to stamp authority but
fueled divisions in the province.
The Weekly Mirror exposed three factions where Karemba had Greenwich Ndanga
on his side while organising Secretary Wilson Makanyaire had Tawanda Bvumo
with Charlton Hwende leading the other faction.

The leaders deny the allegations of divisions claiming they are working
well as an executive.

Makanyaire was fingered working with Bvumo to dislodge Hurungwe West
Member of Parliament Severino Tall Chambati.

’If what the investigators recommended is taken on board, then Karemba
has a case to answer for his action for failing to stamp authority. He
failed to weed out divisions within the province because he became part of
the problem’’, one of our sources speaking on condition that he is not
named said.

The Karemba survived another vote of no confidence during the
Zvinguruve era faction prior to elections that pushed Zvipani faction
into power.

However his executive was forced to reverse Chambati’s suspension by the
national executive saying they had no mandate to suspend sitting MP
from taking party business.

However in a bid aimed at amend growing divisions both parties from
Zvipani and Zvinguruve factions were summoned by the national
executive and called on to work together, our sources added.

Zvipani faction took reins over Zvinguruve faction ahead of Bulawayo
congress last year, but has failed to garner enough grassroots support
due to divisions the party insiders said.
Party sources claim the issue was further discussed in Chinhoyi last
week where MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma both
negotiators in the GPA attended and are pushing to support Wilson
Makanyaire into Joint Monitoring Committee, Jomic.

“The move to target Karemba has exposed divisions that he allowed to
manifest of late. Makanyaire will be silenced if he joins Jomic but it
questionable if divisions will be rectified’’ added another source in

Both Makanyaire and Karemba were unreachable on their mobiles as we
wanted to get their side of the story at the time of writing.

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Rot at Karoi housing department … officials, councilors implicated

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By Dennis Kagonye

KAROI- Karoi town council housing department is under public scrutiny
amid allegations of deepening stands scam implicating top
officials and councilors fleecing home seekers.

According to some sources, stands are in demand fueling ‘’a criminal project’’
for some officials and councilors.

Although Hurungwe district administrator Tsana Chirau intervened to
alert one official not to take public office as personal property, the
two no longer see each other eye to eye, according to our sources
speaking on
condition that they are not named.

‘’Top management had to ask DA Chirau to assist in helping the
situation that is getting out of hand but she is not reforming. No
audit will be instituted as senior officers and some councilors are
benefitting in the
scandal as the rot is worsening ’’, another source said.

It is alleged six stands were sold professionally but the official
reversed the deals.

‘’The official was furious over the deals that were reversed. We are
surprised why six stands created a storm, what has been done to
several stands that are being sold?’’ added a senior officer speaking
on condition that he is not named.

‘’We do not know why her office is so special.’’ One councilor queried.
Administrator Chirau was diplomatic saying, ‘’I am sorry I cannot discuss
issues of individuals and institutions that our office entertain for
progress of this district.’’
However it was not possible to get a comment from the official whose
mobile numbers were unreachable.

‘’The official has several mobile phones and you never know which one
is used to
conduct business’’ added another source.

A former council worker Neverson Chibaya is on the run after he swindled
several home-seekers thousands of dollars when he was using council receipts.

‘’An internal investigation carried out pinned Chibaya but was tipped
by senior officers who feared he could expose them. We are suspicious
of our top management who are managing to build mansions and buying
fleet of cars when they claim the council has no money for
salaries’’ said a middle manager also speaking on condition that he is
not named.

One councilor confided to The Weekly Mirror during the probe that the
move to allow people buy stands even though they are not on waiting
list is
fueling corruption in housing department.

‘’We have created unnecessary shortage of stands. It is unfortunate that
individuals are benefiting when the council should have benefitted ’’ said
a councilor who refused to be named.

A senior MDC-T official confirmed that councilors implicated in the
stands scandal had become too big headed to take advice.

‘’We know about these allegations as our councilors are now middlemen in
stands deals. They are part of the corrupt system. Our councilors
cannot take advice.’’ said a top official in party provincial

Council secretary Maxwell Kaitano denied that council lost out on
Chibaya as he was using fake receipts. “Those affected reported the
case to the police. We do not know any other official abusing the
housing department” said Kaitano in a telephone interview

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