October 27, 2012

Tormented headman granted free bail

By Staff Reporter Karoi. A Karoi magistrate granted free bail to Hurungwe headman tormented by Chief Try Manyepa Dandawa here on Friday. Headman Redson Chisango aged 38 years was arrested two weeks ago following the publication of a story by The Weekly Mirror on 21 September 2012. The state led by Webster Dimungu allege that Chisango who is facing criminal defamation charges falsely gave information to the press claiming that his life is in danger after a story was published titled Chief terrorises defiant headman. Chisango was quoted in the paper claiming that Chief Dandawa said he will have him arrested by police and thrown behind bars for three weeks without charge. Although he reported the case the police told him it was too hot for them to handle. “Ndichaita kuti unyangarike watidzisa kuti Chipungu ave sabhuku”, meaning the Chief could make him disappear as he was a stumbling block for Chief aide Chipungu to take over, Chisango is quoted as saying. However Weekly Mirror Editor Dennis Kagonye and journalist Nhau Mangirazi were quizzed over the story last week. Karoi magistrate Nyaradzo Ringisayi granted Chisango free bail till 9 November 2012. ” You must not intefer with state witnesses until the case is finalised” said the magistate late on Friday. Chisango had to endure prosecution delays as he was called three times to appear in court but only had charges read to him on the fourth occassion.


October 17, 2012

Chief terrorises defiant headman

By Staff Reporter HURUNGWE- A headman under Chief Mudzimu is living under constant fear after he refused to pander to the whims of Chief Trymore Dandawa, who is demanding that that he surrender his post to allow chief’s long serving aide to take over. 38 year old Redson Chisango who is under Chief Mudzimu was appointed headman in April this year but Chief Dandawa is putting pressure to renounce the position. The chief aide only identified as Chipungu was acting since 2005. “I was appointed on 26 April 2012 after we had gone for seven years without a substantive leader as Chipungu hails Chief Dandawa while we are under Mudzimu. During his tenure we could not access free inputs as he could not assist us. However, Chief Dandawa is demanding that I give up the post because he promised Chipungu the position as part of his package for long service,” Chisango told The Weekly Mirror. The Mudzimu area is about 70 kilometers west of Karoi while Dandawa is further 12 kilometers away. Chisango claimed Chief Dandawa would not recognise him and his legitimacy remains under dispute. “On 19 August I was dragged to his court without any summons and he told me that he will have me arrested, thrown into police cells without charges for weeks. He said, “ndichakunyangarisa uri kutadzisa kuti Chipungu ave sabhuku” loosely translated means I will make sure you disappear for failing to allow Chipungu to take over that position” he explained. Chisango further alleged local police to entertain to report the threats. “Police said the matter was too hot to handle” said Chisango. Chipungu could not be reached for comment at the time of writing. However Dandawa who is also senator and Mashonaland West chairperson of chiefs denied the allegations in a telephone interview this week saying he was in the dark over the allegations. “Handina munhu wandiri kunetsana naye ini” meaning I do not have any problems with anyone, Senator Dandawa said. Chisango claims that due to the harassment he is going through, he is not free to travel to Chidamoyo to collect his medication regularly. “I fear for my life and that of my family members. We are not safe at home because of Chief Dandawa’s bullying. Can he be a chief without subjects and headmen who question him?” he said as he narrated his ordeal. Chisango is married with three children and fends for his ageing parents including his father who is blind. “The chief is failing to uphold his role and fighting a personal war”, said Chisango. Some sources also claim chief Dandawa is demanding inducements that are affecting development in the area.

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