May 18, 2013

Baptism of Fire advocates for firefighting

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Hurungwe-People always wonder how messages can be put across to audience with instant feedback but a dramatic performance by Hurungwe based Baptism of Fire on Friday made difference during the launch of Fire week by Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Francis Nhema.


Godwin Gutsa and Skumbuzo Sibanda during a play in Vuti during launch of Fire Week by Minister Nhema

The audience was left with few words to say following action packed performance by BOF that unfolded the theme of this year that Save environment…. 

The story is about two hunters who rebuff efforts made by a local councilor to stop veld fires but instead go on to practice the poor method of hunting by making fire to trap animals.

According to the hunters’ devious plan, animals are left trapped by ravaging fires and without option to escape for their easy prey.

However, the fire is uncontrolled but ironically it engulfs one rural hut where one of the hunters’s bed-ridden mother was. It resulted in her death.

It is a tragedy that haunts the community as property and livestock were destroyed.

The event organized by Environmental Management Agency (EMA) was attended by more than 1000 people form Hurungwe and the country at large.

The play captures the mood currently prevailing in farming communities where veld fires are a menace to human life.

Minister Nhema appealed to traditional leaders, communities, media and musicians to play a positive role I combating the outbreaks of veld fires in the country.

Launching the National Fire week, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Francis Nhema said the legislative framework encourages responsible environment management practice which if adhered enables us to save our environment.

‘’My ministry through Environment Management Agency , EMA, has intensified low enforcement law on veld fires related offences in order to bring offenders to book. In 2012 a total of 874 tickets and 1 341 orders were issued to property owners to put in place standard fire guards. Our collaboration with police 129 dockets were opened where 67 went to courts and 3 people were convicted for sentences ranging from 3 months to 12 months’’ said Nhema.

Nhema bemoaned that veld fires are now a threat not only to environment but to property, livestock and human life.

‘’Over the years Hurungwe has been the worst affected by veld fires as in 2012 a total of 113 356 hectares were destroyed. Fire statistics demonstrate that more needs to be done in terms of veld fire management.  Nationally, in the same year a total of 1,3 million hectares were burnt representing  46 percent increase from 700 000 hectares lost in 2011. This upward trend is a cause of concern and will believe positive collective measures must be undertaken to ensure sustainable environmental management and protection’’ said the minister.

He appealed to traditional leaders, communities, and other stakeholders in promoting environment stewardship to enhance the spirit of natural resources.

‘’Time has come for everyone to be a catalyst for positive environment change. In 2012, we embarked on 1065 nation wide fire campaigns and 182 covered Mashonaland West province. We covered 324.4 kilometers of fire guards were cleared across he country where 7783 families participated’’ said Nhema.

This year’s launch is under theme ‘’Save the environment prevent veld fires’’ that requires collaborative effort by all stakeholders to ensure environment is protected.

The fire week was established in 2006 to reaffirm the country’s commitment to a country that is free from veld fires.

Governor Chidarikire said a 12 year old boy was killed in Tengwe last year due veld fire.


May 6, 2013

Zim daunting health task- PMD

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By Nhau Mangirazi Chinhoyi- Despite strides made in health sector to reduce infant mortality from treatable diseases, thousands of children are not receiving the third dose by their first birthday, mainly due to inadequate resources. Mashonaland West provincial medical director Doctor Wencleus Nyamayaro said more needs to be done. Treatable diseases include polio, measles and pneumonia that must be prevented under the age of five. “The majority of vaccine preventable diseases related deaths are due to pneumococcal disease and rotavirus diarrhoea, some of which can be prevented through the introduction of pmeumococcal conjugate (PCV13) and Rotavirus vaccines by December 2013. Zimbabwe is facing mounting challenges due to polio transmission from Namibia and Nigeria. However the introduction of new vaccines into national immunisation programmes requires additional technical and financial support as well as committment from politicians, donors and parteners, he said. MDG goal 4 aims to reduce under five mortality by two thirds between 1990 and 2015.

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