June 9, 2013

Hunger haunts Tongas 55 years on

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Siavonga- Nearly 12 000 of mostly Tonga speaking people displaced
during the construction of Zambezi river bitter that hunger is
haunting them.
They want to go back to where there were before the dam wasSDC14039.JPG
constructed in 1958. Zambezi River is a shared resource between
Zimbabwe that generates power to these two nations.
Speaking during a recent tour about 35 kilometersSDC14062.JPG
downstream, the villagers under Chief Chipepo said they are facing
acute food security as the area receives poor rains annually.
‘’We wish we could go back to the place of origin as we were jus
dumped here’’ said an 85 year old Esther Simuyambi.
She added that promises were made that they could get assistance on
good soils but the Zambian government is still yet to assist them.
‘’We are in distress as the past three years there was little
rainfall. We all depend on food handouts but it is not enough’’ she
Another villager Samson Nyowani bemoaned that the six month resistance
by villagers when they were to be displaced did not yield anything as
they were pushed out.
‘’Though we resisted, we had no power against those in authority. We
are dying here due to hunger.’’ He said.
Several villagers complained that though they were evicted to pave way
for the building of the dam they are still yet to get electricity in
their grass thatched homes.
However Siavonga acting administrator Mrs Hope Mpundu admitted that
little has been done to empower the communities displaced.
‘’As a Government, we try to assist with food handouts annually but
very little has been done to assist those affected when the dam was
built. Most of the villagers are fishermen than farmer, so Zambian
government is working hard to feed them’’ she said.
She had no statistics of how much the government channeled to assist
the villagers.
For the elderly, Simuyambi, her determined hope to trace her original
place after five decades remains a dream that will never be a reality
in her lifetime.


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