June 20, 2013

Zvipani revived at MDC-T as Zvinguruve faction face demise… petitions flood Moyo’s desk

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi- Divisions are looming within Movement for Democratic Change led
by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai amid allegations that two warring
were revived as the old guard failed to garner better votes during
inter-party primaries.

Mashonaland West province was not spared by bitter complaints of
disgruntled candidates who launched petitions to national chairman
Lovemore Moyo.

According to insiders, the party has been infiltrated by its rival
Zanu PF activists to weaken it as the country prepares for
watershed elections this year.

‘’We are suspicious of how some of these youngsters masterminded the
downfall of senior party members. This is a Zanu PF project as we have renamed
some winners as “Diamond Boys” who are benefitting from the project.
Zanu PF is going to regain some constituencies that the party won in
2008 in the province’’ said a disgruntled senior party member in
Chinhoyi who declined to be named.

A letter of complaint from Hurungwe district seen by The Weekly Mirror
reveals that all is not well as the Zvipani pact overpowered
Zvinguruve faction.

‘’One candidate (name supplied) joined the party after the infamous Zvipani
declaration and are fighting the old guard to the core. I am even
surprised of their source of money they were splashing during
campaigns and on voting day’’ says the letter to Moyo.

Some loosing candidates who failed to make it on confirmation allege
vote buying through buying beer, sadza and busing of some party
members who are not within party structures without proper

In a bid to pacify frightening divisions following the Bulawayo
congress last year, warring camps were co-opted into provincial
executive but the
recent elections renewed the simmering divisions.

MDC-T provincial spokesperson Biggie Haurobi was tight-lipped over the
petitions forwarded to Moyo at the time of writing.
However a Zanu PF member denied that the party is working hard to
weaken it. “We are facing many internal challenges that we can not be
seen working hard to destablise MDC-T. That is change they are
clamouring for in their party”
In the 2008 MDC-T snatched 5 seats from Mashonaland West that used to
be Zanu PF stronghold but the house that Tsvangirai built is crumbling
ahead of elections.


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