September 17, 2013

I will revenge late Zesa employee

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi- An employee with Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Zesa, who passed away in Harare at the weekend made sensational claims through a spirit medium that he will revenge against those who contributed to his death.

The late Western Chiyangwa aged 49 years passed away from severe injuries sustained from live cables switched on while he was still yet to finish off his work.

He lost three fingers, sustained stomach injuries as well as a broken limb after he dropped from the ladder after the safety belt was cut when his clothes caught fire.

His right leg was ripped apart.

The heart rendering incident is under probe by both Zesa and police exposes suspected negligence on part of some officers on duty during the fateful day.

However, on Monday night, a possessed relative told mourners that he is ready to revenge.

Some residents in Chikangwe high density suburb gathered for a funeral wake were shocked as the relative made claims when the body had arrived from Harare.

Among mourners were his workmates from Zesa including those who were present when disaster stuck on Tuesday last week.

‘’Regai kuwana chamunoita pahondo yangu kune vanhu vakandiuraya. Ndicharwa ndoga. Kune uyo akabatsira pakufa kwangu muchazviona henyu mumazuva mashoma ari kutevera’’ meaning I will revenge against the suspects as my death was not natural.

The spirit medium fuelled the family feud declaring that the deceased preferred to be buried in Karoi than in rural areas in Chivende area under Chief Mjinga about 90 kilometers out of Karoi.

There were running battles as family members fought over the final decision that forced funeral parlor drivers to run away. They came back after nearly an hour.

However a maternal uncle identified as Mutematsaka overruled other family members’ decision to bury Chiyangwa in Karoi that resulted in many mourners snubbing the burial.

There was drama after the spirit medium further claimed that at least 31 people will die if they accompany his body to Chivende for burial against his wishes.

Zesa spokesperson Fullard Gwasira confirmed that the company will institute an investigation over the incident.

‘’We will set up an investigation to determine why and the accident happened. It is unfortunate that we lost a staff member’’ said Gwasira.

However police recovered three broken fingers at the scene of accident on Monday nearly six days after the accident as they delayed attending to the scene claiming they had no transport.

It is alleged that police did not record any statement from the deceased whose information could have assisted in the probe.


Karoi chairmanship spills into run off

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi- Elections for Karoi town council chairman were decided by a run off after aspiring candidates were tied on 5 votes apiece on two occasions here on Monday afternoon.

The tension filled election were presided by Hurungwe district administrator Tsana Chirau who was forced to use the run off of picking up ‘’Yes’’ or ‘’No’’ papers from the candidates after the secret ballot had failed to separate a boy from man.

The two are Stewart Jena, the Zanu PF endorsed and loosing candidate and the ‘’rebellious’’ Richard Ziki who later won on third round.

Ziki won by 6 votes against Jena’s four votes.

Ironically, Ziki’s win saw Movement for Democratic Change councilors though outnumbered by Zanu PF celebrating.

Zanu PF has seven councilors while MDC-T has three policymakers.

Ziki rebelled against the party endorsement of Jena who is a former councilor prior to 2008 election that saw MDC dominating in most towns.

Bernard Gwanzura was elected vice chairman.

According to some Zanu PF supporters, the elections will further expose deepening divisions within the party amid allegations that senior party members are not happy with results.

‘’Jena was the preferred candidate by senior party members but his lost will see the town being snubbed as Ziki is considered as rebellious’’ said a source who declined to be named for fear of victimization.


September 7, 2013

Kariba has one secretary- DA

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Kariba- Kariba District administrator Amigo Mhlanga has denied that there are two secretaries working in the resort town.

Kariba residents and senior government officers including the local administrator are divided over the appointment of Webster Gupo Tembo and Richard Kamhoti as secretary.

According to interviews carried out by the council, Kamhoti was recommended for the position where Tembo came second.

However, the matter was not resolved amicably resulting in both showing up at work in July.

Mhlanga denied that the two are at work although residents and some workers say both are at the resort town offices creating confusion.

One worker speaking on condition that he is not named said, ‘’Tembo took a council vehicle on Friday though he is still yet to sign assumption of duty form as required by the law. Mhlanga is behind all this and we can not do anything as we are juniors’’

However, Mhlanga who was also in Chinhoyi at the time of writing said, ‘’Tembo is the town secretary and is at work officially’’

He refused to comment further.

Mhlanga is implicated over the confusion over the resort town appointment of two secretaries that has seen Kariba Incorporated Ratepayers and Residents Association taking him and outgoing Minister Ignatius Chombo to High court.

In their urgent chamber application filed by Vitalis Mudzonga of Mwonzora and Associates the residents complained that the confusion was becoming a financial burden.

The application pointed that Mhlanga recommended Gupo Tembo against Kamhoti who was the first during interviews.

‘’Residents and ratepayers will be badly affected if Tembo is appointed against the will of 5000 residents. This will lead to either maladministration or failure by the municipality to run effectively. It is a wastage of resources and financial burden’’ says part of the affidavit.

However a ruling is still yet to be delivered although Mhlanga insist that Tembo remains in office.

Kamhoti said he was traveling and could phone back but his phone was later switched off while Tembo’s phone was switched off at the time of writing.

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