April 6, 2014

Alaska mine residents decry cemetery relocation

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By Graveyard to be transferedNhau Mangirazi
Alaska- Former Alaska mine workers are decrying the move to relocate graveyard to Chinhoyi town as it will be a ‘’financial challenge’’ to the unemployed majority.
Ward 13 councilor Test Michaels offered part Kanene farm located at a walking distance from the mine compound in 2003 but announced last month that residents must ‘’brace for transport costs and cemetery fees’’ to Chinhoyi town.
Ironically, Michaels is now Chinhoyi municipality mayor was not charging a single cent when he offered the graveyard two years after the mine was closed.
Chinhoyi municipality charges $15.00 for kids and $25.00 for adults as cemetery fees while transporters from Alaska mine charge between $45.00 and $65.00 for a trip with a corpse.
‘’How many of us will afford such fees when we are battling to put food on the table? ‘’ questioned Esther Banda.
Michaels confirmed in a telephone interview that former mine workers will fork out money to bury their beloved in Chinhoyi.
‘’It is true that relatives of the deceased will have to pay for transport to Chinhoyi town and pay grave fees. I offered part of the farm to the community and I realized that we are short-changing the municipality. People must be prepared to transport and bury the deceased at designated place. This is part of my farm but not grave yard ’’ said the mayor.
However, former ward councilor and Mayor Chipo Mhlothswa claimed the move is political as Michaels announced that there is no longer space for Movement for Democratic Change supporters.
‘’We suspect this as a purge on MDC-T supporters as he still yet to meet the community but only Zanu PF supporters. The announcement is ill-timed. Leaders must be unifying party supporters for development’’ said Mhlothswa
Michaels denied the allegations saying, ‘’There is nothing political because I was not politically active when I offered part of the farm and council must benefit financially’’
David Phiri a former underground worker said it is shocking, ‘’It is costly for majority of residents to transport corpse for burial in Chinhoyi town Who can afford to hire transport to go to Chinhoyi when we are battling to make ends meet and put food on the table’’
He said shaking his head in disbelief as he ponders the reality of death befalling one his relatives or any of local residents here about 14 kilometers away from Chinhoyi town.
Though death and its aftermath is not an easy subject to discuss, reality is dawning for majority of nearly 5000 residents here, many of them unemployed and living in abject poverty.


Remorseful musician castigates violence

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Music Review
By Nhau Mangirazi
Karoi- A pro Zanu PF musician cast out shadows of fear to sing against political brutality targeting opponents warning leaders to stop hiring youths who languish in lice infested prisons if arrested.
A six track album titled Chakandiwana by Karoi based musician Lovemore Chimurambi starts with Vanoreva that condone those who backbite each other.

Chakandiwana is a testimony by a man infected by HIV virus that causes AIDS ravaging social fabric mainly in families.
Dollar reAmerica is currently enjoying airplay on local radio stations blame introduction of US dollar, fueling loose morals where some married women engage in extra marital affairs, while some men acquire goblins to prosper.

Ironically, the US dollar assisted in stabilizing Zimbabwe’s world breaking inflation in 2008.
Chimurambi takes a dig on corrupt police cops saying, ‘’Mapurisa huori hwanyanya, apo neapo dusa ndikusiye. Idhora reAmerica rinodaro’’.
Zimbabwe police officers stand accused of openly demanding bribes.
Mauraya mwana castigates party factionalism following the death of late controversially declared district hero Briaden Zimba, then aged 39 years, who passed away in a car accident in 2010 while driving Hurungwe North National Assembly member Reuben Marumahoko’s car.
The singer accuse another faction of masterminding the death of ‘’one of their own’ ’, warning that perpetrators will face God on judgment day.
Kuya is a remorseful song narrated by youthful prisoner facing murder charges.
‘’Kuya kuya kujeri kafiramberi, shamwari kujeri kwakaipa. Tairara tisina kupfeka, tichirumwa neinda.Usandifurira kubira vanhu. Usandafurira kuponda vanhu, kujeri kwakaipa’’ he laments.
Those named were suspects following death of Movement for Democratic Change supporter Luckson Kanyurira in Kariba in 2001 with Muneri Chakwana aka Black Jesus their leader.
Five youths are late although the murder case is still pending.
The singer warns youths to be well behaved. ‘’Mukoma Muneri Chakwana gara mushe nevamwe’’
Hutongi HweAmerica takes a swipe on United States of America and Western countries for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe.
He accuses the West of belittling African leaders who control natural resources including diamonds and gold.
Born in Mahwada, Hurungwe in 1973, Chimurambi went to a local primary school before going to Mudzimu secondary school up to Form Two.
He later went to Seke 2 High School for Ordinary Level.
Married with five children, Chimurambi recorded the album in Harare and the second album will be out soon.
‘’Unfortunately, I do not have instruments. I am struggling to pay those who assist me’’ he says.
His sings afro-jazz though at times he fuses it with traditional jiti.
Chimurambi is set to make a difference with his thought provoking lyrics and change the society singing from personal experience cleansing himself from ‘’fear of the unknown’’ mentality that blindfold majority leaving in ‘’political slavery’’

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