September 14, 2014

HIV and AIDS counselors bitter over salaries

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By Nhau Mangirazi

CHINHOYI- HIV and AIDS counselors within Mashonaland West province are bitter over unpaid salaries as they are forced to get allowances only for contracts that are going for nearly three years as the health sector faces new challenges.

In three month long probe carried out within the province’s rural and urban hospitals where they are first port of call for mostly pregnant women going through mandatory HIV testing, the workers have since given up on the ‘’abuse by senior officials who can not discuss the issues openly’’ according to our sources.

‘’We are not getting salaries and there is no pension for us, so you can not plan for the future. Everyone has responsibilities but we are on the receiving end here for our families. There is no future for us and those in authority do not care what we are going through after counseling patients as you face the reality of being overworked but underpaid’’ lamented one senior counselor at Kadoma hospital speaking on condition that he is not named.

Mental torture

In Chinhoyi, another counselor summed it up, ‘’we are going through mental torture and no one feels sorry for us.’’

Another health crisis is looming as the counselors who were trained to relief pressure on nurses and doctors on HIV and AIDS issues will soon abandon their core duties.

‘’With the rate of HIV and AIDS tuberculosis co-infection, some patients are likely to default and we can not make follow up as we face our personal problems that are not being solved amicably by those in position of power’’ added another woman counselor at Karoi hospital.

She added that it seems their plight can not be solved though they play an integral part within the health sector especially on HIV issues.

No one concerned

‘’No one is concerned about us. We thought the ministry of health was likely to engage us as part of their workforce so that you are assured of decent salary monthly and be on pension. Our allowances may take up three months and there is no explanation why there has never been an increment for three years. It is frustrating’’ added a Kadoma worker.

Some of the workers in rural clinic echoed the same sentiments saying they have since lost hope after some who were trained two years ago are still yet to get certificates.


Churches urge Zimbabweans to remain peaceful

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Part of the crowd that graced the peace celebrations in Karoi

By Nhau Mangirazi

KAROI– Zimbabweans have been called upon to remain peaceful as they bury the ‘’dark past’’ of political, social and economical violence denting country gains of independence.

Speaking during the launch of peace celebrations here at the weekend by Ecumenical Peace Observation Initiative in Zimbabwe, a program by Heads of Christian Denominations, director Tendai Maregere said there is need to maintain a peaceful environment regardless of challenges faced.


Icon traditional dancers show during peace celebrations in Karoi

‘’Last year, churches under the umbrella bodies of Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Catholic Bishops Conference and the Union of Development of Apostolic and Zionist Churches in Zimbabwe started peaceful approach to end violence that gripped the country during 2008 elections when we faced social, political and economical crisis. We understand that peace is against development and we call upon everyone to build a culture of peace. We are happy that 2013 elections were peaceful and we must remain committed to a better country enjoying harmony’’ said Maregere.

Hurungwe district administrator Tsana Chirau bemoaned the low turn out during the celebrations in Karoi town about 204 kilometers north-west of Harare saying it is unfortunate that the event was trivialized.

Gwendoline Chikaka who spoke on behalf of Chirau called on other stakeholders to take part in peace celebrations in future.

‘’This program is meant for Hurungwe and Zimbabwe at large. We want to build peace in our homes and in communities. Hurungwe must preach peace. It is a challenge for few of us who attended these celebrations to preach peace and spread the gospel wherever we go. I am saddened by poor turn out but we hope next year we will prepare to get more people coming from all over the district’’ said Chirau.

Baptsim of Fire's Godwin Gutsa in red wrestle Joel Zilala without a shirt who intends to kill his wife for denying him sex

Baptsim of Fire’s Godwin Gutsa in red wrestles Joel Zilala without a shirt who intends to kill his wife for denying him sex

Those who attended the celebrations were entertained by plays from local drama groups, poems that focused on domestic violence, abuse of girl child encouraging people to live peacefully.

Tendayi Bobo, EPOIZ research and advocacy officer said the celebrations will take place in country’s seven provinces.

‘’These provinces have been selected due to conflicts experienced in the past and the continuous engagement to a climate of tolerance and peaceful co-existence. These  celebrations are held under the theme, ‘’Building the Zimbabwe we want in faith, hope, and unity’’ said Bobo.

The celebrations will be held in Bvekerwa (Rusape in Manicaland) on 19 September, Hwange (Matabeleland North) on 25 September, Gokwe Central in Midlands on 27 September, Bikita in Masvingo on 30 September and Bulawayo on 4 October before coming to Harare on 9 October.

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