August 6, 2015

Stop child marriages, Kariba Junior MP

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By Nhau Mangirazi
Siakobvu- Mitchel Sinamaravana has challenged traditional leaders to stop child marriages that are impacting negatively on the future of mostly children.
Speaking in an interview here, the Form Five student at Msampakaruma High School said it is unfortunate that Mashonaland West is among the worst affected provinces.
‘’Poverty and traditional beliefs are some of the harmful experiences we are suffering as girls forcing the majority to drop out of school at early ages. I am therefore appealing to all stakeholders including enforcement agencies to cooperate. Traditional leaders here are abusing girls when they accept that they must be married even as young as 14 years. This must stop as we gear for 25 Years after the Adoption of African Charter to end child marriages. It our accelerated push to

Kariba Junior MP Mitchel Sinaravana of Msampakaruma

Kariba Junior MP Mitchel Sinaravana of Msampakaruma

end child marriages.  I am challenging traditional leaders to stamp authorities. Child marriage is an enemy within the communities. We must reduce 42 percent that the province as it stands on the second affected. We hope that everyone will take this responsibility and shift against the worst results against your own children being married early here’’, she said.
Kariba district was the focal point for American scholar Ann Cotton in 1993 when she stated Campaign for Child Education after she felt sorry for mostly girl child in the remote area who remained neglected but her efforts are being spurned by current economic challenges, poverty, peer pressure, traditional beliefs including customary marriages that trap mostly girls.

Currently Camfed supports 35 000 girls in Zimbabwe although its regional director Angeline Murimirwa that covers Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania says perpetrators are close relatives.
‘’It is unfortunate that some perpetrators are girls guardians including teachers and male relatives at times. Naturally, girls face
sexual abuse forcing them to drop out of school’’ said Murimirwa.


Go and be tested on HIV and AIDS, farmers told

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From Nhau Mangirazi in Siakobvu
Kariba Zanu PF Member of Parliament Isaac Mackenzie has urged farmers to be tested on HIV that causes Aids so that they can be on life supporting anti retro viral drugs as the country is losing farmers to the deadly diseases.
Officially opening Kariba district agricultural show here, Mackenzie bemoaned the wiping out of farmers due to HIV and AIDS though it is the backbone of the country’s economy.

Kariba MP Iisaac Mackenzie handing over seed maize packet to a winner in siakobvu.Photo....By Nhau Mangirazi

Kariba MP Isaac Mackenzie handing over seed maize packet to a winner in Siakobvu.  Photo….By Nhau Mangirazi

Mackenzie said, ‘’We are losing a lot of farmers who are shying away from being tested on HIV so that they can get life supporting drugs. Although I am still yet to get official statistics on this topical issue, many of the players in the farming sector have died due to HIV and AIDS and it impacts negatively on the turn-round for our economy that is agro based. I am urging you all that we must be tested as farming is one weakest areas on unprotected sex that mainly contributes to spread of HIV and AIDS’’ said Mackenzie.
However the drought prone district had positive results when farmers from Mola’s Ward 3 scooped most of the prizes in small grains, sowing, vegetable, commercial farming as well as livestock management.
One of the judges accused some of the participants of cheating.
‘’We are sorry that some participants had the tenacity of cheating by buying some products especially bakery category. We are judging to assist how you can be economically viable but once you cheat, it therefore means we are aiming to empower you through these competitions’’ said the judge.
Farmers from remote Mola scooped fifteen prizes and won wheelbarrows,

shovels, seed maize, blankets among other items

Zim-Canada Cultural Center host international swimmer

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By Nhau Mangirazi
Mill Bay Beach- A center that advocates for cultural exchanges between Canada and Zimbabwe hosted international swimmer on 5 August in its bid to keep their dreams alive.

Amy with Japhet Matamba, Felix Svova-and Bigboy Kagande playing mbira during their tour for a duet with Icon Theater-Production in Magunje Zimbabwe....Photo By Nhau Mangirazi.

In a press statement released to the press, Mbira Spirits says Matamba Cultural Arts and Education Centres, Vancouver Island and Zimbabwe said they hosted International long distance swimmer, Renate Herberger, from Tseycum beach accompanied by Tseycum support boats on 5 August in memory of her son, Silvan, who was a Capoeirista artist.

”This is part of support for the Matamba’s cultural exchanges and centers. Promoting arts and culture, preserving heritage and tradition and taking pride in our community.”

”We are preparing for cultural exchanges to Zimbabwe, starting in November, and will also be hosting a Cultural Arts and Education Festival on the weekend of September 12, 2015.” the statement noted.

Icon Theatre Production members during video shooting in Magunje..Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

Icon Theatre Production members during video shooting in Magunje..Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

Renate returned recently from her 8th international long distance activist series of swims for Marine Sanctuaries.

She has now swum over 7200 km in 8 seasons that included, a first ever swim around the island of Cozumel in January 2015, and 5 swims along the Baja Peninsula from LaPaz to Cabo San Lucas, including several islands.

Tafadzwa, Amy and Japhet Matamba during video shooting in Magunje... Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

Tafadzwa, Amy and Japhet Matamba during video shooting in Magunje… Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

Renate has also completed 7 swims along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica from the Panama to the Nicaragua border between 2008 and 2014 and swam around the Island of Barbados in 2011. Renate holds the unofficial world record for consecutive long distance swims in the open ocean.

On the day, it was in honour of Renate’s son Silvan, a world class athlete who tragically passed away January 10, 2012.

On August 5, 2011 he was Renate’s principal kayak support on her first swim along the Saanich Inlet, from Brentwood Ferry Dock to Chalet Beach, 22 km in 9 hours.

Silvan expressed the Brazilian side of his family background by becoming an incredible Capoeirista. He performed all over Brazil and Canada. People always in amazement when they saw him fly in a salto mortale on stage.

He seemed to defy gravity in his acrobatics and he he had taught many many children before his untimely and tragic passing at age 23.

Mbira Spirits duo of Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba were in the country in May for a duet video shooting with Zimbabwean traditional dance group Icon Theater Production who performed at Malawi’s Easter Festival where nearly 90 groups from Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe showcased their talent.

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