October 29, 2015

Underage lovebirds face expulsion

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By Nhau Mangirazi
KAROI- Nine year old primary school girl and her eleven year old boyfriend face expulsion as authorities have summoned their parents on their love affair.

The girl is doing Grade Four while the boy is in Grade Six at a local primary school. Names are withheld due to their ages.
Sources close to the case revealed that the two lovebirds used to meet at a borehole drilled by United Nations Children Fund during the height of cholera that wiped over 4000 people in 2008.
Karoi town suffers from perennial water shortages due to poor water reticulation and old water pipes coupled by current electricity blackouts.

The kids claimed that fetching water was always tedious and time consuming while they enjoyed early love rendezvous during the night.

Some fetch water around three in the morning due to the overwhelming demand at few boreholes within both Claudia and Chikangwe suburbs.
However, their picnic exposed the boyfriend on Tuesday night when he lost two buckets and could not explain to his parents. Out of fear he did not sleep at home and this prompted his parent’s to report to the school authorities.
‘’The parents came at the school and made a passionate appeal on their missing son only to be told to ask the girl as she was the only one who could know his whereabouts. Everyone was shocked but the other kids spoke with authority about their affair,’’ said a teacher speaking on condition that he is not named.
The girl was quizzed and she had to spill the beans of their affair.
School authorities summoned both parents on Thursday with expectations to expel the pupils.
‘’It is true that we have summoned both parents so that the kids can be expelled from the school as they are bad apples,’’ added another source also speaking on condition that he is not named.
There is raging debate on whether school going age girls can be allowed to take family planning tablets in a bid aimed at curbing early unplanned pregnancies that affect the girl child.


October 5, 2015

Sekauremawafa gets a boost

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Mr Sherpard Dhlamini of World Vision shaking hands with Sekauremawafa leader Cris Kofi

Mr Sherpard Dhlamini of World Vision shaking hands with Sekauremawafa leader Cris Kofi

By Nhau Mangirazi
Magunje- Sekauremawafa got a boost from World Vision recently after they were handed two wheel chairs that will see their membership making survival skills besides being despised by some traditional leaders,
According to Cris Kofi, some policymakers and traditional leaders look them down upon as members of the community who are appealing to the Government to allocate them land so that they can be empowered.
Kofi who leads the group formed in 1997 said it is disheartening that some of their members still fear to come out in the open that they are disabled as some traditional leaders view them as ‘’cursed’’ and do not want to assist them.
‘’We are appealing to the Government to allocate us land so that we can be empowered and feed our families than relying on food handouts. We have been applying on behalf of our members but local policymakers and some traditional leaders are not taking us serious over our appeals’’ said Kofi.
He lamented lack of financial resources from the Government department of Social Welfare that used to assist their membership till 2010.
‘’We understand that the Government is facing challenges to pay for salaries but the disabled are worst hit in the current economic crisis, if only we were allocated land during the early years of land reform, we could have empowered ourselves through farming’’ he added.
The group that has a membership of 350 elderly disabled persons as well as 535 young disabled is appealing for aid in form of wheel chairs, crutches as well as some anointment oils for the albinos.
He added that it is high time they are allowed to make their concerns aired in parliament regularly as it is taking long for the Government to understand their plight.
‘’We must be allowed to attend parliament sessions so that we get the chance to challenge our representatives why are they airing out our plight for better policies that may assist us and our dependents’’ he lamented.
Dhlamini said although World Vision no longer operates in Hurungwe, he is touched that Sekauremawafa group need support from other stakeholders.
‘’Being disabled does not make someone less human and we hope to work closely with such groups that are geared to be empowered through various projects.

Mr Sherpard Dhlamini handing over some clothes to Cris Kofi of Sekauremawafa in Magunje recently.....Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

Mr Sherpard Dhlamini handing over some clothes to Cris Kofi of Sekauremawafa in Magunje recently…..Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

He recommended the group for being innovative and not depending on handouts.
‘’When World Vision operated in Hurungwe, we assisted some of their members on income generating project to empower them. It is through their determination to be self reliant that we are always in touch to assist wherever possible. We look forward to keep assisting them but the motivation is their determination that disability is not inability’’ added Dhlamini.

Members of Sekahuremawafa pose for a photo with Mr Sherpard Dhlaimini of World Vision...Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

Members of Sekahuremawafa pose for a photo with Mr Sherpard Dhlaimini of World Vision…Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

However there was no immediate response from the department of Social Welfare on the challenges being faced to assist members of the disabled communities at the time of writing.

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