October 28, 2016

Karoi United cry foul over bad officiating

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By Sports Reporter

KAROI- Karoi United formally lodged a complaint against poor officiating by a Harare based referee following a 1 all draw on Wednesday during Northern Region Division match.

This follows allegations of 15 minutes optional time just to allow an away team to equalize.

Sports lovers had to endure 105 minutes of play during the Karoi United Herentals FC encounter on Wednesday afternoon.

Hell broke loose with supporters invading the stadium for instant justice on the referee following the draw.

Although he was whisked away by police, some fans followed him from the stadium on his way to Chikangwe high density suburb.

In a formal letter that we have in our possession, Hastings Makunda says, ‘We are accordingly registering our complaint on the referees who handled our game on Wednesday 26 October 2016, and pray that they are heavily fined or banned from officiating in this league.

‘It is with a heavy heart that we report that we struggled to restrain our fans after the end of this game as they were angered by this bad officiating experienced whenever a team in this league play against Herentals FC’ said Makunda.

He however chronicled that Herentals goalkeeper was clearly beaten by Karoi United striker in the 73rd minute.

However, as the ball headed into the nets, the Herentals FC defender deliberately used his hand to clear off the ball.

The suspicious referee instead of awarding hosts a penalty and red card the perpetrator; he waved play-on much to the amusement of agitating fans.

He however claimed that Herentals owner one Benza owner and chief striker for Herentals had tried to bribe some of our players but failed.

‘He went on to use the money on the match officials who were under pressure to payback. It is unprofessional and affecting our sport,’’ said Makunda.

The letter is directed to Andrew Javachava as Northern Region official and copied to Stanley Makombe, Mkweza among others.

Club chairman Kenston Kumuponda confirmed that they are greatly disappointed over the poor officiating and allegations of bribe.

‘The referee was a scandal as he performed badly. Also the club owner had tried to bribe our players and we are not happy at all,” said Kumuponda.

However, Herentals have been always associated with controversy as another referee was assaulted in September during their match with Mushowani that had another referee assaulted.

Earlier in August, they had clashes with Black Rhinos.

There was no immediate response on the issue registered by Karoi United to the mother body although soccer has been greatly affected through poor officiating.


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