July 27, 2017

Pool night final in Karoi

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By Nhau Mangirazi
KAROI- There was an all night pool final in the small farming town of Karoi recently as the game is making inroads in resettled farms and communal areas.
Sternage Daka popularly known as Sir Dhaka organized the grand final that saw Mako Bakani walking away with cash prize of $70.00, a T-shirt
and a cue stick.

The second prize was won by Norest Chiyangwa who also pocketed cash prize.

Daka said pool was now popular in small town like Karoi among others.

‘The game is becoming popular in small towns as it is in big ones like Harare, Bulawayo among others. Playing pool- even competitively- can be a great way to unwind after a stressful day. Playing pool will give you an appreciation for a sport that involves skill and creativity; it is also a sport that can be played professionally and profitably. Many people are opting  to  play pool since it does not require any great athleticism; rather it is about having a sharp mind and thinking ahead’ said Daka in an interview.
He added that teams within Karoi will soon compete in other towns.
‘We are gearing to go places! as we will soon have a Karoi top select team competing with Chinhoyi top cream and go further to other cities to compete for the  nationals’ he added.

Many people are opting  to  play pool since it does not require any great athleticism; rather it is about having a sharp mind and thinking ahead, concluded Daka.


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