March 11, 2018

Voter’s registration supports development- ZEC

Part of the entertainment during Karest-Zec roadshow in Karoi …Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

By Nhau Mangirazi

KAROI– Zimbabwe Election Commission, Zec, district officer for Hurungwe Taona Pfunye has said registered voters will prop up development in their areas if they vote in forthcoming elections.

Speaking during a voter’s registration road shows held in Karoi, Pfunye said it is ideal potential voters register to enhance development of local wards and nation at large.

‘As Zec, we appeal to unregistered voters as your votes count when issues of development are discussed. Hurungwe district can develop if many people register and vote for the candidates of their choice. Zec gives you assurance you all that we want these elections to be peaceful, credible, free and fair. If you want to support any aspiring candidate during nomination court, be they a councillor, Member of Parliament at local level, you cannot do so if you are not a registered voter,’ said Pfunye.

He added that development is critical for elected public officers.

‘It is everyone’s right to be registered and make their voices heard through the electoral process. Office bearers must be accountable to the electorate on how development can be achieved and your vote is the passport to ask them to be accountable. We are appealing to you to register to vote in forthcoming election,’ said Pfunye.

He clarified that registration is on-going and according to Electoral Act, it will only stop after 12 days after nomination court which is still yet to be pronounced by President Emerson Mnangagwa.

ZEC Hurungwe District Officer Yaona Pfunye adressing some resodents in Karoi on Friday...Photos Ny Nhau Mangirazi (1)

ZEC Hurungwe District Officer Taona Pfunye addressing some resIdents in Karoi on Friday…Photos By Nhau Mangirazi

‘When election date is proclaimed by the President, nomination court will seat and for the next 12 days we will be registering potential voters. This is your right and everyone’s right as enshrined by the constitution which is the supreme law of the country,’ he added.

The road shows were held at Chikangwe terminus, central business district and Chiedza where dance groups, Zebra Queens and popular groups of The Boys as well as Baptism of Fire provided entertainment.

Zec is working in collaboration with Karoi Resident Trust, Karest, a local NGO fighting for better service delivery, human rights and accountability.

Karest programs manager Joel Zilala said they partnered with Zec to ensure that everyone is accorded the chance to register and vote in forthcoming elections scheduled later this year.

‘We know that some people missed the Biometric Voters Registration blitz and mop up exercises and could have given up. We are working with Zec as regulating authority to remind them that there is still time to register so that they will vote. We urge people not to be armchair critics if they do not register and vote. They must elect leaders of their choice who must be accountable,’ said Zilala.


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