October 28, 2016

Karoi United cry foul over bad officiating

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By Sports Reporter

KAROI- Karoi United formally lodged a complaint against poor officiating by a Harare based referee following a 1 all draw on Wednesday during Northern Region Division match.

This follows allegations of 15 minutes optional time just to allow an away team to equalize.

Sports lovers had to endure 105 minutes of play during the Karoi United Herentals FC encounter on Wednesday afternoon.

Hell broke loose with supporters invading the stadium for instant justice on the referee following the draw.

Although he was whisked away by police, some fans followed him from the stadium on his way to Chikangwe high density suburb.

In a formal letter that we have in our possession, Hastings Makunda says, ‘We are accordingly registering our complaint on the referees who handled our game on Wednesday 26 October 2016, and pray that they are heavily fined or banned from officiating in this league.

‘It is with a heavy heart that we report that we struggled to restrain our fans after the end of this game as they were angered by this bad officiating experienced whenever a team in this league play against Herentals FC’ said Makunda.

He however chronicled that Herentals goalkeeper was clearly beaten by Karoi United striker in the 73rd minute.

However, as the ball headed into the nets, the Herentals FC defender deliberately used his hand to clear off the ball.

The suspicious referee instead of awarding hosts a penalty and red card the perpetrator; he waved play-on much to the amusement of agitating fans.

He however claimed that Herentals owner one Benza owner and chief striker for Herentals had tried to bribe some of our players but failed.

‘He went on to use the money on the match officials who were under pressure to payback. It is unprofessional and affecting our sport,’’ said Makunda.

The letter is directed to Andrew Javachava as Northern Region official and copied to Stanley Makombe, Mkweza among others.

Club chairman Kenston Kumuponda confirmed that they are greatly disappointed over the poor officiating and allegations of bribe.

‘The referee was a scandal as he performed badly. Also the club owner had tried to bribe our players and we are not happy at all,” said Kumuponda.

However, Herentals have been always associated with controversy as another referee was assaulted in September during their match with Mushowani that had another referee assaulted.

Earlier in August, they had clashes with Black Rhinos.

There was no immediate response on the issue registered by Karoi United to the mother body although soccer has been greatly affected through poor officiating.


October 29, 2015

Underage lovebirds face expulsion

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By Nhau Mangirazi
KAROI- Nine year old primary school girl and her eleven year old boyfriend face expulsion as authorities have summoned their parents on their love affair.

The girl is doing Grade Four while the boy is in Grade Six at a local primary school. Names are withheld due to their ages.
Sources close to the case revealed that the two lovebirds used to meet at a borehole drilled by United Nations Children Fund during the height of cholera that wiped over 4000 people in 2008.
Karoi town suffers from perennial water shortages due to poor water reticulation and old water pipes coupled by current electricity blackouts.

The kids claimed that fetching water was always tedious and time consuming while they enjoyed early love rendezvous during the night.

Some fetch water around three in the morning due to the overwhelming demand at few boreholes within both Claudia and Chikangwe suburbs.
However, their picnic exposed the boyfriend on Tuesday night when he lost two buckets and could not explain to his parents. Out of fear he did not sleep at home and this prompted his parent’s to report to the school authorities.
‘’The parents came at the school and made a passionate appeal on their missing son only to be told to ask the girl as she was the only one who could know his whereabouts. Everyone was shocked but the other kids spoke with authority about their affair,’’ said a teacher speaking on condition that he is not named.
The girl was quizzed and she had to spill the beans of their affair.
School authorities summoned both parents on Thursday with expectations to expel the pupils.
‘’It is true that we have summoned both parents so that the kids can be expelled from the school as they are bad apples,’’ added another source also speaking on condition that he is not named.
There is raging debate on whether school going age girls can be allowed to take family planning tablets in a bid aimed at curbing early unplanned pregnancies that affect the girl child.

June 7, 2013

Patsime casts writing net wide

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Face of a winner... Obriel Mupokosa showing off his certificate

Face of a winner… Obriel Mupokosa showing off his certificate

By Nhau Mangirazi
Karoi-Obriel Mupokosa of Chiedza Karoi is the winner of Patsime Trust’s Buddyz for Luv essay writing competition in Karoi as they cast their net wide in promoting writing culture in youths.
The school situated in the outskirts of Karoi’s new suburb of Chiedza was established as a satellite school in 2007 with an enrolment of 700 pupils and it is proving that there is future on writers like Mupokosa.
The Form Two student says writing is a passion and is happy to write stories on social issues.
‘’I must admit that the story is a personal creation to reflect the reality of our society. Some people are not opening up on their HIV status and are moody. Some are dying in silence. People must open up and they must be assisted at all costs. Health issues must not be secretive’’ Mupokosa explains.
In his essay, he explores a story of an aunt who failed to tell him that she was HIV positive and did not want him to know that she was taking on Anti retroviral drugs, a situation pushed by stigmatization.
Later he discovered that the tablets she always kept as a secret were being distributed at a local clinic monthly.
He confronted her and she wept forcing him to write the essay ending words …’’that is how I discovered that my aunt was HIV positive’’
The writers’ club patron Mr. Luckson Handiseni says they formed the club two years ago with twelve participants.
‘’I am glad that Patsime Trust is assisting us in nurturing talent especially on writing. Obriel story proved that talents are natural and his story was well written and is understood easily’’ says Handiseni who is an English language teacher.
Though the school is among several of satellite schools in farms where they transformed tobacco barns as classroom blocks, with students like Mupokosa there is hope that talented writers will soon grace our newspapers and books from Karoi.
Skumbuzo Sibanda who gave the prizes says Patsime Trust is empowering the youths through writing skills.
‘’If the youths can write on social issues like health, divorcees, education among others, then they are empowered to guard themselves against abuses by relatives or any one. We are grateful on Patsime gesture’’ says Sibanda who is Karoi based Baptism of Fire theater group director.

July 27, 2012

Here and there with Stepper

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So every popular musician must support MDC-T or councilors believe so
as they invite admired musicians in Karoi where elected councilors are
part of invitation panel?

They were forced into hiding after Gochi- Gochi singer showed them his
true colours as a national youth officer.

He was on national tour of duty and MDC-T policymakers were
caught napping when he belted Sunga Jombo tiende from Zanu PF’s Mbare
crew. No opposition will ever sing from Tambaoga, Sekuru Brian Tau
Mteki or late Elliot Manyika of Nora fame’s hymebook. Watch out who
you dine with as we prepare for elections.

They blamed him for being a sell out, but he had a ‘’sold out show’’
beating Macheso according to
town joyous clubs. Chinhoyi municipal officers are demanding
bribes from truck drivers and are now regular clients of baby chicken.
One day our cameras will bring you evidence.
Our late Professor Masipula Sithole used to say more about elections
and erections.
This brings to a juicy one where an ex-Zanu PF councilor is auditing
married women.
Word has it that he was caught in his birthday suit with a Zesa worker’s
wife. But it was payback to the meter reader fond of reading deep
tanks of several women, exceeded seven who know each other.
He was used of dumping them until this loose councilor dumped by his
wife picking up the loose ball.
Talk of erections and power cuts, some Zesa workers were being paid through
sex and beasts by corrupt officers in Karoi. Can we all queue to pay
with mbanje, beans, madhumbe or
mbambaira? Cde Mangoma is that innovation in your ministry?
And in Chinhoyi again hair dressers were left shell shocked when this
guy at DDFG from an opposite building was caught having afternoon
session with a hooker as windows had no curtains. It was free for all
and he romped her as if it was like a porn movie. Chikara chainge
chabata baba. And a medical doc is now hunting after dumped by his
wife. He failed love tests, its natural not thesis and researches,
doc. In Mhangura farmers fought for sadza nenyama at fielday. Why not
eat mbudzi, huku or mbira you farmers? In Karoi, some sex
workers lost out during Jah Preza show as thieves had party of
stealing, they used to give them shelter and are now they are targets.
Shame on our sexy sisters as they were part of the hunters team, but
now they are the hunted. The thieves will curse themselves as there
were more pampers to shape hips but no condoms at all. Our sisters are
busy manufacturing kids on behalf of married women. By then census
will be over. So Zanu PF disbanded DCC but one guy is bed ridden in
Chinhoyi we are told. They used to sing, Iva gamba utarise mhandu, Cde
Shefu we wish you well. Two witches confessed their double act in
Sheckleton again but no takers to court and cameras. They want
celebrity status by ginya. Reporters and police can not be seen
covering witches as if it is the namesake of Karoi town. Ho makasa ho.
These Mhangura businessmen are at each other’s throat over black magic
to enhance clients base, we get it. And they fought like Chisora and
Haye. Juju inodawo ngoromera iyi. In Chinhoyi, 3 youthful rapists are
in prison for sharing a form 1 minor after duping her that they will
go to Winky Dee show. So Bigman songs are out of touch kumabhanana
ikoko. Did you know kurembedza mabhurukwa is a sign of homosexuality,
so Zim youth stand counted as gay lot. Be worried if your friends are
in that bracket. This week is enough. Tell us more at

December 6, 2011

The truth will set us free one day

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Zimbabweans are slowly awakening to the reality of saying the truth so that it can set them free though it may take time with backlashes of when, where it is said, or who is to benefit the word that unites family, society and nation at large.
We must be prepared for it at all costs, no matter how costly it can be.
It is a sad reality that many are being pushed to the wall at family, society and political levels where they remain at ‘’grassroots’’ level. Their ideas are not considered, some are not even allowed a chance to speak.
At family level during get together parties, marriages and funeral awake, some elders are given the chance to speak and his word will not be challenged after his presentations.
Even if he blunders, to rectify it, you are judged as a rebel. At times family ties will be severed and labelled an outcast. In churches, when a priest says final prayer, no one must add more words as it is vote of thanks politically, what ever said afterwards is irrelevant.
Such is a sad reality that we can not question our representatives.
For Zimbabwean political parties, you can not question anyone whose rank is above yours, more so an outsider can not ask party political decisions that expose the party’s lack of vision.
It will be hard to come out clean besides being labelled a sellout, a spy from another rival party. Many bystanders have left blundering parties going to the dogs, no one has the guts to ask senior party officials if they make decisions that will cost those votes in any election at council, parliamentary or senatorial elections.
Questioning the credibility of candidates elected to represent the party, your intentions are misrepresented that you are working for rivals, why are you so much concerned if you are not part of us?
Political parties do not want criticism which is a small gift that you may accept or reject without paying anything for in life.
Criticism is healthy for family ties, party democracies and for nation building.
The so called arm chair critics, ‘’spies’’ working for rival parties have role to play as they level the ground for better leadership renewal and good governance that accepts constructive criticism.
We have a story where a Zanu PF supporter had guts to tell mourners that the deceased political commissar Philip Muguti fueled tension in Mashonaland West especially in Kariba.
Comrade Jonasi, this is welcome but Muguti should have known this when he was alive. We understand your plea, may be your late wife, Nesi who was a Central committee member briefed you during the time of matters of the heart are discussed. It is always during this time where man make blunders or achievements as we make decision ‘’during moment of weakness’’, naturally.
Cde Jonasi broke our taboo of Wafa Wanaka but the truth will always set us free. You are now a free man who downloaded a burden that ate your heart for too long. We are happy many will do soon.
Let us desist from the mentality where those in power of authority are not questioned over their actions, no matter how retrogressive they are.
We need to move forward as families, communities and nation at large.
If the truth is said, given time to amend our misdeeds will shape the families, communities and the nation we all love to be, a peaceful, democratic, progressive, united and best example for future generations

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