May 17, 2018

Tongas’ neglected Siakobvu hospital

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Siakobvu Hospital Photo By Nhau Mangirazi

By Nhau Mangirazi

SIAKOBVU– Forty three year old Julius Mandipa struggles in pain as he nurses a broken arm wrapped in a worn out old blanket.

There is no joy at sight when he visits Siakobvu Hospital where nurses cannot help either because there is no X-ray machine.

Like many villagers here frustration grips him as he has to endure a 210 kilometre journey to Karoi district but there is no ambulance at the hospital.

Like many facing cash crunch, he endures the next day long trip.

After that he connected another 80 kilometre journey west of Karoi to Chidamoyo mission hospital where services are much better than any other public hospitals throughout the country facing health delivery crisis.

This is the sad reality that villagers here are enduring for decades without reprieve in Kariba rural aptly called Nyaminyami.

It has nine health centres, four council clinics and five government clinics all referring to Siakobvu hospital but ironically remains in the same category as any other rural clinic.

As a member of villagers under Chief Mola, Mandipa believes they have been neglected by the Government.

‘We have never been recognised as equal members of a free and liberated Zimbabwe. Some of our forefathers bore the brunt of armed struggle when liberators crossed into Zambia through some parts of this area,’ he says, his dejected face selling out his frustration.

Mandipa is not alone paying the price of irresponsible authorities as some expecting mothers are not spared either.

Part of Siakobvu Hospiital…Photos By Nhau Mangirazi

‘At times we referred them early to Karoi as we feared of child deaths. It was a challenge,’ said one of our sources who once worked at the hospital.

Historically, some of villagers’ forefathers were forcibly driven out of Zambezi basement in late 1950s to pave way for Kariba dam construction as the power base for hydroelectricity benefiting Zimbabwe and Zambia.

These nations share benefits of the project initially funded by the World Bank.

Human-animal conflict

Traditional leaders including Chiefs Mola, Msampakaruma, Negande and Nebiri with thousands of their subjects were left in the animal infested Zambezi valley where animal and human conflicts have been order of the day since then.

For villagers here, it was a blessing when donors complimented Government efforts to build few primary schools dotted around the vast remote areas.

It seemed to be in order for recognising education as a basic human right.

The idea of building Siakobvu clinic in 1981 was a dream of fulfilling health as another human right by Government here.

In 1997, the clinic was upgraded to be fully fledged district hospital covering the rural wards.

Ghost hospital

But this dream is falling villagers as it remains a ghost hospital operating as a clinic ever since then.

It has never had a medical doctor since inception affecting its operations due unreliable electricity and bad road network among other challenges.

“We suffer from blackouts and takes time to be restored within this area,’ said a source declining to be named.

Further investigations revealed that Siakobvu is connected to Gokwe within Midlands and it makes another administrative challenge for reconnection.

‘It is true that Siakobvu is connected to Gokwe and Kwekwe main lines besides drawing electricity from the other side of the valley in Kariba urban,’ said a source within the sector declining to be named for professional reasons.

“Generally, some people will go to either Karoi or Chidamoyo which is over 300 kilometres. Even in Kariba town transport is expensive,’ added our sources.

Part of Siakobvu Hospital that remains neglected in Kariba rural

Outgoing Kariba Member of Parliament Isaac Mackenzie has lobbied for deployment of doctors in the rural outskirts without success.

‘As much as I have tried to lobby for doctors here, the challenge is that many prefer to work near towns. This has put off prospective doctors. Without basic equipment for the health facility my efforts have failed to change the status quo’ said Mackenzie.

For many villagers here, the recent strike by doctors never meant anything but the subsequent firing and re-engagement of nurses will have physiological effects having been in company for over three decades


August 15, 2017

MZ among unsung Zimbabwe heroes

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By Chenai Maramba

KAROI– Zimbabweans celebrated 37 years of independence and remembering many political heroes who fought for the country liberation before independence on 11 and 12 August 2017.

As the nation took time to reflect how those who fought before and after independence, too many of the unsung heroes of our time will forever be remembered.

Although the heroes’ status has been politicized with the thrust of Zanu PF and Government officials being given the highest accord, it is disheartening that there are some who fought for equality to all after independence but whose voices have been silenced.

For some when Movement for Democratic Change, MDC led by former Prime Minister of Government of National Unity Morgan Tsvangirai , was formed in 1999 as the only strongest opposition party to challenge Zanu PF misrule, it was a tough decision and it needed those with focus to take it to the fore forefront and challenge the status quo.

Several thousands have suffered in silence over challenging Zanu PF misrule and some have passed on and are unsung heroes of Zimbabwe post-independence era.

One of these is the late Luckson Kanyurira whose abduction and death in the resort town of Kariba remain vivid to many peace loving Zimbabweans.

Others are Tonderai Ndira who was murdered during to run up to 2008 elections.

Learnmore Jongwe passed on prison following a suspected set up by Zanu PF spies in 2002.

But Karoi farming town situated about 204 kilometer north-west of Harare has been the hot bed of political victimization by mainly Zanu PF youths against opposition members.

But behold, another young soul among hundreds of MDC supporters is Malvern Muzivoreva well known as MZ who was born and bred in Karoi farming town on 18 January 1983.

Late Malverne Muzoworeva MZ an MDC activist who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and died in South Africa. One of unsung opposition members from Karoi

Late Malvern Muzivoreva MZ an MDC activist who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and died in South Africa. One of unsung opposition members from Karoi in Mashonaland West province,

He attended Karoi Junior primary school and later went to Karoi High School for his O level.

MZ was politically conscious on need for democratic change as well as total independence of every citizen.

It was not by coincidence that he was actively involved with MDC.

One of the founding MDC members Frack Kuchekwa recalled how MZ was in the forefront of organizing youths in the party.

‘Malvern was among few MDC youths around Karoi town who used to go around the farms selling party cards with the need to have workers know their rights so that they cannot be looked down upon. He was an active youth MDC member and we looked forward to him for greater ideas as a party,’ said Kuchekwa.

While MZ was being active in opposition politics, at family level life was becoming hard for their eldest sister Mary, born in 1974 who had to toil for the four member family following the death of their mother, Evelyn in 1993, when MZ was only ten years old.

Hardly a year years after joining politics MZ’s father, Campion passed on. Two years later he was arrested in September 2004 and stayed in Karoi prison until 2008.

This became the hardest time for his sister, Mary as she had to fend for the other brother and another sister, without formal employment.

‘Unfortunately he contracted Tuberculosis, TB while in Karoi prison due to squalid conditions. We knew that his arrest and incarnation was politically motivated,’ recalled another MDC supporter James Kadara who worked with MZ.

Malvern was later released on bail 2008.

MDC activist Malverne Muzoworeva in all white who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and passed on in South Africa. In this file photo he was with brother Marevlous. Both are now late.

MDC activist Malvern Muzivoreva in all white who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and passed on in South Africa. In this file photo he was with brother Marvelous. Both are now late.

This forced him to flee Zimbabwe that year to join his sister Mary who was battling to make ends meet during the country economic, social and political crisis before Government of National Unity in 2009.

‘Malvern had no choice than to flee the country as there was no medication in public hospitals and TB is curable so he had no option but to follow her sister in South Africa,’ added his close friend, Kadara.

He was later to get better medication at Kempton Civic Centre clinic until the time of his death on 2 April 2016.

‘Her sister was by his side for these years when he battled TB in South Africa and she has been man enough to shoulder the burden of political mismanagement by the ruling party,’ added Kuchekwa.

Former MDC Mashonaland West provincial spokesperson Big Haurobi added his voice that many unsung heroes are not recognized due to the Zanu PF barbaric attitude.

‘We have too many unsung heroes of this struggle and we hope one day people like MZ will be remembered by peace loving Zimbabweans. He was among youth cadres who gave up their life in the face of abduction, threats,. brutality in the province that has been the hot-spots of opposition politics,’ added Haurobi.

He added that besides challenges faced many of Malvern’s relatives remain targets of Zanu PF regime.

‘We know for a fact that the regime is targeting MZ relatives and we wish they could stay safe wherever they are because MZ played a pivotal role although we are fighting a regime with diabolic intentions,’ said Haurobi.

He added, ‘We must remember Tapiwa Mubwanda who was killed in cold blood murder in Hurungwe. These are many and women who paid price for this,’

Jawet Kazangarare and former soldier Peter Madamombe terrorized MDC supporters in Hurungwe.

As the nation remembered fallen heroes, Malvern Muzivoreva MZ is among unsung heroes’ of our time, concluded Kuchekwa.


August 14, 2017

Prison officers probed over dangerous criminals’ escape

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THE Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) has reportedly launched a probe on nine Karoi Prison officers accused of facilitating the escape of three murder and robbery suspects in November last year.

By Nhau Mangirazi

The Karoi Prison hole used by the dangerous convicts

Sources close to the investigations told NewsDay at the weekend that six junior and three commissioned officers had been summoned to give evidence before an investigating panel that will sit between August 17 and September 1.

The junior officers will be the first to give evidence on circumstances surrounding the trio’s escape through a hole dug in cell walls before they scaled a perimeter fence.

The commissioned officers, who include former officer-in-charge, a Superintendent Katsatsi, who was suspended late November over the matter, and his subordinates only identified as Madhuku and Mavhako, will be the last to give evidence.

“Currently, we are serving them with charge sheets over the case of three dangerous criminals Cover Warasi, Confidence Mutemachani and Anyway Mutukura, who escaped from cells in November 2016,” a ZPCS source, who declined to be named, said.

The jailbirds left behind their prison garb, including green shorts and red-and-white-striped jerseys before the prison break.

However, luck ran out for murder convict Warasi, who was rearrested at a nearby farm a few hours after bolting out of prison.

Mutemachani, an armed robbery convict, was arrested the following morning at Corner Store along the Harare-Chirundu highway.

“The convicts allegedly removed bricks from the wall during the night and, as usual, they were singing praise songs, making it impossible for officers on duty to suspect anything,” a prison source said.

According to some sources, there were four prisoners living in one of the condemned cells.

The fourth prisoner is suspected to be a psychiatric patient and was left behind when the trio made their way out by peeling off old walls to make a hole.

Acting ZPCS spokesperson, Priscilla Mthembo was unreachable at the time of going to print.

Venice Mine rope in police to evict former workers

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THE new owners of Venice Mine in Kadoma last week roped in police to flush out former workers, who had refused to vacate the mine houses claiming they were part of their retrenchment benefits.

By Nhau Mangirazi

The former workers had continued to stay in the company houses following the departure of their employer, Falcon Gold, in the 1990s. They refused to move out of the houses after the new mine owner, Abminprint, brought in its staff leading to clashes last week.

Abminprint chief security officer Raston Madzimbo, however, said his company was not targeting the former workers without cause.

“It is true that we called police to assist us in evicting some criminal elements within the community. These are people using violence as part of survival, among them illegal gold miners. They go around with knives, they are just criminals,” Madzimbo said.

The disgruntled former workers accused their former employer of shifting goal posts after they initially promised them the houses as part of retrenchment compensation.

Doubt Masaga, a representative of the former workers, said the homes and disused mines were rightly theirs because they were owed by their former employer who sold the company.

“As former workers and members of Zanu PF youth we are advocating that the new mine owners take care of the former workers and their dependents so that they are not thrown out into destitution, but rather they be given mining rights so that they too can to use mines and earn a living,” former mine workers’ representative Doubt Masaga, said.

Another former employee, Dickson Phiri added: “There is uncertainty for majority of former workers and their dependents as new owners have not been helpful but rather want to evict us and victimising us since we do not have financial muscle to fight them through legal means.”

July 4, 2017

Hurungwe headman facilitates marriage of 14 year minor as police dither on arresting hubby

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By Nhau Mangirazi
KAROI-A 14 year old Hurungwe girl bolted out of a Karoi Children’s home where she was surrendered to for medical examination and safety on Wednesday last week, investigations reveal.
The girl at the center of controversy was married off to a 27 year old man who is headman Emmanuel Mavhunga’s late brother’s, son.
Police in Magunje launched a manhunt to arrest the underage girl while the husband who was picked up for sleeping with a minor was released out of police custody after 48 hours had lapsed without going to court.
A source at Magunje charge office confirmed that the suspect did not appear in court as scheduled when he was picked up soon after the girl was rescued.
‘We had a suspect who came here on Tuesday but due to pressure as we were hosting senior District officers for inspection, the suspect did not go to court and was released. He will be summoned to appear in court,’ said a junior officer at Magunje police camp.
In a move likely to complicate the underage marriage, the girl skipped out of children’s home in Karoi hardly two days after she was surrendered by child welfare officials.
According to villagers, headman Muchini facilitated payment of a beast and money. The girl was rescued from her child marriage by district welfare officer Blessing Simango on Tuesday last week and left her at the children’s home for care and safety.
However, sources revealed that when Simango visited the home on Wednesday, the girl was nowhere to be seen.
Sources at Karoi Children’s home revealed that she absconded from the premises hardly two days she was at the center.
‘We got a 14 year old girl late on Tuesday whose case was of child marriage. We took care of her just like any other children we have here from different backgrounds. However, we were surprised that she was nowhere to be seen early on Wednesday morning. We never suspected that she could abscond,’ said a source at the center who declined to be named.
Investigations made on Tuesday revealed that the girl was married off after headman Muchini facilitated the marriage.
The area situated about 105 kilometers west of Karoi is in ward 25, Chief Dandawa within Hurungwe rural district.
Headman Muchini paid off the money and a beast since the 27 year old husband is headman’s late brother’s son.
Villagers told theweeklymirror that the headman was the prime suspect of early child marriage that has set tongues wagging in the remote village.
‘Headman Muchini released the beast for damages and $50 cash as token to the girl’s parents late in January and he did this to silence both the parents not to report the case to the police. He is the custodian of the husband after his parents passed on few years ago,’ said a villager Moses Chapara.
The girl’s’ mother aged 39 confirmed that the case went before headman Muchini who heard it and facilitated payment of cash and the beast.
The mother said they are still yet to collect the beast from their in laws.
‘Soon after Diana* eloped we got a word from our son in law that there were ready to pay some money and they said they will release a beast as part of damages to our daughter. They paid $50 as token of appreciation. We are still yet to get the beast. We tried to get the headman assist us but he was elusive to get the case reported to the police. Our child was problematic and we just thought it was good riddance on our part,’’ said the mother whom we can not name to protect the victim.
The father of the girl is aged 43 year old was silent during visit and interviews. He is a fisherman who is always in Gache-Kache fishing camp.
According to villagers the victim whom we can not name to protect her was married off to a 27 year Grade 6 dropout who is a neighbor to the girl’s parents.
It is believed the husband who was living with the minor as wife since January is an orphan but has been living with his uncle headman Muchini.
Muchini was not around during our visit.
Some villagers confirmed that headman Muchini facilitated payment of the beast as a cover -up to the child marriage act.
Hurungwe child welfare officer Blessing Simango refused to talk to the press over the case saying he had no authority to talk to the press but sources revealed that the girl has been rescued and surrendered to Hurungwe children’s home in Karoi for probation and better welfare.
Recently, Hurungwe East Member of Parliament Sarah Mahoka bemoaned high cases of child marriages where traditional leaders are accomplices by demanding fees from suspects and once paid they never act to have suspects arrested.
Mahoka told Primary and Secondary minister Lazarus Dokora that the district has high cases of child marriages.
‘We wonder why Chiefs and headman are paid fees as this has resulted in high numbers of child marriages in the district. Our girls are dropping out of school early and married since traditional leaders are not stamping authority. They demand money called chigaramaratanda and will never protect the girl child,’ said Mahoka recently at Karoi Enterprise school.

November 25, 2016

Poverty drives girls into early marriages in Gokwe

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By Nhau Mangirazi
Gokwe Nemangwe- Sixteen year old Tarisai Zvinoputsa (not her real name) is six month pregnant expecting second child after suffering birth complications on her first pregnancy.
She says she is luck to be alive with her bouncing baby girl now aged two.
At her age she is the third wife in five wives polygamous relationship.
The husband aged fifty five years is old enough to be her father but she I submissive due circumstances beyond her control.
The husband is one of the few who get better maize yields annually boosting food security that is now a bait to lure young girls into early marriages within remote parts of Gokwe under Chief Nemangwe.
Situated about 500 kilometers from capital Harare, communities here are lagging behind on education due grinding poverty that exposes girl child into early marriages.
Though equipped with natural resources including coal deposits that could have changed the face of the communities, poverty and gloomy future awaits majority of girls, trapped into early marriages.
Poverty as driving force
According to Plan International an advocacy organization that fights for girl child rights worldwide, poverty is one of the driving forces of early marriages in mostly rural communities.
It further says traditional justice systems sanction this practice while statutory law prohibits it, making it possible for girls as young as 12 to enter into marriage.
Hot spots
Kwekwe alongside Gokwe and Lower Gweru within the Midlands province is also a child marriage hot spot, with 98 percent of the cases attributed to gold mining activities where some boys drop out of school, according to the organization.
However, Tarisai admitted that it is unsafe to get pregnant at early age but they will be doing this to secure food for their families
’It is risky to be pregnant but as you know to be woman you are obliged to give birth. Every woman tries to please the husband as more children born become part of food security to your families,’ she narrated her ordeal.
Part of statistics
Tarisai is part of statistics of how poverty is driving girls into early child marriages within Midlands’s province under which Gokwe falls.
According to some residents and villagers here, majority of girls aged between 12 and 17 in Gokwe are dropping out of school becoming part of early marriages because of poverty and hunger.
Although there was no official statistics from district administrator at the time of writing, sources within education ministry revealed that hundreds of children had dropped out of school as parents were failing to pay their school fees.
Recurring Drought
Gokwe is drought prone area where cotton that has fallen on world market is the only crop that is highly produced.
‘With current drought affecting part of Southern Africa, many of these young girls are easy targets to be married off,’ said a headmaster of a primary school speaking on condition that he is not named for professional reasons.
“Generally twelve to 17-year-old girls are married off in Gokwe fueling dropouts,” he added.
Traditionalists blamed poverty and hunger for out of control child marriages here.
Stop it- Chief Nembudziya
Chief Nembudziya is quoted in local press as having said there is need to curb child marriages by arresting suspects marrying young girls aged twelve years.
“If you hear that 12-year-olds are being married, those people should pay 10 cattle and have that person arrested. It is an issue that needs to be looked into thoroughly. I heard the President (Robert Mugabe) say by all means, government should make sure no girl should be married before the age of 18. We must stop it” he said.
A United Kingdom based child rights activist Obert Mundevere-Ncube attributes that grinding poverty is affecting more girls in the country.
‘With Zimbabwe and its people suffering, girls are getting married at an early age and this affects their future. They can hardly plan and will remain subjects of mental torture,’ said Mundevere-Ncube in an interview.
United Nations Children Fund, UNICEF, State of the World’s Report (2015), said the prevalence of child marriage had Mashonaland Central leading with 50% while Mashonaland West is pegged at 42%, Masvingo (39%), Mashonaland East (36%). Midlands is at (31%), while Bulawayo has the least prevalence rate of about 10%.
Though equipped with natural resources including coal deposits that could have changed the face of the communities, poverty and gloomy future awaits majority of girl forced into early marriages due to grinding poverty.

The province is among the worst affected by early marriages in Zimbabwe.
Renewed hope
She says it will be better if the area gets food and assist more girls against child marriages.
‘There is renewed hope if all girls are given a chance to be independent than being forced into early marriages due to poverty,’ she says, her face beaming with confidence.
Young girls are said to be lured by the prestige of money into early marriages and at times early pregnancies.
Globally 140 million girls become child brides annually which translates to 39000 per day, whilst 16 million adolescent girls give birth annually and 90% are already married according to the World Health Organisation, WHO.
Also according to WHO, 50 percent of pregnant girls under the age of 18 undergo still birth, whilst the number of maternal deaths continues to soar yearly.
Zimbabwe joined the Africa Union campaign to end child marriages in mid-2015. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development with support from UNICEF, UNWOMEN, UNFPA, the Child Rights and Women’s Rights Coalitions has been working on a National Action Plan to End Child Marriages.
The Zimbabwe Constitutional Court made a ruling in January 2016 outlawing child marriages but for Tarisai there grim of hope.

August 27, 2016

Embassy of Canada Statement – Zimbabwe Human Rights Violations

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The need for peaceful dialogue and respect for human rights

The Embassy of Canada to Zimbabwe issued the following statement:

The Embassy of Canada to Zimbabwe is increasingly concerned with reports of violence and human rights violations in response to public protest. The Embassy of Canada calls for calm and stresses the importance of peaceful dialogue.

The Embassy of Canada reiterates its call on all stakeholders to respect the Constitution of Zimbabwe, in particular, the freedom to peacefully demonstrate, the right to personal liberty, the right to personal security and the rights of arrested and detained persons.

The Embassy of Canada reiterates its call on the Government of Zimbabwe to make every effort to ensure that public policing and justice are consistent with the Government’s constitutional obligation to respect basic human rights and freedoms.

Released on 26 August, 2016

Embassy of Canada to Zimbabwe, 45 Baines Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe (263-4) 252 181/5
Public Affairs Section:

Australian Embassy statement on recent occurences of violence in Zimbabwe

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26 August 2016
The Australian Embassy shares the concerns of many Zimbabweans at the violence which has occurred over recent weeks in Zimbabwe. The use of violence is not acceptable under any circumstance.

The Australian Embassy wishes to emphasise that the rule of law, respect for human rights, right to free speech, freedom of assembly and other democratic freedoms are at the heart of the Zimbabwean Constitution and must be respected by all parties. We encourage the Government of Zimbabwe to ensure the democratic freedoms of all Zimbabweans are fully protected.

For more information, please contact Ambassador Suzanne McCourt or the Australian Embassy (details below).

The Australian Embassy I T: +263-4-853 235 55 I M: +263-772-234 074 I E:

October 29, 2015

Underage lovebirds face expulsion

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By Nhau Mangirazi
KAROI- Nine year old primary school girl and her eleven year old boyfriend face expulsion as authorities have summoned their parents on their love affair.

The girl is doing Grade Four while the boy is in Grade Six at a local primary school. Names are withheld due to their ages.
Sources close to the case revealed that the two lovebirds used to meet at a borehole drilled by United Nations Children Fund during the height of cholera that wiped over 4000 people in 2008.
Karoi town suffers from perennial water shortages due to poor water reticulation and old water pipes coupled by current electricity blackouts.

The kids claimed that fetching water was always tedious and time consuming while they enjoyed early love rendezvous during the night.

Some fetch water around three in the morning due to the overwhelming demand at few boreholes within both Claudia and Chikangwe suburbs.
However, their picnic exposed the boyfriend on Tuesday night when he lost two buckets and could not explain to his parents. Out of fear he did not sleep at home and this prompted his parent’s to report to the school authorities.
‘’The parents came at the school and made a passionate appeal on their missing son only to be told to ask the girl as she was the only one who could know his whereabouts. Everyone was shocked but the other kids spoke with authority about their affair,’’ said a teacher speaking on condition that he is not named.
The girl was quizzed and she had to spill the beans of their affair.
School authorities summoned both parents on Thursday with expectations to expel the pupils.
‘’It is true that we have summoned both parents so that the kids can be expelled from the school as they are bad apples,’’ added another source also speaking on condition that he is not named.
There is raging debate on whether school going age girls can be allowed to take family planning tablets in a bid aimed at curbing early unplanned pregnancies that affect the girl child.

August 6, 2015

Stop child marriages, Kariba Junior MP

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By Nhau Mangirazi
Siakobvu- Mitchel Sinamaravana has challenged traditional leaders to stop child marriages that are impacting negatively on the future of mostly children.
Speaking in an interview here, the Form Five student at Msampakaruma High School said it is unfortunate that Mashonaland West is among the worst affected provinces.
‘’Poverty and traditional beliefs are some of the harmful experiences we are suffering as girls forcing the majority to drop out of school at early ages. I am therefore appealing to all stakeholders including enforcement agencies to cooperate. Traditional leaders here are abusing girls when they accept that they must be married even as young as 14 years. This must stop as we gear for 25 Years after the Adoption of African Charter to end child marriages. It our accelerated push to

Kariba Junior MP Mitchel Sinaravana of Msampakaruma

Kariba Junior MP Mitchel Sinaravana of Msampakaruma

end child marriages.  I am challenging traditional leaders to stamp authorities. Child marriage is an enemy within the communities. We must reduce 42 percent that the province as it stands on the second affected. We hope that everyone will take this responsibility and shift against the worst results against your own children being married early here’’, she said.
Kariba district was the focal point for American scholar Ann Cotton in 1993 when she stated Campaign for Child Education after she felt sorry for mostly girl child in the remote area who remained neglected but her efforts are being spurned by current economic challenges, poverty, peer pressure, traditional beliefs including customary marriages that trap mostly girls.

Currently Camfed supports 35 000 girls in Zimbabwe although its regional director Angeline Murimirwa that covers Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania says perpetrators are close relatives.
‘’It is unfortunate that some perpetrators are girls guardians including teachers and male relatives at times. Naturally, girls face
sexual abuse forcing them to drop out of school’’ said Murimirwa.

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