August 14, 2017

Chikangwe maternity wing in limbo

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DONATED goods, such as refrigerators, scanning machines and delivery bedding for expecting mothers, are gathering dust at the Chikangwe proposed 24-hour maternity wing since 2015 due to financial and water crises.


Chikangwe 24-Hour Clinic

Zim-Health, a non-governmental organisation from Netherlands, donated the goods to ease maternal health challenges in Karoi town, covering Chikangwe and Claudia suburbs, as well as the Nyama resettlement area and was expected to benefit 15 000 women.

A maternity wing was established to assist expecting mothers before referring them to Karoi District Hospital, catering for 32 outlying clinics in a district with a 329 197-strong population, according to the 2012 national census.

The official opening of the wing has been staggered due to lack of coordination from senior officials and financial resources coupled by the worsening water crisis affecting the farming town situated about 204 km north-west of Harare.

The problems have been blamed on lack of coordination within the municipality’s management, with one councillor claiming that the council approved the employment of midwives, who have “a dark past”.

The ministry of Health and Child Care reportedly demanded that the community hall be fenced before it could authorise the use of the maternity wing, but nothing was done.

Two full council meetings were postponed in May, as policy makers wanted a briefing on the progress from the housing department.

According to the June full council minutes, Ward 1 councillor, Travolta Matekenya raised concern that the facility was yet to become functional long after the set deadline and this was prejudicing residents.

Sha Mujuruki responded that there had been no progress made.

“She (Mujuruki) said nothing had changed and everything was at a standstill and work was still pending since management had not discussed anything pertaining to financing for the maternity wing,” read the minutes in part.

Matekenya further asked about the challenges being faced since most goods were donated and council input was minimal, but the director argued that financial challenges were the hindrance.

Matekenya, however, argued that the real problem was “lack of commitment and incompetence on management’s part”.

Health officials at Karoi district and Chinhoyi provincial hospitals were evasive on the matter.

“We are only witnessing pregnant women registering here for antenatal and postnatal care. We do not know how they would have delivered, as the clinic is still to offer the service here,” a source close to the development said.

The maternity wing is currently being used by breastfeeding mothers, who are on antiretroviral therapy and a recent visit revealed that it has not been working as a maternity wing, with three beds in the other room gathering dust, while scores of other donated materials are locked in another room.

“We had a challenge of a sink. It was installed, but nothing has been done to show commitment on when the maternity wing will be opened,” another source said.

A seven-member commission appointed by Environment Water and Climate ministry to see if council had the capacity to take over water from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority recently was informed that the maternity wing could not be officially opened because of water challenges.

Karoi Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Freck Kuchekwa expressed concern over lack of progress on the facility.

“We are concerned that expecting mothers have to use a district referral hospital, when donated goods are gathering dust because there is no water to make it function,” he said.

Karoi Town Council town clerk, Wellington Mutikani said the council would soon use the public health and amenities cross-cutting team to investigate the matter.

“Public health is council’s priority and issues of maternal health cannot be overlooked,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Demographic Health Survey says at least 20% of Zimbabwean births for the last five years were home deliveries, which have a negative impact on maternal mortality.

Maternal mortality occurs when a woman dies while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy.

The causes maybe related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management, but not from accidental or incidental causes and the Karoi scenario aptly points to one such potential case.-


April 5, 2017

A sorry tale to tell in the fight against TB

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By Nhau Mangirazi

KAROI — The long journey travelled by 42-year-old Shamiso Mudoka in the fight against tuberculosis is a typical case that calls for the scaling up of the fight against the disease.

Her sorry tale highlights the importance of awareness among TB patients and the community at large.

Soon after she was diagnosed, Mudoka discovered that she was about to travel a long journey to defeat the scourge.

She had nowhere to stay, after her brother evicted her from their family home.

Although her electrifying smile greets any visitor in Karoi’s oldest high-density suburb of Chikangwe, the battle she went through in the last seven years is still fresh in her mind.

A single mother of two children, aged eight and 11, Mudoka has somehow managed to overcome the social outcast jacket she wore for several years and also the disease.

It all started in early October 2010 when I developed cold fever,” she recalled.

‘’I went to the hospital and was given amoxicillin drugs. The doctor recommended that I must have my sputum tested.”

It took some time before Mudoka could get results and the feedback that she was to undergo TB treatment.

All hell broke loose as she could no longer afford to fend for herself because of the burden brought by the disease.

“I had to move to our family house, but my brother, Stephen, could not accept me,” Mudoka says.

Her neighbour, Ambuya Jennifer Mapanga, says Mudoka was a social outcast after her brother evicted her.

“We were touched by Mudoka’s plight after eviction. She was a social outcast,” she said.

Without anyone to turn to for solace and shelter, Mudoka went to Karoi General Hospital, where officials understood her plight and accommodated her.

“For six months, my brother never visited me, but I used to get regular visits from other friends,” she says. “But eventually, I fought through and won the battle with the help of strangers.”

Mudoka’s plight aptly explains how TB should be treated as a cause of concern by both the government and co-operating partners.

HIV and Aids advocate Muchanyara Mukamuri notes that TB patients face more pronounced stigma, compared to other patients, making it a barrier to accessing treatment and adherence.

“Stigma must be fought from all angles, starting at family level, health care givers and the community at large. Awareness must be included with easy-to-read materials in vernacular,” Mukamuri says.

“Political commitment and will must be reflected in costing it through the health budgets allocation. As long as the health budget continues to be as it is, we may make as much noise as possible, but we may not achieve any tangible results.”

The Global TB Report 2016 lists Zimbabwe as among the 30 high burdened countries, with a triple burden of TB, TB-HIV and MDR-TB.

The other countries on the list are Angola, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Central African Republic, China, Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russian Federation, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia.

The 30 high TB burden countries accounted for 87% of all estimated incident cases worldwide,” the report reads in part.

“The six countries that stood out as having the largest number of incident cases in 2015 were (in descending order) India, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa (combined, 60% of the global total).

“Of these, China, India and Indonesia alone accounted for 45% of global cases in 2015. The annual number of incident TB cases relative to population size (the incidence rate) varied widely among countries in 2015, from under 10 per 100 000 population in most high-income countries to 150–300 in most of the 30 high TB burden countries.”

TB has attracted the attention of Parliament. The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health in February 2016 produced a report painting a gloomy situation with regards to the disease.

While TB treatment for six to nine months costs $31, it was discovered that MDR-TB treatment for 20 to 24 months goes for $2 571.

The situation is worse for another TB strain called Extensively Drug Resistant-TB costing $31 000 to treat for 24 to 36 months.

“In this regard, with the economic strains facing the country, prevention and control of the disease becomes key to TB management in the country,” the legislators noted in their report.

They recommended government moves swiftly and reduces the exorbitant costs of the second line TB treatment.

Aids/TB Programmes (National TB Control) in the Health and Child Care ministry, Charles Sandy, says TB eradication is now a success story through community involvement.

“The programme on TB has been very successfully because we have rapidly decentralised diagnosis, care and treatment to the district level and successfully adopted a community based approach,” he says.

The Union through Challenge TB, a USAid funding mechanism continues to provide highly qualified specialist TB staff, managerial and leadership support, materials including equipment such machines and financial support to the TB programme.

The Union director, Christopher Zishiri, says they are working with the National TB Control Programme to strengthen TB control in Zimbabwe in the last nine years.

“Current interventions include enhancing access to quality patient centred care for TB, TB/HIV and MDR-TB services; prevention of transmission and disease progression through active case finding; and strengthening TB platforms including political commitment to end TB,” he says, adding that although funding is always not enough, financial challenges always hinder the provision of adequate services, the Union has, however, helped in lessening the financial burden in the TB programme.

Mudoka, free from the disease, had to go through what she termed “hell”, especially after her rejection by relatives because she had contracted the disease-

January 5, 2015

Fugitive hubby faces attempted murder charges   

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Dhlamini in Karoi hospital in November-

Dhlamini in Karoi hospital in November-

By Our Staff

A Karoi man Maxwell Vhakacha who fled after ripping his wife whom he suspected of adultery with a local guy appeared in court last week.

Vhakacha aged 43 years was lured by his wife for ten years whom he suspected of dating other men.

It is the state case that Vhakacha was staying with Annastancia Dhlamini for the past years and on 10 November last year; he attacked her using a kitchen knife after he spotted her speaking to Pfungwa Kaharo.

However, following the domestic violence that left Dhlamini hospitalized for three weeks, Vhakacha was on the run and was holed up in Beitbridge.

He was lured back by his wife on Christmas eve and a trap was set up as he was arrested while at the wife lodgings.

Vhakacha appeared before magistrate Sam Chitumwa who remanded him in custody and advised him to apply for bail from the High court.

Dhlamini on her hospital bed in Karoi at the weekend

Dhlamini on her hospital bed in Karoi at the weekend

The Weekly Mirror broke the story in November and has photos of the injured Dhlamini.

November 18, 2014

Double trouble for sliced woman

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Dhlamini in Karoi hospital aBy Nhau Mangirazi

A 38 year old Karoi woman suffered double trouble last week when her husband assaulted her using a kitchen knife slicing her right cheek.

He accused her of infidelity but she is now pleading the fleeing husband to return to pay the outstanding hospital bill of $86.00.

The suspect, name withheld, aged 42 years is on the run after brutally assaulting and bruising her before he fled.

Anastenicia Dhlamini suffered multiple injuries on the face, cheek that has five stitches, hands, head, and thighs. Two teeth were knocked out during an altercation.

She is currently detained at Karoi hospital after she failed to raise $86.00 medical fees and has no identity card, phone and line the fleeing husband took way following the heinous act.

Narrating her ordeal at the weekend, Dhlamini said she has been staying with her husband for 10 years. Although he is on the run, he is communicating with her on daily basis.

‘’I am currently relying on friends who visit me to communicate with him after he took my phone and other particulars. He has been giving me different locations each time we talk. I still need him around to pay for medical fees and look after me as he injured me with the knife on my both hands.’’, Dhlamini pleaded claiming she is free to forgive him.

She claimed that the husband was ‘’misinformed’’ that she was dating Pfungwa Kaharo, a mechanic who stays within vicinity.

‘’My husband witnessed me being dropped off by Kaharo near our house and he threw stones at his car claiming that he had caught us red handed having sex around 8 in the evening. It is not true as Kaharo offered me a lift. His workmate made false claims that I was dating Kaharo’’, said Dhlamini.

Dhlamini on her hospital bed in Karoi at the weekend

Dhlamini on her hospital bed in Karoi at the weekend

However, Kaharo admitted that his car was involved but distanced himself before making a U-turn to comment on allegations that he was dating Dhlamini or that he had offered transport to her.

‘’I am sorry I have nothing to say at the moment over the issue.’’, Kaharo said.

Hurungwe acting medical director Mutisi confirmed that Dhlamini was responding well to medication.

‘’We have attended to the patient and is responding well to medication and is no longer in danger’’ said Doctor Mutisi in an interview.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Ian Kohwera said could neither confirm nor deny the incident that is now the talk of Karoi town.

‘’Currently, I am out office and have been away since Friday. I will come back to you later’’ he said but his mobile was unreachable at the time of writing.

June 20, 2013

Outgoing Hurungwe Junior Senator scores first

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi-Outgoing Hurungwe senator for Junior Parliamentarian for 2012/2013, Shepherd Marime got an award as Mashonaland West Outstanding Junior Parliamentarian.

Marime is Form 6 student at Chikangwe High School had a clean sheet following his initiatives that gave youths a voice, assisted the disadvantaged during his term of office.

In an interview, Marime said, ‘’I attended Day of African Child in September last year and was touched by the lives of many orphaned children at Just Children’s home near Karoi Hospital where I spent my spare time.’’

He worked with Hurungwe Senator Reuben Marumahoko to raise awareness to the young to vote ‘’Yes’’ during referendum.

‘’I joined forces with Child Prime Minister and went to Kariba where we advocated for young people’s rights. I assisted some Karoi youths to report cases against brutal police officers over face booking allegation and the case is under probe. Locally, I worked with Young People on Sexual and reproductive health in disseminating information on sexually transmitted infections. We want youths to understand more on health issues and their rights for a better future’’ said Marime.


Senator Shepherd Marime

He articipated in various awareness campaigns by inviting Environment Management Agency, to celebrate World Water Day and during World Aids Day commemoration held in Birimahwe in Hurungwe.

‘’I initiated street clean campaign with children living with disabilities. We sourced funding for two Chikangwe High school students’’ he added.

Marime said he raised awareness to youths to be registered as voters in forthcoming elections.

‘’It was resolved that I worked hard during the last session of Junior Parliamentarians that will see me getting the award’’ he added.

April 25, 2012

Just Children workers under distress as major donor pulls out

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By Staff Reporter

KAROI- Workers at Come Up to Me Just Children’s home are bitter over

salary delays that have seen some playing hide and seek with their

landlords over unpaid rentals following pulling out of a United

Kingdom based major donor early this year.

Disgruntled workers claim that all is not well at the children’s home

situated near Karoi hospital as they are battling to get food for the

children most of them who were abused by their parents and guardians.

The children are vetted by Ministry of Social Welfare so that they can

be adopted at the centre where they will be calling home and attending


‘’ We are battling to make ends meet here and we are not assured if we

will be here for too long and all what we are doing is no longer work

but we are volunteers. Our salaries have been delayed and we are

failing to pay rentals’’ said one of the workers speaking on condition

that he is not named.

He added that some top officials had since resigned over the financial

challenges besetting the organisation.

‘’We are under paid and the delays affect us as we can not get loans

to repay. We are surprised why the management can not source for

funding from other donors as we had the great part of last year

without electricity here and water can be cut off any time due to the

bill that is yet to be settled’’ added another source also declining

to be named for fear of victimization.

A Harare official confirmed that all is not well in the organization

that prospered during the late founder Moses Kasimonje whose vision

was to give ’’ neglected children peace of mind’’.

‘It is true that some officials resigned due to financial challenges

and have started off their new projects’’ said the official whom we

can not name.

However Just Children managing director Norma Kasimonje denied that

there was financial mismanagement saying the board alerted workers

that the major donor had pulled out and financial resources were


She said the so called disgruntled workers are mischievous.

‘’Your sources are misleading you as we notified all the workers what

we were going through after the donors pulled out. We are prepared to

show you our financial statements at a round table with the so called

disgruntled workers. Every home, organisation and even countries are

facing economic challenges and donors are neglecting us when we are

still yet to stand on our own. It is unfortunate that some of those

who resigned were exposed by the donors that they wanted to hijack the

project and were using it a launch pad’’ said Mrs. Kasimonje in a

telephone interview last week.

She however explained that the Government is failing to pay $20.00 to

every child that the organisation is looking after as per Government


‘’If the Government can not afford to pay for these children’s upkeep

what else do you expect from us? We should be getting money for

reunification of these children with their parents but w can not get

that money and it is a challenge for us as well’’ she said.

Mrs. Kasimonje explained that though some international organisation

such as Unicef were assisted children with books, they can translate

the funding into salaries.

She later said that there was no need to publish the story as it will

give a bad image of the organisation fighting for children’s rights.

‘’Do not write the story as we need to discuss the merits with board

members and our lawyers. In fact, we want you with the workers for a

round table discussion over the issue and iron out our differences ’’,

she pleaded.

However, workers maintain that they are still yet to get reprieve over

their working conditions and denied the proposal for a discussion.

‘’We are not blacklisting the organisation but we need salaries and be

assured of our future at work. If we attend the discussion what

assurances do we have that we will not be victimized for exposing how

we are being ill-treated? said another worker

September 17, 2011

Karoi accident claims manager as girlfriend cheats death

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Karoi- A Karoi woman cheated death in a car accident that claimed a local bank manager as the two were heading to a bushy night spot for a suspected sexual escapade last week.
Those who attended the scene of accident were greeted with an array of condoms confirming how the two had geared for lasting sexual match.

According to our sources who phoned The Weekly Mirror, the now late manager with People Own Savings Bank
was on an outing with the girlfriend who cheated death as they were heading to a night spot for sexual escapades near Chiedza high density surburb.

It is suspected that he was over speeding and lost control on a sharp curve around 7 in the evening along Karoi-Kazangarare way on Sunday.

The car rolled twice and the late manager who was married died on the spot after sustaining serious head injuries but the woman escaped with a broken leg. Currently she is nursing injuries sustained at Karoi hospital.

”The accident revealed how the manager had double crossed many women on the fateful day as some were on standby for an appointment when he met his fate. It is suspected that among them were junior nurses at Karoi hospital who were waiting for their turn at hourly intervals. They were equally shocked beyond explanation when the sad news came. It was unbelievable as some knew each other, victims of love triangle, double-crossed by someone an influential position” said one source.

The Weekly Mirror has two names of the junior nurses who were going out with the late manager and they graduated from Chinhoyi of Nursing last year.

One of them confessed that she suspected that he was seeing them all but were glad that ”he was married and was just there to satisfy our needs as women”

However, there was drama at the hospital as the injured woman nursing her heart and injuries when his brother who owns a fleet of kombis took her to cleaners for claiming second victim ”in love accidents”, sources told this paper.
”The brother is a well known transport operator, literally undressed her, fuming that she is a disgrace to the family. He said she has claimed two men in love accidents and is a bad omen to the family and society” added another source at the hospital who witnessed the unfolding drama.

Also two nurses in love ring could not stomach the reality of seeing the woman who last saw the man’s last moments and declared the female ward as their no-go-area.

”The injured woman is in her late twenties and had another boyfriend who died in same circumstances in Bindura and she escaped unhurt” added our sources.

The late manager who left many broken hearts socially and professionally in Karoi was buried at his Chimanimani rural last week.

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