August 15, 2017

MZ among unsung Zimbabwe heroes

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By Chenai Maramba

KAROI– Zimbabweans celebrated 37 years of independence and remembering many political heroes who fought for the country liberation before independence on 11 and 12 August 2017.

As the nation took time to reflect how those who fought before and after independence, too many of the unsung heroes of our time will forever be remembered.

Although the heroes’ status has been politicized with the thrust of Zanu PF and Government officials being given the highest accord, it is disheartening that there are some who fought for equality to all after independence but whose voices have been silenced.

For some when Movement for Democratic Change, MDC led by former Prime Minister of Government of National Unity Morgan Tsvangirai , was formed in 1999 as the only strongest opposition party to challenge Zanu PF misrule, it was a tough decision and it needed those with focus to take it to the fore forefront and challenge the status quo.

Several thousands have suffered in silence over challenging Zanu PF misrule and some have passed on and are unsung heroes of Zimbabwe post-independence era.

One of these is the late Luckson Kanyurira whose abduction and death in the resort town of Kariba remain vivid to many peace loving Zimbabweans.

Others are Tonderai Ndira who was murdered during to run up to 2008 elections.

Learnmore Jongwe passed on prison following a suspected set up by Zanu PF spies in 2002.

But Karoi farming town situated about 204 kilometer north-west of Harare has been the hot bed of political victimization by mainly Zanu PF youths against opposition members.

But behold, another young soul among hundreds of MDC supporters is Malvern Muzivoreva well known as MZ who was born and bred in Karoi farming town on 18 January 1983.

Late Malverne Muzoworeva MZ an MDC activist who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and died in South Africa. One of unsung opposition members from Karoi

Late Malvern Muzivoreva MZ an MDC activist who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and died in South Africa. One of unsung opposition members from Karoi in Mashonaland West province,

He attended Karoi Junior primary school and later went to Karoi High School for his O level.

MZ was politically conscious on need for democratic change as well as total independence of every citizen.

It was not by coincidence that he was actively involved with MDC.

One of the founding MDC members Frack Kuchekwa recalled how MZ was in the forefront of organizing youths in the party.

‘Malvern was among few MDC youths around Karoi town who used to go around the farms selling party cards with the need to have workers know their rights so that they cannot be looked down upon. He was an active youth MDC member and we looked forward to him for greater ideas as a party,’ said Kuchekwa.

While MZ was being active in opposition politics, at family level life was becoming hard for their eldest sister Mary, born in 1974 who had to toil for the four member family following the death of their mother, Evelyn in 1993, when MZ was only ten years old.

Hardly a year years after joining politics MZ’s father, Campion passed on. Two years later he was arrested in September 2004 and stayed in Karoi prison until 2008.

This became the hardest time for his sister, Mary as she had to fend for the other brother and another sister, without formal employment.

‘Unfortunately he contracted Tuberculosis, TB while in Karoi prison due to squalid conditions. We knew that his arrest and incarnation was politically motivated,’ recalled another MDC supporter James Kadara who worked with MZ.

Malvern was later released on bail 2008.

MDC activist Malverne Muzoworeva in all white who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and passed on in South Africa. In this file photo he was with brother Marevlous. Both are now late.

MDC activist Malvern Muzivoreva in all white who fled from Zimbabwe in 2008 and passed on in South Africa. In this file photo he was with brother Marvelous. Both are now late.

This forced him to flee Zimbabwe that year to join his sister Mary who was battling to make ends meet during the country economic, social and political crisis before Government of National Unity in 2009.

‘Malvern had no choice than to flee the country as there was no medication in public hospitals and TB is curable so he had no option but to follow her sister in South Africa,’ added his close friend, Kadara.

He was later to get better medication at Kempton Civic Centre clinic until the time of his death on 2 April 2016.

‘Her sister was by his side for these years when he battled TB in South Africa and she has been man enough to shoulder the burden of political mismanagement by the ruling party,’ added Kuchekwa.

Former MDC Mashonaland West provincial spokesperson Big Haurobi added his voice that many unsung heroes are not recognized due to the Zanu PF barbaric attitude.

‘We have too many unsung heroes of this struggle and we hope one day people like MZ will be remembered by peace loving Zimbabweans. He was among youth cadres who gave up their life in the face of abduction, threats,. brutality in the province that has been the hot-spots of opposition politics,’ added Haurobi.

He added that besides challenges faced many of Malvern’s relatives remain targets of Zanu PF regime.

‘We know for a fact that the regime is targeting MZ relatives and we wish they could stay safe wherever they are because MZ played a pivotal role although we are fighting a regime with diabolic intentions,’ said Haurobi.

He added, ‘We must remember Tapiwa Mubwanda who was killed in cold blood murder in Hurungwe. These are many and women who paid price for this,’

Jawet Kazangarare and former soldier Peter Madamombe terrorized MDC supporters in Hurungwe.

As the nation remembered fallen heroes, Malvern Muzivoreva MZ is among unsung heroes’ of our time, concluded Kuchekwa.



July 2, 2017

Commemorations for State sponsored violence victims held in Bulawayo  

By Our Correspondent

BULAWAYO– The Movement for Democratic Change led by former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai held commemorations for state sponsored violence victims at Sizinda Hall in Bulawayo at the weekend.

The meeting brought sad memories of state brutality since Gukurahundi era and renewed Zanu PF terror campaign tool after 2000 chaotic land reform.

Senior MDC-T members including Vice President Thokozile Khupe, national chairperson Lovemore Moyo, national deputy chair Morgan Komichi, secretary-general advocate Douglas Mwonzora , were among those who attended.

The event was touching as some could hardly hold back tears as they remembered horrors they went through Zanu PF terror machinery.

Victims recalled sad memories under Zanu PF in post independence era where at least 20 000 civilians were killed by the Government in 1983 Gukurahundi era where ‘liberator turned assailant’

Khupe observed a minute of silence for all victims but later called on Veterans Activists Association, VAA, to remain guided by the thrust to an independent nation that values human life and political freedom.

‘We have gone dark past and perpetrators must be ashamed of. We gather here to remember those who are victims of State sponsored victims. We must remain focused, fostered by unity to be a truly independent nation. No one must be maimed or killed because of different political ideologies neither should we leave in fear of a Government of the people. As MDC-T we must remain united and not break the spirit of living and departed victims’ said Khupe.

She called on Zimbabweans to be part of a better future.

They came from such areas like Hwedza where a victim was shot by a known state intelligence officer while others came from Matabeleland South, North, Harare, Manicaland, Mashonaland West, Central and other provinces.

Chairperson Moyo assured victims that MDC-T will never forget them.

‘As a party we recognise all victims including the Gukurahundi victims. This sad day however mark a definitive day where the party and VAA fought for the betterment and recognition of all political victims in post independent Zimbabwe. Let us preach unity , unity and more unity and shun violence. We must work together and admit lost souls into our party ahead of forthcoming elections’ said Moyo.

Senator Komichi thanked God for such an initiative and observed a moment of silence for late Joshua Nkomo who passed on 1 July in 1999.

Komichi called on party members to register to vote, fight corruption, anarchy and vices than inter-party fights each other.

Many speakers including Mwonzora and Bhebhe called on party supporters to remain united in fighting against Zanu PF as a common enemy fighting people freedoms.

Among well known victims is Themba Ndebele of Nkayi whose whereabouts still remain sketchy since 2002.

Bhebhe pledged assistance for other projects including the rehabilitation of alderman Zet Sibanda’s grave and unveiling of his tombstone.

Alderman Sibanda late political icon in Nkayi who never lost to Zanu PF until his unfortunate death in an accident.

The VAA chairperson Victor Zunza applauded the mainstream for joining hands with the victims.

‘We have suffered enough in silence but our voices are crying out that we want everyone to be part of us. Our departed friends’ pursuit of true freedom will never be in vain,’ said Zunza.

MDC-T VAA national deputy spokesperson Blessing Mandava said it is refreshing concerned Zimbabweans must shun any form of violence.

‘Violence is retrogressive and the nation must move forward. We are geared to remain united in the spirit of togetherness and fight our oppressors through democratic means,’’ said Mandava.

August 27, 2013

MDC- T street politicians waste of time

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Movement for Democratic Change supporters and some Zimbabweans are smarting themselves from the so called defeat by Zanu PF in the last elections.

It has been described as ‘’death of democracy’’ by some sections of international media.

Time will tell if it is true as Zanu PF is on the spotlight from both within local citizens and the international community. We wait for them to deliver after landslide victory.

Allegations and counter allegations of vote intimidation and abuse of voters roll was the catch word during the MDC-T court case that they later withdrew.

MDC-T as a political party may have themselves to blame.

Our major surprise is why MDC-T is taking people for granted with street politicians.

Wilson Makanyaire the provincial organizing secretary for Mashonaland West enjoyed independent press coverage with impunity created divisions and unnecessary factionalism.

He is behind the so called Zvipani declaration faction linked to top officials aiming to succeed outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai during next congress.

It is far fetched dream if facing a monster like Zanu PF with over 50 years in existence.

The old guard called Zvinguruve was labeled worst devils to take Zanu PF head on besides snatching some rural constituencies in 2008 polls.

Makanyaire garnered 3200 votes during the party primaries, sitting Member of Parliament for Hurungwe West Severino Tall Chambati got 125 votes.

Three weeks after elections, Makanyaire can not account why he got 2000 votes besides the popularity he enjoyed from some newspapers.

Zanu PF’s Temba Mliswa got over 5000 votes while Chambati got 400 votes.

None of the newspapers are keen to ask him: what went wrong Mr. Wilson Makanyaire in Hurungwe West?

The answer is simple- MDC-T is party full of street politicians.

While Zanu PF made its mistakes by failing to separate Government and party politics since independence and other failures, MDC-T worse characters played a pivotal role in killing their own party from within.

MDC-T must learn to be a political party serious about the electorate and not take voters for granted.

They shortchanged some with dubious characters who deceived some reporters but the truth is some are not politicians at all

Zanu PF is a party that employs political ploys to remain in power but MDC-T must look itself in the mirror and reflect on why they lost.

They must do away with street politicians for a future party that will keep the light of democracy shining.

It is not the death of democracy yet.


August 1, 2013

Retribution fear hunt Karoi residents

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Karoi- It was around three in the morning on Thursday when dusty streets of Chikangwe high density suburb were swarmed by Zanu PF youths singing ‘’Mupanduki chera mwena nguva yako yakwana’’ meaning the sell outs must flee.

It was a few hours from the harmonized election that had a peaceful campaign but tables may turn against some activists.

They sang as they made wild celebrations to their political win against their rivals in Karoi town situated about 204 kilometers northwest of Harare.

As the news started filtering that the party had regained some seats it lost in 2008, Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai supporters fear for possible retribution.

‘’I was given a notice from where I stay that if MDC looses I must look for alteranatve accommodation as an MDC supporter’’ said Ruth Chamba.

She admits that she was among the party agents in one of Karoi’s wards.

She is among several MDC supporters who are in the state of fear.

‘’The results are shocking to say at least especially where MDC had dominance. If Zanu PF youths start violence, who will defend us?, asks Martin Dhanaka also of Karoi.

Zimbabwe previous elections were marred by violence that saw a disputed poll in 2008 that forced a coalition government between President Robert Mugabe and MDC leader Tsvangirai.


June 28, 2013

Hurungwe MDC-T MP rebel

By Nhau Mangirazi Chinhoyi- Tall Severino Chambati rebelled from Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai here on Friday when he successfully submitted his nomination papers as an independent House of Assembly member. Chambati’s chief election agent Allan Tivapasi submitted the papers around mid morning but was quick to say they are not rebelling against Tsvangirai. “We will campaign for councillors, Chambati as an independent and President Tsvangirai, said Tivapasi. He claimed Wilson Makanyaire’s winning results were manipulated as he “never got 3200 votes at all”. Tivapasi claimed Makanyaire had abused his party position to impose two unelected council candidates, “We are against the primary elections that were manipulated by provincial organising secretary Makanyaire who tampered with the electoral college in Wards 25 and bussed people from Magunje constituency. The national election directorate did not assist us”. Tivapasi alleged that there were no elections in ward 25 which is Chambati strong hold. The Weekly Mirror saw the receipt that Chambati paid $10 to Zimbabwe Election Commission. He confirmed that he will stand as an independent where he will face Makanyaire and Zanu PF’s Temba Mliswa. Makanyaire could not be reached for comment at the time of writing. Some sources revealed that Kariba MP was also planning to stand as an independent where he was defeated by one Mandishona in a seven men race during primaries. He will face former MP Isaac Mackenzie. In Magunje constituency MDC-T candidate Ralph Magunje will face disgruntled former party member Tonderai Kusemamuriwo while Zanu PF will be represented by Godfrey Gandawa who trounced MP Franko Ndambakuwa by over 2000 votes.

May 28, 2012

Democracy at long last for us

The thematic committee on peace and security held public meetings in Mashonaland West and Central provinces last week to gather people’s views on impact of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Zesa, load-shedding and billing on wheat farmers.

Those who attended these meetings had the opportunity to understand how parliament works even in small towns like Karoi and Mvurwi. Of late every public contribution has been turned political but at least parliament public hearings must be seen cultivating confidence in us regardless of our political persuasions.

The public hearing came at the right time as plans can be made to rectify the challenges faced for future plans. This year like the past decade in terms of planning where inputs were released late in farming season is another chapter of failure in wheat production.

Although Agriculture minister Joseph Made can blame his counterparts, his lack of planning is well documented when he was appointed minister. Public officials must be accountable to the public.

Of late Finance Minister Tendai Biti has received backlashes from members of the public for his ‘’stingy attitude on releasing funds’’ for certain projects but few asked why diamonds remittance is overseen by mines minister Obert Mpofu not treasury? Such anomalies erode public confidence of our Government and must be acted upon as policy issue.

Once a while, public hearings will dispel misconceptions about how some ministries are operating and the public has the right to know.

Zesa, like Zinwa, TelOne, NetOne must come out clean on what rate did they use to carry forward arrears during worth less Zimbabwe dollar era when Reserve bank Governor Gideon Gono is still yet o give banks the monies locked in the banks.

All people are asking for is, can the proceeds from diamonds sales clear all the debts on our behalf as it is of national interest so that we start afresh? People are not asking for more, Cde Mpofu.

We hope that this part of democracy is slowly working for us even it means that one day another committee will be in Gandavaroyi, Matoronjera, Filabusi, Chalala or Chendambuya.

During elections, politicians travel far and wide campaigning to be voted into offices but they must stand for us in parliament and our voices can only be heard during such public debates. It is good move for us and we hope resources permitting it will be continuous.

At long last we can say it is democracy in our midst-working for the people, by the people and we will shoulder the achievements and shortcomings together.
Public hearing will give us an insight of parliament works and this all we call democracy for the people, by the people. At long last it is in our midst and we all cherish it

May 27, 2012

MDC-T officials at MP’s throat

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By Staff Reporter
HURUNGWE- Divisions are looming within Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai amid allegations that some faction members are pushing for election in Hurungwe West in a move aimed at dislodging Member of Parliament Salvinos Tall Chambati.
Party sources claimed the latest move had party organizing secretary Wilson Makanyaire and Tawanda Bvumo who had to abandon an election at Zvipani business centre after supporters demonstrated against the move claiming top leadership wanted to impose candidates.
The Weekly Mirror exclusively revealed in April that Mashonaland West province has three factions with one being led by Wilson Makanyaire, the other by party chairman Japhet Karemba with South African based Greenwich Ndanga and Chalton Hwende leading the third force.
However both Makanyaire and Hwende have denied the allegation saying there are no factions in the province and are solidly behind Karemba’s leadership.
According to latest revelations by party insiders, Makanyaire and Bvumo went to Zvipani in Hurungwe two weeks ago for ‘’re run’’ for the chairman and secretary positions in a move calculated at removing Chambati who was elected as chairman within the district.
Although the move was rejected by the rural folk who demonstrated against it saying the top leadership was trying to impose candidates, the pair are believed to be back at the ‘’drawing board’’ for another election date.
‘’We were surprised that Makanyaire came here to conduct election for chairman and secretary positions yet they endorsed the results that Chambati was elected without any problems. Should we spend the whole year running around for elections and re-runs for two positions as if we can not plan ahead for any other strategies on how to retain the constituency ahead of possible elections?’’ said a villager at Zvipani business centre but refused to be named due to the warring camps in the party.
Another youth member revealed that the two are pushing for the rerun so that Makanyaire will be accommodated at lower position as it will be easier to campaign as a party candidate.
Party sources revealed that Makanyaire is among those eyeing Chambati’s position in Hurungwe West.
‘’We know that every move is aimed at removing Chambati but our main worry is do these people have anything to offer besides dislodging him and give away the constituency to Zanu PF?, queried a youth member.
Chambati admitted that there were tensions at Zvipani over the elections that were postponed after party members rejected the move.
‘’Some party members are not happy but I will wait for the province to decide on this election whether it is valid or not’’ said Chambati.
Makanyaire confirmed that he attended the elections that were to be presided by Bvumo but postponed after some members were busied in from other areas.
He said, ‘’I attended the occasion as I am responsible for organize party structures but they could not go ahead as some members were not within the party structures and we called off the elections. There was tension and we could go ahead ’’
Makanyaire denied that he leading another faction saying, ‘’we are a truly harmonized provincial executive but there is division of labour and some take it as factionalism, Karemba is our leader. These are all lies’’
Bvumo’s mobile went on unanswered when wanted to have his comment at the time of writing.
MDC-T managed to wrestle Zanu PF of one rural constituency in Hurungwe during the 2008 March elections

November 11, 2011

Makoni calls for transparency on diamond sales… As division loom in MDC-T in Karoi

KAROI- Movement for Democratic Change new provincial leadership are brooms that are still yet to sweep clean when their rally in Karoi attracted a handful of supporters, besides misleading people that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was due to grace the occasion.

This comes amid allegations of divisions within the party’s two warring camps of Zvipani now leading the province and Zvinguruve faction claim they are being sidelined in the party politics within Karoi district although some members are down-playing the strained relations.
’There are divisions with the new leaders claiming they sweep clean but this rally was poorly attended and if this what the future hold for MDC-T here, then we will not win any seats’’ said a party member who had come from Hurungwe rural area who declined to be named for fear of victimisation.

However, Home affairs co-minister and MDC-T women assembly chairperson Theresa Makone says there must be transparency in the sales of diamonds so that the country can benefit than for few individuals with Zanu PF links to enrich themselves at expense of the majority who are languishing in poverty.

Addressing a handful of MDC-T supporters in Chikangwe stadium last weekend
Makone said the sales of diamonds must benefit the country as a whole.

‘’If diamonds are sold transparently everyone will benefit and it must be the finance ministry that will distribute to all ministries according to their needs not the situation where few individuals are busy looting and lining up their pockets when majority are battling to make ends meet. The claims of empowerment is just an excuse to enrich few individuals in Zanu PF’’ said Makone.

Her passionate appeal for transparency on diamond sales come amid reports that the Kimberly Process Certificate body has allowed Zimbabwe to sell her alluvial diamonds freely without restrictions.
She added if MDC-T forms the next government resettled farmers will not be removed from their farms as it is a Government policy to resettle people.
‘’When farming inputs are distributed, there is no political party affiliation as we want to boost food production. Zanu PF must not monopolise farming inputs scheme as it has to benefit all Zimbabweans. We want food not to beg when we have land’’ added Makoni.
Makoni denied that her party long accused of drafting the Zimbabwe Economic Recovery Bill that blacklisted some top Zanu PF officials to be slapped with travel restrictions and sanctions by mostly Western countries among them Britain, United States of America, Makoni challenged former information minister Jonathan Moyo and former Masvingo governor Josiah Hungwe for drawing up the list.

‘’Zanu PF must ask their own members among them Professor Moyo and Hungwe for submitting names of top officials who were slapped with sanctions and where does MDC come in over that. Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai has no power to remove sanction but as a country we must make democratic reforms but Zanu PF must come clean that they messed up on good governance‘’ added Makoni.

She later said the so called war veterans must remember they fought white minority rule but not for black minority rule where Zanu PF members believe they can hold the nation to ransom.

‘’Personally I was kicked out of University of Rhodesia in 1973 as we fought white minority rule but we have since replaced it with black minority rulers who think they can rule forever. On elections we do not want the blind to be assisted by the police or army but rather we must have minor as this will reduce chances of elections rigging. We want free and fair elections.’’ she said.

September 13, 2011

We want tolerance ahead of elections

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Zimbabwe will hold elections next year according to President Robert Mugabe and we believe by then the new constitution will be ready to be implemented. It will set a new era for the country and let us not mess around on this achievement.
This week we have two stories from Zanu PF and Movement for Democratic Change.
Zanu PF’’s Mashonaland West suspended chairman John Mafa’s case will be discussed and given the chance to answer allegations of putting his party into disrepute if it is true.
National chairman Simon Khaya-Moyo wrote to the acting executive to put on ice any developments to elect new leadership until the case is resolved.
Mafa who was suspended together with Frank Ndambakuwa as his deputy and Themba Mliswa as secretary of lands will be happy for their case to be heard and have their side of the story.
Divisions have been part of political parties and Zimbabwe is no exception.
Mafa, Ndambakuwa and Mliswa were suspended by a kangaroo court but Khaya-Moyo’s move aims at regaining respect for Zanu PF.
It is well accepted that any party must not create monsters who impose their BLUE EYED candidates even if they are not wanted by the electorate.
Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai held elections for Chinhoyi district where some supporters from Zvipani faction won beating Zvinguruve faction is a sweet victory for the party.
Our question is; Will that victory celebration be a renewal of tolerance in future?
Divided Chinhoyi MDC-T members failed to attend the May congress due factionalism and unfinished business of elections, now is it over?
Last Maengahama who presided over the elections called for unity of purpose after elections and said there were peaceful and is a sign of maturity.
Both Maengahama and Khaya-Moyo must continue to preach the gospel of tolerance within their parties.
Democracy need different views and there must be no violence at all costs.
Khaya-Moyo and Maengahama are bridging the gap in the province that had been marred by internal divisions and hope it will go down to the grassroots leadership.
Zimbabwe is divided at political level and it must come to an end.
President Mugabe is preaching the gospel of peace while Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s posters for any public meetings are preaching peace and tolerance.
Let those accepting defeat within their parties also accept defeat at local, provincial and national elections. No to violence and we will condemn it no matter which political party advocates for it.
Police and other state security agencies must bring to book hooligans who are against diversity.
Let us all be tolerant for a better Zimbabwe without any bloodshed before, during and after any elections. Party leadership must continue to PREACH PEACE AND STOP VIOLENCE.
Media must also not fuel divisions but must act to build the community in social conflict through cohesion.

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