April 2, 2015

Icon Theater in Malawi for Easter festival

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From Nhau Mangirazi in MALAWI

BLANTYRE– Karoi based traditional dance group Icon Theatre production are in Blantyre, Malawi where they will perform during Easter festival here on Saturday.

Solomonic Arts Festival kick starts on Friday in Lilongwe before it is switched to Blantyre on Saturday till Monday.

The traditional dance group will represent the nation during the festival that takes place in two major cities from April 3-6.

Dance groups, comedians, poets, drama artist from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi will battle to showcase their talents during the arts fiesta.

Icon Theater will battle it out with Village Cultural Troupe as well as Kwathu drama group on Saturday.

Malawi’s Izeki ndiJakohbo will face Zambia’s Bikiloni ndiFikoti while Mr. Jokes and Zimbabwean Clive Chigubu perform in Lilongwe on Friday and Monday in Blantyre.

Solominic Peacock director MacArthur Matukuta said the festival was being done in two cities due public demand.

‘’We could have done all this in Blantyre but due to public demand we are also hosting it in Lilongwe and we hope the performing artists will deliver. We are happy that Zimbabwean group are already here’, Matukuta said.

He added at least 90 local and international groups and individuals will showcase their talents during the festival.

Icon Theatre leader Leo Funny Magada said he was happy that they will showcase different dances from Zimbabwe to an international audience.

‘’I am grateful that we are performing and hope this will mark our entrance on the international arena’’, said Magada.

He is leading a fourteen member group including 10 men and four women.

‘’We are happy that at least we are here to perform and represent the country besides financial challenges’’ said Magada during their rehearsal on Thursday.

Icon Theatre Production performed during last year’s Hurungwe Arts Festival though no funder came on board besides pledges made by some businessmen and organisations locally and nationally.


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