May 12, 2017

Zim out as Georgia wins the secretary General for the UNWTO

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Is this a good or a sad day for World Tourism? The large camp from Georgia obviously is having a great day. Is this a great day for Georgia and also for the world?

Zurab Pololikashvili, the candidate from Georgia was elected this afternoon as the next secretary-general for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Madrid today with 18 votes.

One can only congratulate the prime minister of Georgia on his support for his Madrid ambassador.

This election result may not have been about to let the best candidate to win, but about international politics and how they work in a real world.

Time will show – the task for tourism is a tremendously important task.
Would defeated candidates try a plan B between now and the general assembly in China? It may be a wise decision.

It came as a no surprise for the second placed Zimbabwe tourism minister Walter Mzembi who had support from Africa as well as other international nations.

Mzembi lost by a three margin when he garnered 15 votes but domestic politics that has put Zimbabwe on international radar with human rights abuses, lack of rule of law, media repression among other challenges weighed against him.

Zimbabwe is battling to spruce up its battered image since the controversial 2000 land reform.

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August 27, 2016

Australian Embassy statement on recent occurences of violence in Zimbabwe

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26 August 2016
The Australian Embassy shares the concerns of many Zimbabweans at the violence which has occurred over recent weeks in Zimbabwe. The use of violence is not acceptable under any circumstance.

The Australian Embassy wishes to emphasise that the rule of law, respect for human rights, right to free speech, freedom of assembly and other democratic freedoms are at the heart of the Zimbabwean Constitution and must be respected by all parties. We encourage the Government of Zimbabwe to ensure the democratic freedoms of all Zimbabweans are fully protected.

For more information, please contact Ambassador Suzanne McCourt or the Australian Embassy (details below).

The Australian Embassy I T: +263-4-853 235 55 I M: +263-772-234 074 I E:

October 26, 2011

Unpaid ambassadors to revive our tourism sector- Comment

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Zimbabweans are well known for their hospitality, hardworking, resilience, patriotism that has seen those standing heads and shoulders above every other citizen. We are proud nation as we have our roots of humanity and are glad that we will maintain for future generations.

Everywhere you go, Zimbabweans have made our nation proud through their honesty, although we have few misguided elements that may put the good name into disrepute over their actions.

Lest we forget the barbaric action during the controversial land reform in 2000 where hundreds were killed as we failed to reach to a compromise that saw our nation getting the bad tag of violence and intolerance.
By coincidence politics which is always dirty was at the centre of our undoing.
The violence that gripped the nation then must not be repeated as we suffered when one of our foreign currency earners tourism was thrown into the deep end and as a country we are paying for the price.

This week we are glad that there is an event that will redeem our lost glory and we have the International Tiger Tournament where tourists are flocking for a sporting event that will sell Zimbabwe as a safe destination and it is in Kariba where Movement for Democratic Change supporter Luckson Kanyurira was brutally abducted in Charara before killed in April 2001. His body was left in the open at Nyamhunga bus terminus for hours as some Zanu PF youths became barbaric, hostile and uncaring to human body.

Now is the event kicked off in 1961 by farmers that will redeem us as a non-violent nation especially in resort areas like Kariba. It is best opportune time for us as a nation to celebrate this event.

There is no need to send ministers and tourists ambassadors to sell Zimbabwe but the tourists will see for themselves and make informed decisions to revisit us again and boost our sector.

We hosted so many events including hiring international artists at the expense of our poor financial reserves that could have seen thousands of dollars channelled to other needy sectors such as health, education or food security that could have benefited thousands of people. No results yet on millions wasted. Poor planning must be stopped.

What the country should have done is market the country through other organisations as direct participation of our ministers would be regarded political and mess it again.

Support those companies at local level so that foreigners will definitely sell our Brand as Zimbabwe that has natural wonders that will attract them again and again.

We wish we all remain tolerant to each other during these times of nation building as sectors such as tourism farming are regaining ground and we will make it soon after a wasted decade of political bickering.

We hope tourists who came here will never be paraded for their support of our country as part of the global village, that way we reaffirm our natural gifts of hospitality, hardworking, resilience friendliness and patriotism.

We had our great ambassadors who came from as far as Norway, United Kingdom, and New Zealand among others and hope it will be soon that we are back on the track. No to yet another wasted decade please

October 4, 2011

We wait all for Kadoma show results- Comment

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Kadoma Agricultural Society’s show last week had hundreds of people visiting though it was not just a district level in our province but became a national as companies from other provinces graced the occasion.
TN Holdings boss Tawanda Nyambirai officiated making it international as he is a renowned banker and businessman of repute who represented the company and country on different forums.
TN Holdings has businesses in Zambia and Nyambirai is a role model to tap new approach in investment policies for any small to medium entrepreneurs and how to make it nationally, regionally and internationally.
Many of us are the biblical ‘’Doubting Thomas’s’’ and we believe in seeing.
Nyambirai’s invitation proved that even those who have made it internationally still want many more to follow their foot steps of achievements.
Patriotic Zimbabweans want to see our country prosper.
Zimbabwe has the potential to regain its lost pride as the bread basket of Southern Africa or even globally through producing food that is in great demand.
Nyambirai’s advice is simple- Create conducive environment for business to thrive and we must keep the momentum.
We have both human and natural resources to make it and we are step ahead as we have endured hard times that never kill.
Such is the resilience that we need from those who say the truth that we set us free to make it as a nation.
At highest level Nyambirai was urging the Government, but at lower level, the local authority has the potential to be a stumbling block for investment.
When he spoke every one listened attentively and policy makers present nodded in approval.
These are the same people who formulate some policies that affect the general public and force business to crumble and we will remain doomed.
Some are forced to work at home as there is no enough space for offices in central business centres around towns in the country.
Council administrators are main culprits as they fail to attract investors due to poor polices and plans.
We are against that and we want prosperity that’s why we are taking a positive approach.
Words of wisdom are said by those who want prosperity and Nyambirai is among these.
As Kadoma Show Society committee make their post-mortem report, they must know that we all need results.
These results may take ages but we all believe the initiative was to motivate investors to see what Kadoma is made of and it is good that the opportunities are there.
Kadoma is a city of gold but are policies conducive to make it when investors take the risks to open new companies here? We all hope so.
As we wait for results, we also applaud the commitment shown by the Kadoma show society team.
On our part we say, few misguided media marshals in Kadoma must learn that we are also behind the positive image of City of Gold to enjoy it all as a family.
Let us all play our roles for a positive change and attract investors.
We want Kadoma to regain its golden status as Zimbabwe strives to reclaim its bread basket position. Time is on our side so let us can all make it with confidence

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