October 28, 2014

Thirty villagers jailed for illegal mining

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By Nhau Mangirazi KAROI- Thirty villagers were sentenced to a 2year jail term after they pleaded guilty for illegal mining of precious stones. The villagers aged between 25 and 79 years were arrested on 21 October 2014 at Dzanya farm for illegally mining precious stones that were not named in court papers. The accused are Kudzayi Mhuriro aged 39, Gibson Lanyenye (52), Mwanali Layabi(72), Abegnego Mbarara (25), Moses Mulandili (49), Abigirl Ganya (45), Pedzi Ganya (26), Peter Momba(49), Newton Nyanzara (45), Special Usimali (26), Saidi Pekwelo (77), Charles Chimbiro(57), Mackenzi Chirindapanze (47), Tinashe Nikisi (25), Bolton Mutande (32), Matesi Ngirande(35), Alfred Manjengwa(53) ,Zvidzai Diningo(40), Lovemore Mutandwa(53), Costa Muzerenye(56), Martin Muzerenye(50), Gladys Mutepa(53), Esteli Dzokamushure (60), Janet Mafurauswa (64), Wanne Machere(27), Registrar Makoni (53), Anyone Chiponaye (29), Lovemore Mutandwa(72), Caston Muzengere(46) and Antony Gora aged 79 years old. Martin Mavhunga aged 77 years denied the charges and was remanded in custody up to 4 November. Those convicted appepared before Karoi magistrate Obidience Matare facing charges under Section 368 of Mines and Minerals Act Chapter 21. 05 that stipulates that anyone must be licensed to prospect or mine minerals including special stones. The villagers are from Dzokamushure, Katyoka, Kamhemhe, Makoshori, Padzafungirwa, Machimu and Kachichi villages as well as Momba and Vhuka farms all under Chief Kazangarare. The State outline is that police got information that there were hordes of people who had invaded Dzanya farm, illegally prospecting and mining precious stones without permits. Magistrate Matare sentenced them to a 2 year jail term without an option of fine. In mitigation accused said they did not know if it was crime to get “small stones” Mhuriro said, “Everyone was just searchinh for small stones and I never thought it was a crime and against the law Your Worship”. State prosecutor Webster Dimingu asked the court to be lenient as they did not waste the court’s time and were all first time offenders.


October 20, 2014

Confusion over parental consent on HIV testing in Karoi

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Trust Urengwa speaking to patients at Chikangwe clinic

Spreading the word of hope…..Male mobilizer Trust Urengwa at Chikangwe clinic in Karoi

By Nhau Mangirazi


There was confusion among parents in Karoi town who had agreed to have their children tested the HIV virus but snubbed the counseling and testing here last week.

Some parents expressed concern on why the Ministry of Health and Child Care slotted a day for counseling and testing at schools for the ten day program launched here on Monday.
Few pupils at Tambawadya, Chikangwe and Tafara primary schools were tested in the company of their parents who turned up while the majority of parents developed cold feet at the eleventh hour.

‘’Initially they asked for our consent and I signed but on the day in question the teachers asked children that we must accompany our children to get the results but I was not prepared for this. Although they say its voluntary but once they give a watertight program that it must be done within a day at certain place where breach of confidentiality is compromised it is no longer voluntary’’ said Jonas Matarara of Chiedza.

A teacher at one of the schools revealed that at least four pupils were tested in a class of 46 pupils.
‘’It is unfortunate that there was confusion and few parents were prepared, hence few children were tested as many felt that after consenting will never be asked to be available’’ said the teacher who cannot be named for professional reasons.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted here revealed that some private colleges sprouting around Karoi town were not targeted during the program.
‘’We do not know anything about the program although some of our students are sexually active risking their lives to get HIV virus’’ said a teacher at one of the colleges who refused to e named.

A parent Veronica Muchaya aged 38 years and a mother of three children from Chikangwe high density suburb said she had no time to spare due the economic challenges.
‘’I do not have the time to go school to have me and my children tested as I have to put food on the table for them first before I know of their HIV status’’, Said Muchaya.
She is vegetable vendor at Chikangwe market.

Acting Hurungwe District Medical Officer Doctor Admire Chikuturo confirmed the challenges of orphans and vulnerable groups on the consent to have them tested.

‘’Our target group includes adulthood and those below 16 years who need consent from parents or guardians to be tested but it will be difficult for orphans and vulnerable group some who still need that services. Results will remain confidential but will assist Government in future plans.’’, Said Doctor Chikuturo.
ZNPL+ sidelined

Zimbabwe National of People Living with HIV, (ZNPL+) district focal person Charity Nyamutowa professed ignorance of on-going program.
‘’We were never informed of the program. We are being sidelined but our involvement could have assisted to mobilize our members to be tested. The outcome will not be true reflection of the reality on the ground on HIV status and needs of our district. We are facing acute shortage of cotrimoxazole here and our members are worse affected but we are not involved. Should we bulldoze ourselves if we are not welcome? ’’, said Nyamutowa whose organization has over 60 support groups.

The Ministry of Health launched HIV testing and counseling (HTC) campaign aiming at gathering adequate data to boost resources mobilization for testing, care and other services.

Hurungwe district has 36 wards with estimated population of 370 000 according to 2012 Zimbabwe Statistics covering Karoi town, Hurungwe rural council, resettlement and communal farms and Chirundu boarder post relying mostly on farming as source of income.

It is characterized by existence of high risk groups including sex workers, gold panners, truck drivers and soldiers.

October 13, 2014

Business in distress as Zesa loose cable ignites fire…destroys properties, groceries

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By Nhau Mangirazi
HURUNGWE- What started as a normal early lazy Sunday for Chibumhe business community in Hurungwe became has cast a dark cloud of distress ahead of the festive season. It has left an eighteen year old girl without a finger following a fire ignited by an electrical loose cable when everyone was asleep.
No one ever thought the loose cable for nearly six months could turn their lifestyles for the worse here as the area remains switched off and their business is slowly turning into distress and nightmare.
Situated about 60 kilometers west of Karoi town, the business centre was ‘’set alight’’ during early hours of Sunday 7 September after the loose cable on the transformer ignited fire. It has left trail of destruction.

Eighteen year old Loveness Marezva is the victim nursing a hand that had a small finger cut off in Harare hospital following electrical burning wounds.
She is one of two people injured after the loose cable electrified shops and bottle stores resulting in fridges, television sets, electrified and catching fire.
The business community here was caught unawares during the ordeal that lasted for nearly two hours and groceries were burnt during fire outrage.

Injured................Loveness Marezva

Injured Loveness Marezva…

Loveness hardly recalls how she was injured as she had passed out.
Our interview was punctuated with deep sighs of relief and battling to fight back tears.

Fire everywhere

‘’All I remember is that we were asleep around 1 in the morning on Sunday 7 September. I heard people shouting that there was fire outside. I could easily see that even in our room, there were sparks of fire. Every metal was electrified and fire was everywhere. I battled to come out of the room that resulted in me touching a live plug and got electrical shock on the left hand. I passed out and I only came back to life as people tried to rush me to Magunje hospital’’ She recalled.
She was assisted to go to Magunje about 25 kilometers away, the worse awaited her family when she was further referred to Karoi hospital, another 35 kilometers away but there was no ambulance to ferry her to Harare, another 204 kilometers away.
Karoi district hospital was ‘’ill equipped’’ to attend to her.
Susan Seremwe, her aunt laments financial woes befalling them saying, ‘’we are facing financial challenges as we had to hire a car to Harare. There is no money to meet Loveness medical expenses. Currently, she must be dressed daily and no one was even prepared to foot the bills. We are affected as a family’’

Student affected

A fifteen year old Samson Chena, a student at St Boniface mission school was also injured when he bolted out of the room he was sleeping in at the business centre.
Chena’s mother Margerate Mugariwa said her son could not attend lessons for three days due to ‘’back aches, hand and leg injuries’’. He was also ferried to Karoi hospital and discharged from hospital after three days.
‘’We had no money to go to Karoi hospital after the incident as it caught us unawares. Why did Zesa workers took time to repair the cable puzzles us all here?’’, Mugariwa said.
A business-woman Petronella Chibaya said she lost goods worth over $4000.00 including a television set, DVD player, inventor, fridge among groceries in her shop.
‘’My business documents were destroyed by the fire. We have nothing financially to kick-start the business venture we started several years ago. We have been out of business for over a month now, and we do not know if we will get compensation over the electrical faulty from Zesa’’, narrated Chibaya.

Bitter businessmen

Hurungwe businessmen are bitter over suspected ‘’negligence by Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority officials to fasten a loose cable on a transformer that ignited fire destroying groceries shops and bottle stores.
Rainos Chademana, Chibumhe committee chairman looked furious. He claimed they alerted power utility officials of ‘’loose cable anomaly’’ seven months ago.
‘’We are concerned by the negligence by Zesa officials because we made official report in February of the loose cable on the transformer. We made several follow ups but no action was taken until the fateful incident when it ignited fire affecting nearly all shops here. They only reacted after the incident and switched us all off. They are still yet to restore electricity at the center for us. Business is down and it is greatly affecting us here. ’’, said Chademana who looked to be in distress.
However, he could not give estimates of goods destroyed saying Zesa officials and police are still assessing the situation.
‘’We are still yet to remove the debris as Zesa are still yet to come back to us. We are still working out the amount of goods destroyed. Some of our members are out of business and we do not know how they will be assisted ’’ said Chademana.
Zesa spokesperson Fullard Gwasira confirmed the incident.
He said,’’ We are currently conducting investigations of the Hurungwe incident and details will come out after the probe’’
Mashonaland West provincial spokesperson Inspector Ian Kohwera said he was not aware of the incident although Magunje officers attended the scene.

Cashier Forget Chiwanza at Kapamara beerhall

However, Magunje Officer in charge Inspector Mugwidi said, ‘’we attended the scene but officially get in touch with provincial spokesperson over the issue’’

The loose cable has literally thrown the business into the dark financially.

Petronella Chibaya lost all documentation of her shop
‘’We were restocking for the festive season but the incident is a drawback for us’’ lamented Chibaya.
Last year in September, a former Zesa employee Western Chiyangwa, died after sustaining injuries during maintenance work when he was stuck by live wire after electricity was restored by one of his workmates.
He was part of a team working on rehabilitating electricity poles in Tengwe farming areas but no results have been made available to his family yet.

October 6, 2014

Residents appeal for dialogue with Hurungwe Central MP

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By Nhau Mangirazi

KAROI– Some Karoi residents are appealing for dialogue with Hurungwe Central Member of Parliament Godfrey Beremauro so that they are abreast with developmental projects he is embarking.

Speaking during a meeting with Mashonaland West facilitator from Election Resource Centre, Takesure Musiiwa, some residents expressed concern over the unavailability of constituency MP Godfrey Beremauro whom they accused of ‘’vanishing with their vote, never to give feed back’’

Participants included youths, church members, and vendors among others.

‘’Currently vendors are targets of council by-laws and we are being affected by some policies implemented but we think MP Beremauro should intervene and assist us’’ said a vegetable vendor Agnes Muchara.

Another youth expressed concern that they are failing to access the parliament debate books as his constituency offices are unknown to the majority.

‘’We are not getting the parliament debate books because we do not know where the offices are. He was visible during campaign period but he has never reported back to the voters. MPs must be accessible to everyone as they are public officials who must serve the public especially on developmental matters. We want to read if he is contributing anything in parliament through those books. We must be informed on what is going on.’’, Said the youth who identified himself as Donald.

Musiiwa said they will facilitate dialogue on issues of governance and service delivery.

‘’It is our mandate that we assist to have service providers give feedback to the you all as when you request it as it is your right. We will therefore create platforms to have your views aired and any politician and policy maker must be inter-mediator on issues of service delivery. Our role is to facilitate dialogue’’, said Musiiwa.

However, Beremauro was unreachable on his mobile phone when we wanted to seek his comment over allegations that he has sidelined Karoi residents under which his constituency falls.

Beremauro has been in parliament for the second term but is among those who have been outshined by Temba Mliswa representing Hurungwe West who sourced funds to build some clinics, schools and assisted in revamping poor roads in the outlaying remote constituency.

You are wrong Hon Beremauro – Hurungwe needs development   

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Chikangwe High School in Karoi hosted district awards ceremony for the second year running and it was pleasure for sterling performance to engage on developmental matters in Hurungwe.

It was good for traditional leaders, politicians, policymakers and school children to meet and hear educational officials speaking their minds about why Hurungwe has poor educational standards.

We are concerned why one of the country productive districts is in such as mess.

Hurungwe Central Member of the House of Assembly Godfrey Beremauro was among the speakers and has been elusive to discuss developmental issues after being voted into office for the second term.

That is why we are writing this comment, Hon Beremauro, for the public to know that you are failing your own party Zanu PF and the Government. Engage voters before and after elections.

There is no need for you to mislead the constituency, let alone students some of them attending lessons in the open 34 years after independence.

Honorable Beremauro, you were offside when you said Government has enough resources to build better schools in the district and the country at large.

In your own words, you said, ‘’It is the responsibility of the Government to build schools and we have enough resources to do that’’.

Is it true, Hon Beremauro or you are dreaming? If so then why is the responsibility elusive to us? Lead us not into temptation to say then your Government is not concerned about us, yet you got our votes to be in parliament.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is worried over the cash crunch affecting the economy, but why make such reckless statements, Hon Beremauro?

Hurungwe, is neglected and under developed districts in Zimbabwe. How long does it take to see development taking place for us, Hon Beremauro?

The children few parents and headmasters, teachers in attendance know the truth.

As we write, our Government is still yet to address the issue of some tobacco barns used as classrooms in resettlement farms within your constituency. You know about that but have never uttered a word about it in parliament, why is it so?

Teachers are living in squalid conditions but for the sake of employment, they will never ask you for assistance.

Provincial education director Sylvester Mashayamombe was spot on when he appealed to parents to pay school fees on time to develop schools, but you just wanted to mislead us.

Even guest of Honour Campaign for Female Education, Camfed, regional director Angeline Murimirwa, and a beneficiary of the program admits infrastructural development is a challenge.

She knows there are poor shelters at schools within Hurungwe, Hon Beremauro.

Why do you misfire and mislead us? Why take us for granted on matters that concern everyone?

It can be Government responsibility but it is failing to deliver, why should we deny those who want to assist?

Honorable MP take time to reflect developmental challenges in your constituency before you go wrong in public making a fool of your self.

All we need is development not poor public speaking Hon Beremauro.

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