June 28, 2013

Hurungwe MDC-T MP rebel

By Nhau Mangirazi Chinhoyi- Tall Severino Chambati rebelled from Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai here on Friday when he successfully submitted his nomination papers as an independent House of Assembly member. Chambati’s chief election agent Allan Tivapasi submitted the papers around mid morning but was quick to say they are not rebelling against Tsvangirai. “We will campaign for councillors, Chambati as an independent and President Tsvangirai, said Tivapasi. He claimed Wilson Makanyaire’s winning results were manipulated as he “never got 3200 votes at all”. Tivapasi claimed Makanyaire had abused his party position to impose two unelected council candidates, “We are against the primary elections that were manipulated by provincial organising secretary Makanyaire who tampered with the electoral college in Wards 25 and bussed people from Magunje constituency. The national election directorate did not assist us”. Tivapasi alleged that there were no elections in ward 25 which is Chambati strong hold. The Weekly Mirror saw the receipt that Chambati paid $10 to Zimbabwe Election Commission. He confirmed that he will stand as an independent where he will face Makanyaire and Zanu PF’s Temba Mliswa. Makanyaire could not be reached for comment at the time of writing. Some sources revealed that Kariba MP was also planning to stand as an independent where he was defeated by one Mandishona in a seven men race during primaries. He will face former MP Isaac Mackenzie. In Magunje constituency MDC-T candidate Ralph Magunje will face disgruntled former party member Tonderai Kusemamuriwo while Zanu PF will be represented by Godfrey Gandawa who trounced MP Franko Ndambakuwa by over 2000 votes.


June 20, 2013

Zanu PF in shambles

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By Staff Reporter

Karoi- As the national election looms, Zanu PF candidates will face opposition members with some of its party structures in shambles in Hurungwe district covering Karoi town.

Karoi town has ten wards with 6 of them in high density suburb of Chikangwe.

According to party insiders some aspiring council candidates in Karoi town claim that they have enough support in lower structures although few people registered on their own.

Party insiders revealed that some districts had no enough members to form cells that make up branches although they made last minute attempts to incorporate unknown members.


‘’The party structures are in shambles as they were never approved by national political commissar Webster Shamu who visited Hurungwe administrative district on several occasions but never accomplished the task. We have done everything possible to our advantage including incorporating anyone with an identification card as member of our cells’’, said one party source who is an aspiring candidate in Ward 3 in Chikangwe high density suburb.

According to party sources Kubatana district covering Wards 1, 2 and three is the worst affected as some residents had their names registered in two cells and two wards.

‘’I had my names registered in Ward One where my parents are living and also in Ward 3 cell where am a lodger’’ one resident told The Zimbabwean in any interview.

Party sources revealed that some aspiring candidates were tasked to restructure the lower cells but did not do their homework as required.

‘’There were no one willing to be in party structures and we had to move to door to door registering anyone regardless of the fact that he is an active member or not’’ said one aspiring candidate in Ward three who refused to be named.

Hurungwe administrative district was among few party districts including Kadoma that remained in shambolic status during the national verification exercise conducted by Shamu late last year.

 Although there was no official comment over the poor party structures supporters interviewed said it was unfortunate that they took long to rectify the challenges.

‘’We are battling to regain lost ground to Movement for Democratic Change who won all wards in 2008. People are not willing to join the party. It is a challenge that senior party members must rectify as a matter of urgency after the elections’’ said one youth speaking on condition that he is not named.

Zanu PF aspiring candidates submitted their C.V s last weekend and those who are approved will face each other on Monday following vetting by provincial coordinating committee and the national election directorate.

Zanu PF councillor under probe over food aid

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Hurungwe- Hurungwe rural ccouncillorBrandina Gora has been suspended
pending a probe
over her conduct by a four member team appointed by Local Government minister
Ignatius Chombo.
Gora who is Zanu PF councilor for Ward 20 faces abuse of office
allegations as a public officer.  The team has been selected under
Section 154 1 (a) of Rural District Councils Act.

The team is headed by Mutare district administrator C. Chiriga and has
other three members including M. Mazai (Bindura administrator), Mrs
Kampila (Waterfalls administrator) with Principal administrator H.
Dzavanhu who will be the team secretary.

They visited the ward as part of their investigations last week, according
to insiders.

According to a letter in our possession, Minister Chombo says must be
probed to ascertain the level of transparency and impartiality in the
distribution of grain in Ward 20, to establish whether the said councilor
used grain distribution to deliberately scuttle development initiatives in
her ward.

Thirdly, the team will verify allegations that costs attendant to
grain loan distribution were inflated and also look into any other
relevant to, or arising from the above.

The team will establish the councilor overall conduct in the execution of
her duties (both inside and outside the chamber)

After their investigation, the team will write a report to Minister and
make recommendations.

Hurungwe rural district council will meet the travelling and substance
allowances for the investigators during the course of their work.

This follows a story in March that exposed Gora as a stumbling block
to the establishment of a school in her ward. She is also accussed of
black listing at least 125 families grain meant for food aid amid
allegations that she blacklisted them
for attending a school development meeting addressed by provincial
administrator Christopher Shumba at Mlichi.

Gora denied that she had abused her authority claiming she had no mandate
as traditional leaders submitted names for those who were legible to get
food aid.

Instead she reported that the journalist to the police that had been
threatened when phoned  seeking her comment.
Council chairman Matthew Tichaona confirmed the suspension saying, “
Its true that councillor Gora is under probe but I can not say much at
the time” said the council chairman in an interview.
Gora could not be reached for comment at the time of writing as her
mobile was unreachable.

Outgoing Hurungwe Junior Senator scores first

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi-Outgoing Hurungwe senator for Junior Parliamentarian for 2012/2013, Shepherd Marime got an award as Mashonaland West Outstanding Junior Parliamentarian.

Marime is Form 6 student at Chikangwe High School had a clean sheet following his initiatives that gave youths a voice, assisted the disadvantaged during his term of office.

In an interview, Marime said, ‘’I attended Day of African Child in September last year and was touched by the lives of many orphaned children at Just Children’s home near Karoi Hospital where I spent my spare time.’’

He worked with Hurungwe Senator Reuben Marumahoko to raise awareness to the young to vote ‘’Yes’’ during referendum.

‘’I joined forces with Child Prime Minister and went to Kariba where we advocated for young people’s rights. I assisted some Karoi youths to report cases against brutal police officers over face booking allegation and the case is under probe. Locally, I worked with Young People on Sexual and reproductive health in disseminating information on sexually transmitted infections. We want youths to understand more on health issues and their rights for a better future’’ said Marime.


Senator Shepherd Marime

He articipated in various awareness campaigns by inviting Environment Management Agency, to celebrate World Water Day and during World Aids Day commemoration held in Birimahwe in Hurungwe.

‘’I initiated street clean campaign with children living with disabilities. We sourced funding for two Chikangwe High school students’’ he added.

Marime said he raised awareness to youths to be registered as voters in forthcoming elections.

‘’It was resolved that I worked hard during the last session of Junior Parliamentarians that will see me getting the award’’ he added.

Corruption rocks teacher’s recruitment in Hurungwe

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Nhau Mangirazi

Hurungwe- Senior education officers and some headmasters in Hurungwe north
circuit are accused of corruptly replacing unqualified teachers in dubious

Investigations carried by The Weekly Mirror here exposed that some unqualified teachers at Chikova primary school under Chief Kazangarare

60 kilometres north of Karoi were replaced in suspicious manner.

Sources revealed that a former Grade Seven teacher Munetsi Nyika was
replaced by another untrained teacher though it is a standing rule
that Grade One and Seven classes are sensitive to be replaced unless if it
is by a qualified teacher.

‘’One teacher (name withheld) was at the school for four years teaching Grade seven which is a sensitive class as the pupils are due for exams in October was replaced by another unqualified teacher. What criteria was used no one knows’’ said a source.


The scandal exposed   poor performers being taken on board

while those who excel were expelled dampening spirits of excellence in the

‘’If education officials want to replace unqualified teachers it

must be transparent as one who was teaching Grade 4 scored 52
% during result based management (RBM) was dismissed leaving one
teacher, who scored 2 percent because she is linked to a senior
teacher at the school’’ added another source who refused to be named
for professional reasons.

However, sources added that one female teacher; Mavis Mukwasi’s
position was declared vacant by two schools last term raising
suspicion of underhand dealings.

‘’Mukwasi was declared at Dete and Chikova primary schools exposing

double standards. It means she was at both schools in January which is

unheard of professionally. Something is amiss and Government must
probe this as a matter of urgency’’ added a source.

Mukwasi admitted in a telephone interview that her vacant post was
declared by two schools.

‘’I do not know why Dete headmaster declared my vacant post when Chikova
headmaster also declared me. I do not suspect anything wrong over this as
am at work at my new school at  Chikova’’ said Mukwasi in a telephone

‘’Recruitment of teachers is a circus as the goal posts are changed
every new term to frustrate us. This will affect pupils in the
district’’ added another source.

Hurungwe north district education inspector Mavis Ndoro who deploys
teachers could not be reached comment at time of writing.

However, provincial education officer Sylvester Mashayamombe demanded that
we sent questions to his offices for comment.

‘’Send your questions through fax so that we can answer the

allegations. We forward some questions to higher offices.”, said Mashayamombe.

Zimbabwe education sector is battling to recover following the 2008
social, political and economical crisis that gripped the country when
several thousands of trained personnel in health, education and other

sectors skipped out of the country in search of greener pastures.

Zvipani revived at MDC-T as Zvinguruve faction face demise… petitions flood Moyo’s desk

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Karoi- Divisions are looming within Movement for Democratic Change led
by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai amid allegations that two warring
were revived as the old guard failed to garner better votes during
inter-party primaries.

Mashonaland West province was not spared by bitter complaints of
disgruntled candidates who launched petitions to national chairman
Lovemore Moyo.

According to insiders, the party has been infiltrated by its rival
Zanu PF activists to weaken it as the country prepares for
watershed elections this year.

‘’We are suspicious of how some of these youngsters masterminded the
downfall of senior party members. This is a Zanu PF project as we have renamed
some winners as “Diamond Boys” who are benefitting from the project.
Zanu PF is going to regain some constituencies that the party won in
2008 in the province’’ said a disgruntled senior party member in
Chinhoyi who declined to be named.

A letter of complaint from Hurungwe district seen by The Weekly Mirror
reveals that all is not well as the Zvipani pact overpowered
Zvinguruve faction.

‘’One candidate (name supplied) joined the party after the infamous Zvipani
declaration and are fighting the old guard to the core. I am even
surprised of their source of money they were splashing during
campaigns and on voting day’’ says the letter to Moyo.

Some loosing candidates who failed to make it on confirmation allege
vote buying through buying beer, sadza and busing of some party
members who are not within party structures without proper

In a bid to pacify frightening divisions following the Bulawayo
congress last year, warring camps were co-opted into provincial
executive but the
recent elections renewed the simmering divisions.

MDC-T provincial spokesperson Biggie Haurobi was tight-lipped over the
petitions forwarded to Moyo at the time of writing.
However a Zanu PF member denied that the party is working hard to
weaken it. “We are facing many internal challenges that we can not be
seen working hard to destablise MDC-T. That is change they are
clamouring for in their party”
In the 2008 MDC-T snatched 5 seats from Mashonaland West that used to
be Zanu PF stronghold but the house that Tsvangirai built is crumbling
ahead of elections.

Ex-governor faces Minister in Zanu PF primaries

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Hurungwe- Former Mashonaland West provincial governor Peter Chanetsa will face deputy minister of Regional Integration and International Cooperation Reuben Marumahoko in Zanu PF primaries.

Chanetsa is the Member of Parliament for Hurungwe North covering mostly rural areas under Chiefs Kazangarare and Chundu while Marumahoko is Hurungwe senator.

Party insiders revealed that although two other candidates indentified as war veteran Karenga and little known A. Gandawa submitted their papers, the battle is set for the two.

‘’Chanetsa has hardly done anything for his constituency preferring to stay in Harare while Marumahoko took advantage of his absence and was visible. At one time he assisted the bereaved families of five farmers who perished during an accident near Chinhoyi in early April’’ said a party insider at Chibara.  


Figure 1 Reuben  Marumahoko

Marumahoko was the high ranking Government official during burial of late Samuel Chenjerai Marufu who is President Robert Mugabe’s father-in law. Marufu passed on 17 April this year.

In August last year Marumahoko defended the eviction of over 300 villagers under Chief Chundu that then acting chief Picture had labelled ‘’mabvakure’’ or aliens.

In Hurungwe East incumbent MP Sarah Mahoka who is the provincial chairlady will face three male aspiring candidates including farmer Antony Zunzanyika, former councilors Misheck Masango and Boswell Rusere who was seconded to Jomic by Zanu PF.

Godfrey Beremauro MP in Hurungwe Central covering Karoi town will fight out with Pelagia Mapfumo and farmer Tsikira.  

However there mixed reactions amid revelations that some names had been dropped by the provincial coordinating committee although it is understood that every CV was accepted but PCC made recommendations that will be forwarded to national party election directorate that will approve names of candidates for party primaries.

In Magunje Franco Ndambakuwa faces challenges from Muduna, Keith Guzha and Godfrey Gandawa among others.

Temba Mliswa submitted his CV in Hurungwe West.

Elsewhere Zanu PF provincial chairman John Mafa will fight it out with national political commissar and minister of information Webster Shamu in Chegutu East.

June 9, 2013

Hunger haunts Tongas 55 years on

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Siavonga- Nearly 12 000 of mostly Tonga speaking people displaced
during the construction of Zambezi river bitter that hunger is
haunting them.
They want to go back to where there were before the dam wasSDC14039.JPG
constructed in 1958. Zambezi River is a shared resource between
Zimbabwe that generates power to these two nations.
Speaking during a recent tour about 35 kilometersSDC14062.JPG
downstream, the villagers under Chief Chipepo said they are facing
acute food security as the area receives poor rains annually.
‘’We wish we could go back to the place of origin as we were jus
dumped here’’ said an 85 year old Esther Simuyambi.
She added that promises were made that they could get assistance on
good soils but the Zambian government is still yet to assist them.
‘’We are in distress as the past three years there was little
rainfall. We all depend on food handouts but it is not enough’’ she
Another villager Samson Nyowani bemoaned that the six month resistance
by villagers when they were to be displaced did not yield anything as
they were pushed out.
‘’Though we resisted, we had no power against those in authority. We
are dying here due to hunger.’’ He said.
Several villagers complained that though they were evicted to pave way
for the building of the dam they are still yet to get electricity in
their grass thatched homes.
However Siavonga acting administrator Mrs Hope Mpundu admitted that
little has been done to empower the communities displaced.
‘’As a Government, we try to assist with food handouts annually but
very little has been done to assist those affected when the dam was
built. Most of the villagers are fishermen than farmer, so Zambian
government is working hard to feed them’’ she said.
She had no statistics of how much the government channeled to assist
the villagers.
For the elderly, Simuyambi, her determined hope to trace her original
place after five decades remains a dream that will never be a reality
in her lifetime.

June 7, 2013

Patsime casts writing net wide

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Face of a winner... Obriel Mupokosa showing off his certificate

Face of a winner… Obriel Mupokosa showing off his certificate

By Nhau Mangirazi
Karoi-Obriel Mupokosa of Chiedza Karoi is the winner of Patsime Trust’s Buddyz for Luv essay writing competition in Karoi as they cast their net wide in promoting writing culture in youths.
The school situated in the outskirts of Karoi’s new suburb of Chiedza was established as a satellite school in 2007 with an enrolment of 700 pupils and it is proving that there is future on writers like Mupokosa.
The Form Two student says writing is a passion and is happy to write stories on social issues.
‘’I must admit that the story is a personal creation to reflect the reality of our society. Some people are not opening up on their HIV status and are moody. Some are dying in silence. People must open up and they must be assisted at all costs. Health issues must not be secretive’’ Mupokosa explains.
In his essay, he explores a story of an aunt who failed to tell him that she was HIV positive and did not want him to know that she was taking on Anti retroviral drugs, a situation pushed by stigmatization.
Later he discovered that the tablets she always kept as a secret were being distributed at a local clinic monthly.
He confronted her and she wept forcing him to write the essay ending words …’’that is how I discovered that my aunt was HIV positive’’
The writers’ club patron Mr. Luckson Handiseni says they formed the club two years ago with twelve participants.
‘’I am glad that Patsime Trust is assisting us in nurturing talent especially on writing. Obriel story proved that talents are natural and his story was well written and is understood easily’’ says Handiseni who is an English language teacher.
Though the school is among several of satellite schools in farms where they transformed tobacco barns as classroom blocks, with students like Mupokosa there is hope that talented writers will soon grace our newspapers and books from Karoi.
Skumbuzo Sibanda who gave the prizes says Patsime Trust is empowering the youths through writing skills.
‘’If the youths can write on social issues like health, divorcees, education among others, then they are empowered to guard themselves against abuses by relatives or any one. We are grateful on Patsime gesture’’ says Sibanda who is Karoi based Baptism of Fire theater group director.

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