August 27, 2016

Australian Embassy statement on recent occurences of violence in Zimbabwe

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26 August 2016
The Australian Embassy shares the concerns of many Zimbabweans at the violence which has occurred over recent weeks in Zimbabwe. The use of violence is not acceptable under any circumstance.

The Australian Embassy wishes to emphasise that the rule of law, respect for human rights, right to free speech, freedom of assembly and other democratic freedoms are at the heart of the Zimbabwean Constitution and must be respected by all parties. We encourage the Government of Zimbabwe to ensure the democratic freedoms of all Zimbabweans are fully protected.

For more information, please contact Ambassador Suzanne McCourt or the Australian Embassy (details below).

The Australian Embassy I T: +263-4-853 235 55 I M: +263-772-234 074 I E:


U.S. Embassy calls for non-violence and respect for human rights during ongoing protests

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Harare, August 26, 2016: The United States is troubled by the economic policies and financial strains that have prompted numerous recent protests in Zimbabwe and we join many Zimbabweans in their deep concern over reports of violence during some of the protests. The United States supports freedoms of speech and assembly and we call on the government of Zimbabwe to exhibit restraint and respect the human rights of all Zimbabwean citizens, including those basic rights. We urge everyone to engage in non-violent discourse and for all those involved in protests, participants and law enforcement alike – to abstain from violence and intimidation and seek peaceful resolutions. Violence is never acceptable.
The United States is also monitoring recent threats to crack down on activists using social media. We fear these threats will further limit the right of Zimbabweans to exercise freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly, which are enshrined in the Zimbabwean Constitution, protected under Zimbabwe’s international human rights obligations, and core values of any functioning democracy. We support Zimbabweans’ rights to freedom of speech regardless the venue — be it in public, through print media, or social media.
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Comments or queries should be addressed to Deputy Public Affairs Officer Nicole Finnemann at; Tel: +263 5 758 800-1; Become a Fan on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

July 29, 2016


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HARARE- The Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD), unequivocally castigates and lambasts the overzealous and equally misinformed decision to arrest the War Veterans’ leadership, clumsily orchestrated by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) following a communique addressed to the ZANU PF leadership.

Both the Secretary General and the Spokesperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA), Cde Victor Matemadanda and Cde Douglas Mahiya respectively, were arrested by members of the ZRP Law and Order Divisions over trumped up treason allegations, after the alleged authoring of said communique that denounced the President and First Secretary of ZANU PF, Cde R.G. Mugabe.

This arrest stands out as a ridiculous and yet callous violation of human rights as well as the wanton abuse of a public institution to serve personal interests. As YARD we question the constitutionality of the arrests whilst fully cognisant of the fact that the communique is a document that was directed to the leadership of ZANU PF and therefore nothing more than an in-house matter. Surprisingly however, the ZRP moved in to take action in this particular party matter, party of which does not have a law enforcement agency and least of all the ZRP as part of its structures.

It is horrifying to note that the ZRP, as an apolitical institution seems to be employing double, partisan standards in its approach to this particular matter. This partisan approach subsequently has highly detrimental effects to the establishment of the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

As YARD, we remain consistent in our adherence to and observation of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the regional resolutions made by the African Union. The leadership of this country however seems to be exhibiting chameleon-like behaviour and desperately needs to work towards good governance and the creation of rule of law.

What is worse is the not so surreptitious creation and consolidation of a dictatorship in this once Republican Zimbabwe. The police force and the ruling party have taken a stance to criminalise opposition and any divergent opinions to the rulership of one man.

Regime change has become a testimony of imperialistic rhetoric. Democracy and democratic principles of the majority having their way while the minority has its say has been rendered alien to Zimbabwe by the President of the country.

The President, who used to be the voice of reason, has become the protagonist of retrogressive elements in Zimbabwe. In total contrast, the President is fuelling illegal arrests and issuing reckless statements against his former allies with impunity.

As the youth of Zimbabwe, we demand the immediate release of the incarcerated War Veterans. The sacrifices that these men made, can never be repaid by such levels of oppression and political repression. Such attacks on the War Veterans is an insult that smacks of disrespect and lack of appreciation of the highest order. Political rights and liberties have been trampled upon by this current regime and its upon these grounds that the calls for regime change from within become audible.

To all Zimbabweans, and all vibrant organisations such as the #thisflag and tajamuka movement, we call upon you to once again show your unity of purpose and work for the achievment of justice to these sons of the soil. We call upon the international community to act decisively against inhumanity and violation of human rights in Zimbabwe. The moment of truth has come for all Zimbabweans to show patriotism to the country and stand up for the leadership of the War Veterans. Let us show again the unity we saw with the good pastor as we defend the rights of these innocent War Veterans whose only “crime” is honest speech and a cry for justice to prevail.  Let us show our solidarity with them and rally behind them as they appear in court tomorrow, Friday 29th July 2016. YARD encourages all citizens to stand up and be counted in their support for those who sacrificed for us to enjoy liberation from the oppressive white regime and are now standing up once again to defend us from the shackles of the current black regime. Let us turn up in our thousands!

Zimbabwe is living in momentous times and needs a united people against oppression of the highest order which is being orchestrated by this Government.



28 July 2016

May 18, 2016

Cleric Mawarire a voice speaking for majority

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Evan Mawarire, a cleric fronting what has become known as #thisflag campaign needs the support of all pro-democracy forces in confronting Zimbabwe’s Competitive Authoritarian Regime, Zanu PF.His approach is tactful, well timed and indeed sustainable. The campaign which has so far taken the social media by storm , seeks to challenge politicians to stop corruption and start taking action by not neglecting citizens, as well as to promote the participation of ordinary citizens by challenging them to stand up for their rights. “I looked at the flag and felt like what the flag represents and the state of the country, are worlds apart,” said Pastor Evan.

In this vein, he is linking all the challenges bedeviling Zimbabwe with the supposed significance of the flag. His analysis reduces the flag to an ordinary cloth and he empirically substantiates that, this is due to inefficient and ineffective delivery of duties and obligations by the state authorities. Mawarire utilized something which the Zanu PF government has monopolized since independence. The Zanu PF flag and their party regalia, are centered on the national flag, in a similar fashion with the national anthem, holidays, shrines and memorialisations which are significant to the history of Zimbabwe.

In this context the use of the national flag in the corner of the oppressed is very tactical. The dimension brought about by Mawarire returns ownership of the flag to other Zimbabweans who are deemed second class citizens by the Zanu PF regime. To me ,it is synonymous with the campaign dubbed ,”Our Country Too” which Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition ,a conglomeration of Civic Society Organizations once embarked on in 2007 to push the government to recognize all citizens including those in opposition parties and civic society.

#This Flag Campaign falls under non-violent engagement strategies in typical Mahatma Gandhi style and as prescribed by experts in using this strategy, to fight a competitive authoritarian regime, they should be dilemma actions. It is the prime purpose of this article to unpack the concept of non-violent engagement in the context of the Zanu PF autocratic government. Knowing more about the dynamics of dilemma actions can enable activists to design their actions to pose difficult dilemmas to opponents, leading opponents to make unpopular decisions, or waste their efforts preparing for several possible responses.

A dilemma action is a type of non-violent civil disobedience designed to create a “response dilemma” or “lose-lose” situation for public authorities by forcing them to either concede some public space to protesters or make themselves look absurd or heavy-handed by acting against the protest.

#thisflag campaign should be broadened to the majority of Zimbabweans who are wallowing in poverty due to the poor governance of the Zanu PF regime. During a live radio program on Zifm featuring Mawarire, I was touched with a testimony from one caller who said, “I have no savings, they were wiped out in 2008. People died, we cannot speak because we are scared. You know how people died in 2008 in areas like Mutoko and Murewa. It was terrible. We are happy with the campaign and I am sure many people are supporting him (Mawarire). We want answers and we are supporting this campaign. At 62, I am still trying to buy and sell for survival, it’s hard,” the caller said. This is a true reflection of what many Zimbabweans are feeling, but they cannot express themselves. This campaign if well executed, it’s bound to bring out of the shells, most Zimbabweans with a similar predicament.
The fact that Super Mandiwanzira was waiting for Mawarire outside the studio and began shouting at him, calling him all sorts of names and accusing him of seeking to subvert the government is a testimony of the impact of Mawarire’s protest message to the authorities. Mandiwanzira is not the only Zanu PF zealot to be offended by this alternative dimension of the flag. Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has also had a social media altercation with Mawarire, whose campaign has gained traction with each passing day.

Core concepts of successful nonviolent action are support, careful planning and strong leadership. It is essential to have a vision and strategic plan and to develop the tactics and campaigns necessary to achieve it. Most often, movements tend to happen through local grassroots organizations and unions, in response to circumstances in a place or because of the creativity of a group of people. In addition to educating people on their rights, nonviolent action also gives people an alternative way of expressing themselves.
A dilemma action leaves the opponent with no obvious ‘best response’ — each possible choice has significant negative aspects. Even the opponent’s most attractive response will have a mix of advantages and disadvantages that are not directly comparable, as assessed at the time or in hindsight. Many nonviolent actions are reactions to what authorities do: activists respond to agendas set by others. In a dilemma action, activists are proactive.

Usually the best option for the opponents is to stop the action without anybody noticing — the activists’ strategy should then be to make it as public as possible. Something that makes a dilemma difficult is when the opponent has to compare consequences from different domains; it can be difficult to compare the benefit of an approving reaction from supporters, with negative feedback from a different audience.

A tool that proved effective and appropriate in Kenya, in the run up to elections when it was necessary to reach as many people as possible was the introduction of theater into the process. A larger audience was reached in a short period of time and mobilization became very easy.
Other examples of the use of theater to engage, educate and move people to action are seen in Bangladesh (Action Theater: Initiating Changes), in Senegal (Using Popular Theater to Break the Silence Around Violence Against Women) with the Philippine Education Theater Association and in Augusto Boil’s suite of The Theater of the Oppressed (TO) which can be used in a meaningful way to explore and build a collective understanding on a range of themes. Another tool that has been used is the use of photographs to stimulate discussion, creativity and personal disclosure and strategic thinking.

George Makoni is the Vice Chairperson of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.He writes in his own capacity and can be contacted @

October 6, 2014

You are wrong Hon Beremauro – Hurungwe needs development   

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Chikangwe High School in Karoi hosted district awards ceremony for the second year running and it was pleasure for sterling performance to engage on developmental matters in Hurungwe.

It was good for traditional leaders, politicians, policymakers and school children to meet and hear educational officials speaking their minds about why Hurungwe has poor educational standards.

We are concerned why one of the country productive districts is in such as mess.

Hurungwe Central Member of the House of Assembly Godfrey Beremauro was among the speakers and has been elusive to discuss developmental issues after being voted into office for the second term.

That is why we are writing this comment, Hon Beremauro, for the public to know that you are failing your own party Zanu PF and the Government. Engage voters before and after elections.

There is no need for you to mislead the constituency, let alone students some of them attending lessons in the open 34 years after independence.

Honorable Beremauro, you were offside when you said Government has enough resources to build better schools in the district and the country at large.

In your own words, you said, ‘’It is the responsibility of the Government to build schools and we have enough resources to do that’’.

Is it true, Hon Beremauro or you are dreaming? If so then why is the responsibility elusive to us? Lead us not into temptation to say then your Government is not concerned about us, yet you got our votes to be in parliament.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is worried over the cash crunch affecting the economy, but why make such reckless statements, Hon Beremauro?

Hurungwe, is neglected and under developed districts in Zimbabwe. How long does it take to see development taking place for us, Hon Beremauro?

The children few parents and headmasters, teachers in attendance know the truth.

As we write, our Government is still yet to address the issue of some tobacco barns used as classrooms in resettlement farms within your constituency. You know about that but have never uttered a word about it in parliament, why is it so?

Teachers are living in squalid conditions but for the sake of employment, they will never ask you for assistance.

Provincial education director Sylvester Mashayamombe was spot on when he appealed to parents to pay school fees on time to develop schools, but you just wanted to mislead us.

Even guest of Honour Campaign for Female Education, Camfed, regional director Angeline Murimirwa, and a beneficiary of the program admits infrastructural development is a challenge.

She knows there are poor shelters at schools within Hurungwe, Hon Beremauro.

Why do you misfire and mislead us? Why take us for granted on matters that concern everyone?

It can be Government responsibility but it is failing to deliver, why should we deny those who want to assist?

Honorable MP take time to reflect developmental challenges in your constituency before you go wrong in public making a fool of your self.

All we need is development not poor public speaking Hon Beremauro.

August 27, 2013

MDC- T street politicians waste of time

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Movement for Democratic Change supporters and some Zimbabweans are smarting themselves from the so called defeat by Zanu PF in the last elections.

It has been described as ‘’death of democracy’’ by some sections of international media.

Time will tell if it is true as Zanu PF is on the spotlight from both within local citizens and the international community. We wait for them to deliver after landslide victory.

Allegations and counter allegations of vote intimidation and abuse of voters roll was the catch word during the MDC-T court case that they later withdrew.

MDC-T as a political party may have themselves to blame.

Our major surprise is why MDC-T is taking people for granted with street politicians.

Wilson Makanyaire the provincial organizing secretary for Mashonaland West enjoyed independent press coverage with impunity created divisions and unnecessary factionalism.

He is behind the so called Zvipani declaration faction linked to top officials aiming to succeed outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai during next congress.

It is far fetched dream if facing a monster like Zanu PF with over 50 years in existence.

The old guard called Zvinguruve was labeled worst devils to take Zanu PF head on besides snatching some rural constituencies in 2008 polls.

Makanyaire garnered 3200 votes during the party primaries, sitting Member of Parliament for Hurungwe West Severino Tall Chambati got 125 votes.

Three weeks after elections, Makanyaire can not account why he got 2000 votes besides the popularity he enjoyed from some newspapers.

Zanu PF’s Temba Mliswa got over 5000 votes while Chambati got 400 votes.

None of the newspapers are keen to ask him: what went wrong Mr. Wilson Makanyaire in Hurungwe West?

The answer is simple- MDC-T is party full of street politicians.

While Zanu PF made its mistakes by failing to separate Government and party politics since independence and other failures, MDC-T worse characters played a pivotal role in killing their own party from within.

MDC-T must learn to be a political party serious about the electorate and not take voters for granted.

They shortchanged some with dubious characters who deceived some reporters but the truth is some are not politicians at all

Zanu PF is a party that employs political ploys to remain in power but MDC-T must look itself in the mirror and reflect on why they lost.

They must do away with street politicians for a future party that will keep the light of democracy shining.

It is not the death of democracy yet.


July 27, 2012

We just want to remain apolitical

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The action by some Movement for Democratic Change provincial executive
members who passed a resolution to bar some journalists from other sections of the media during public functions is unwarranted and
unwelcome to say at
It was uncalled for as we yearn for more freedom of press including freeing
of airwaves in the country that has struggled for the past 32 years under
Zanu PF government rule.
It was a relief for the nation when Unity Government came into force in 2009 as we can witness minimal changes but some are fighting to
turn us into dark past.
The ban was not communicated to us as their target in writing, but the
action exposes the type of leadership that we have to content with if they
are voted into power from their party.
It is giving us an insight that we have leaders, who are power hungry,
dictators who will never accept criticism even that is healthy. They are sheep in wolf skin as we cry for democracy and press freedom. They
believe in egotism but it will be a self destrtucting button in
political life.
We have to prepare for worst days to come if they get into power as
Mashonaland West province will be under a classic rule of Idi Amin replica.
We want to take this opportunity to remind politicians from political divide that we do not want to be a political appendage.
If by any chance you dreamt that you had The Weekly Mirror on your side as political campaign launch pad, wake up and smell as the coffee, Sir.
Some may claim it was a collective decision but we will unmask those who
are behind the ban as they just want to abuse the media the way Zanu PF has
been accused and tried with state controlled papers.
It is a matter of time before some chickens come home to roost and we will be awaiting the days of reckoning.
Those in glass houses must not throw stones and we want to set the record
straight that The Weekly Mirror is not part of any faction of any political party in the province and nation at large.
We are dutifully carrying out our role to inform, educate and entertain to the
best of our knowledge and we will never take sides in any factionalism
be it in Zanu PF, Zapu, MDK, Zimbabwe Youth Alliance, NAAG, Zanu
Ndonga, and any
fly-by-night parties that surfaces during election time.
We give equal coverage to any political player and we have no hidden agenda.
We have been vindicated as we probed how factionalism was deepening in
MDC-T as the violence in Hurungwe West and Chegutu has proved how we had
done our home work.
We hope no one will claim that we were doing them a favour as these
were facts that some will forever deny just like doubting Thomas.
Once again accept our editorial charter- No scared cows in our coverage.
We will strive to be apolitical in our coverage and remain voice of
the voiceless.
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Pay examiners on time

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Better Schools Program of Zimbabwe, BSPZ, is a noble idea that
Hurungwe district embraced with positive plans for an educated nation.
It is a known fact that that Mashonaland West has more untrained
teachers due to lack of teachers training colleges and advanced level
schools compared to other provinces. We blame our politicians for
their failure to articulate noble policies on our behalf in education,
health among other sectors.
Soon after independence there were few role models such as teachers,
nurses, doctors or journalists within Hurungwe, Kariba and Makonde
districts. It affected many of those young folks then.
Hurungwe in particular was incapacitated by former district education
officials who groomed their kith and kin from afar to be temporal
teachers, got trained and are now substantive headmasters at the
expense of locals.
Few of those who made it never wanted to be associated with ‘’uneducated folk’’
Now its water under the bridge and most people are looking forward to
BSPZ as it aims to boost better teaching practices and we are grateful
for that.
We carried a story where Grade Seven Examiners are disgruntled over
non-payment in Hurungwe under the district initiative for pupils to
write uniform exams.
We believe these teachers gave expertise to set up the exams, so it
boggles the mind why they are still yet to be paid their dues.
When it is leaked to the media, it is not that they want to wash dirty
linen in public but they know the consequences if they dare ask those
in authority. They will be BLACKLISTED in future programs regardless
of their experience.
Let the truth be told, CORRUPTION will never be tolerated in any
system and everyone must get what is due to them on time.
District officials are on part time arranging the papers for schools
but those who sweated with questions are still bitter when these are
getting more financially. It is unfair and unjustified.
Although we understand how some promotions are attained, let it be
known that those are bitter will be punished but the program is doomed
to fail if those in management do not change their attitude.
Our simple plea is, Can you just pay attention to the grieved
examiners and let them get few dollars you promised them?
A hungry man is an angry man so why not pay them their dues and
increase it next time so that we can not be our own worst enemies to
educate the nation.
Why is it that those headmasters who recorded zero pass rates dictate
the pace during public meetings?
We want improved results from Better Schools Program of Zimbabwe
within Hurungwe.
May you please just pay those who are disheartened after good work?
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April 25, 2012

Donor funding high time we start afresh

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Donor communities are well known for spearheading development in
education, food security, infrastructural development, housing, health
among other sectors.

Africa in particular has received large sums of funding from mostly
Western countries and this has created semi God monsters of local
leadership who approve the requests for funding.

Zimbabwe is a recepeint of donor funding and we have a better story to
tell as it is assisting to in reviving our battered economy. HIV and
AIDS pandemic is literally going past its sale by date as pledges made
to Global Fund is dwindling. Other diseases among them malaria,
tuberculosis, cancer are seeking funding and it will be day dreaming
that HIV and AIDS will attract many donors in future the way it was in
early 80s up to 90s.

Times are changing for the better or worse and we remain our own
enemies as small communities at work, organizations, nations and
continents over donor funds.                      

Some market shops are white elephants in small towns after donors pulled out at the last
minute or one of the top officials could have diverted the initial proposal to suit his intentions.

In rural areas, some bridges were neglected halfway and it is a sad situation as to source new funding for the project remains a tall order.

Some officials who are good at convincing the donor community with sounding proposals have made a killing when they seek huge financial assistance that will leave them with fat pockets even when donors pull out before the project is implemented fully.

However, the story of Just Children is rude awakening to all those who rely on donor funding as some workers feel cheated when major donors pulled out. They still believe he owed them a living on the initial
proposal to full fund the project and their livelihoods.

The Western countries are feeling the heat financially and not all can afford to splash large sums of funds  they get it from their own Governments.
It is high time that the natural resources including gold, diamonds, and platinum, among others are sold and transparently by the Government to fund home grown projects that will assist organizations
that foster development.

If such plans were put in place the way Western countries appreciate good governance, then the Jairosi Jiri initiative could not have seen his widow as a destitute at all cost. The late Jiri could have been
Zimbabwe’s first hero with several streets named after him as a guarantor of people’s rights.
He had a vision to look after the blind and disabled.
As we call for transparency from organizations that get donor funding, top management must not abuse their workers by underpaying them while they get out of office allowances among other incentives.
Those donors that are still funding some projects must not survive on divide and rule tactic. We want action that suits everyone but with long standing against donor fatigue

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