March 31, 2015

Marumahoko reassures Chundu villages against eviction

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By Nhau Mangirazi- Chundu- Some villagers have raised alarm over pending eviction orders by Hurungwe Rural District Council but local Member of Parliement assured them that he will fight to death so that they stay put. Villagers were served final evictions in December 2013 and are not sure when they may evicted. Some of those affected settled in the area in 1932. Addressing villagers at Mayamba business centre on Tuesday, Hurungwe North constituency under which Mayamba falls, Member of Parliement Reuben Marumahoko said it was unfortunate that the council was not respecting the constitution on the right to shelter. In fact the constitution clearly states that no one must evicted without giving them alternative place to the displaced. The issue of Chundu villagers is my prime concern. If council have other plans that are against the right of citizens, then I am with you so that you remain here. We must be transperent on developmental projects that benefits the communities”, said Marumahoko. He added that he is eager to engage developmental parteners so that the area is developed. Marumahoko admitted that the Government is overburden to develop some rural areas. “Our Government has no money to develop some areas. Hurumende yakafanana nenguruve inobereka vana 24 asi ine minyatso 12. Inongoti zvambarara kuti mwana atanga agute asi vamwe vachifa nenzara. Vanongokurira munzara asi tinodawo kubatsirwa, zvatiremera kugadzira migwagwa chaiyo” meaning the Government is broke and urgently needs assistance to upgrade poor roads. Villagers raised a red flag seeking assistance over pending evictions that may affect over 6000 people in Mayamba, part of Mahwau and Kabidza. Transperency International Zimbabwe officials who attended said transperency is important for public offices if they want to engage private parteners. They said there is need for stakeholders meeting to pave way for developmental projects. Villagers were urged to be well versed with nature as it may affect climate change. Mayamba is a remote area near Zambezi valley where rampant poaching is affecting developmental projects. It is situated about 85 kilometers north- west of Karoi. S


March 17, 2015

Mahwau secondary school neglected

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By Nhau Mangirazi

Chundu- Teachers and villagers are appealing to responsible authorities to assist Mahwau secondary school that remains neglected almost eight years after it was established.

The school has temporary shelters of grass thatched roof without furniture forcing it to remain a satellite school without centre number since 2007.

Sources at the school situated about 85 kilometers north of Karoi town say it remains neglected.

The school is in Hurungwe rural district council ward 7 under Chief Chundu.

It is within Hurungwe North constituency under Zanu PF House of Assembly member Reuben Marumahoko.

‘’We have enrollment of 200 students from Form One to Four but we are still yet to get a registration centre number as we do not have furniture which is one of the requirements to be registered with education ministry’’ said a teacher who cannot be named for professional reasons.

He is one of the seven teachers stationed at the school.

The teacher added that they are sharing rooms due to lack of accommodation.

‘’It is unfortunate that we are sharing the grass thatched rooms and it is not healthy. Villagers here cannot do anything to improve the situation’’ added the teacher.

However, Dickson Makasa a villager said it was embarrassing that the teachers are forced to travel for at least three kilometers to fetch water.

Chief Abel Mbasera Chundu holding the constitution that gives education as a basic human right to children at Chitindiva

Chief Abel Mbasera Chundu holding the constitution that gives education as a basic human right to children at Chitindiva. Photo by Nhau Mangirazi


‘’There are no boreholes nearby and at times teachers travel to get clean water. We appeal to responsible authorities to assist as some teachers will always shy this school affecting our children. We are neglected and being looked down by those who can assist us’’ said Makasa.

The area under Chief Chundu has other secondary schools namely Manyenyedzi in Mayamba area which is the furthest and Chitindiva.

Mahwau secondary school children without traditional dance uniform

Mahwau secondary school children without traditional dance uniform. Photo by Nhau Mangirazi

However, a source at Hurungwe education offices said Hurungwe remains one of the poorest districts in Mashonaland West province.

‘’Although I do not have statistics off hand, we have many primary and secondary schools that need rehabilitation. Most of these are within the resettlement areas that were established during the fast track land reform but nothing has been done to avert the dire education disaster looming’’ said a source who cannot be named as he has no authority to speak to journalists.

Hurungwe district has estimated population of 361 370 of which 187 160 are females and 174 210 are males from 85 668 households according to 2012 Zimbabwe National Statistical results.

There are 168 secondary schools with an estimated enrollment of 83 572, where 92 primary schools have estimated 21 926 students annually.

March 12, 2015

Karoi tobacco sales kick off at low note

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By Nhau Mangirazi

KAROI- The tobacco selling season kicked off at a low note here on Wednesday with few contract farmers under Mashonaland Tobacco Company, MTC, turning up to auction the golden leaf.

Although the MTC officials barred The Weekly Mirror reporter to witness the first sales, some farmers said they were happy after their tobacco fetched highest bid of $5.15 per kilogram.

‘’I am happy that six of my seven bales were bought at $5.15 per kilogram and it boost confidence in our farming’’ Said Frederick Chiwaza of Edon farm about 40 kilometers west of Karoi town.
Tobacco trucks in Karoi
The lowest price was 20 cents per kilogram.

Another farmer Denis Machanga of Zvipani attributed low sales due to poor grading.
‘’Some farmers are poorly grading their tobacco and this results in low prices’’ he said.

A transporter from Tengwe, 50 kilometers east of Karoi, Claude Shikisha of Tengwe said few farmers are making bookings as they are still grading. However job seekers and vendors thronged the auction floors situated
on the town outskirts. Bread vendors leave tobacco auction floors in Karoi

‘’I am seeking employment than anything else and hope I will be considered as time progresses’’ said a 22 year Dennis Mutyoraringa.

Hurungwe district that covers Karoi farming town is within Mashonaland West province that has highest number of registered tobacco farmers.

Mashonaland West with 30 777 growers has the highest number of growers for 2015, with communal farmers becoming the largest tobacco producers in the province.
Recent statistics from Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB) 85 000 registered tobacco growers in its books of which 41 156 communal farmers had registered for the 2015 season, in addition to 32 492 A1 farmers, 7 904 A2 producers and 6 904 small scale commercial growers.

March 10, 2015

Hubby evicts wife over $50 maintenance

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By Nhau Mangirazi

A 34 year old Karoi woman faces eviction from her husband after a local court granted $50.00 maintenance for the upkeep of three children.

The two got married in 2002 before their divorce in 2004 but reconciled in 2008 until this year when their marriage was on the rocks as the husband could not look after the children.

However, tables are turning against her after she went to court seeking maintenance to upkeep three children aged 13, 10 and 5 years in January this year.

Kanganiso Simbanegavi of Chikangwe high density suburb is living on borrowed time at the house after she was serviced  with a court order that she must vacate House Number 921c owned by her husband Tichaona Chimanga within seven days.

Chimanga is a former soldier discharged from the force but is now a vendor.

The court order was delivered by Karoi Messenger of Court Shumba Magudze on 4 March 2015.

During their divorce in 2004, a Harare magistrate Chimanda granted sharing of property that gave Simbanegavi a blanket, two plate stove among other household goods while Chimanga got a blanket and the house now at the centre of controversy.

The recent eviction order granted and delivered on 4 March reads in part, ‘’Eviction order against the defendant Simbanegavi who happens to be my wife. Despite several demands to vacate my house she has refused and or neglected to do so’’ says the judgment in our possession.

It further says that Simbanegavi must pay for the costs of suit.

March 7, 2015

Icon Theater charms Magunje

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By Nhau Mangirazi
Icon Theater Production stunned revelers at Maregera night club in Magunje on Friday night through their captivating traditional dances.

The eight member group was invited to perform at the night club formerly known as Wamambo where the revelers were used to women outfits that normally dance ‘’half naked’’.
Although it was their maiden appearance, Icon Theater performed well that they were invited on stage on several occasions by revelers until the early hours of Saturday morning.
They specialize in traditional dances that include jerusarema, mbakumba, dinhe, mbende, chinyamusasure originally from Hurungwe among others.

Icon Theatre Production on stage.... Leo Funny Magada on drums while Sekuru Kagande is playing mbira

Icon Theater leader Leo Funny Magada on drums with Sekuru Kagande playing mbira…. Photo by Nhau Mangirazi

Revelers mostly youngsters aged between 20 and thirty five years appeared to have been trapped in Zimdancehall songs currently popular to the nation but shook off the trap as they continued to ask for more.
‘’At least we are happy that we still have traditional dance group among ourselves’’ said 24 year old Thomas Matanda of Chisape area.

Agnes Matipe a sex commercial worker claimed traditional dance was ideal for them as most dancing girls were parading themselves to entice their clients.
‘’The dancing girls have two missions here and when they easily parade their dancing acts, they are fighting us directly for our clients. The traditional dance group reduces the tension for us. We are happy for the decent dances. We hope to have them performing regularly here’’ she added.
Leo Funny Magada said he was happy as their performance is building confidence for his members.
‘’I am happy that we got moral support from people in rural set up who could have brushed us aside as this is part of annual rituals’’ said Magada.

Icon Theatre Production girls on stage at Maregere night club on Friday night

Icon Theater girls during a traditional dance show in Magunje on Friday night

Icon Theatre Production is a youthful side established in 2007 and has performed on youth advocacy programs targeting on health, child marriages, human rights among other topical issues affecting women and children.
It is based in Karoi and has travelled all over the country on maternal health, male circumcision, HIV and AIDS and cervical cancer awareness campaign program.
Last year they performed during the successful Hurungwe Arts Festival hosted by Baptism of Fire and was bankrolled by Culture Fund.

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