November 12, 2011

Zanu PF Mash West elections put on hold again

Seleous- Elections for Zanu PF Mashonaland West top leadership were deferred again amid revealations that suspended former chairman John Mafa was likely to win on Saturday. This is exposing simmering divisions in the party as two camps that are emerging want to save “face from embarrasment” as Mafa still command support besides his suspension last year, according to our sources. It has emerged that after former chairman Phillip Chiyangwa was banned from contesting by the politburo, others that had submitted their names battled to market themselves to the electorate. “Even Walter Chidhakwa who had the financial and heavyweight support could not be marketed to get enough votes. Infact acting chairman Reuben Marumahoko had a better chance but could not match Mafa” added another source from Kadoma. One faction led by Ignatius Chombo was backing Chidhakwa though both Marumahoko and Mafa are aligned to the camp of old guards among them former minister and party spokesperson Nathan Shamuyarira. Marumahoko confirmed that elections had been postponed to a later date saying, “We must follow some laid down procedures of candidates and those with voting rights and once everything is in place elections will be held before the end of the year. Among those vying for the chairman post were Joseph Chirongoma, Jonh Yotamu, Bright Matonga, Betty Biri and a Menhlomakulu. New election date is still yet to be set.


November 11, 2011

Makoni calls for transparency on diamond sales… As division loom in MDC-T in Karoi

KAROI- Movement for Democratic Change new provincial leadership are brooms that are still yet to sweep clean when their rally in Karoi attracted a handful of supporters, besides misleading people that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was due to grace the occasion.

This comes amid allegations of divisions within the party’s two warring camps of Zvipani now leading the province and Zvinguruve faction claim they are being sidelined in the party politics within Karoi district although some members are down-playing the strained relations.
’There are divisions with the new leaders claiming they sweep clean but this rally was poorly attended and if this what the future hold for MDC-T here, then we will not win any seats’’ said a party member who had come from Hurungwe rural area who declined to be named for fear of victimisation.

However, Home affairs co-minister and MDC-T women assembly chairperson Theresa Makone says there must be transparency in the sales of diamonds so that the country can benefit than for few individuals with Zanu PF links to enrich themselves at expense of the majority who are languishing in poverty.

Addressing a handful of MDC-T supporters in Chikangwe stadium last weekend
Makone said the sales of diamonds must benefit the country as a whole.

‘’If diamonds are sold transparently everyone will benefit and it must be the finance ministry that will distribute to all ministries according to their needs not the situation where few individuals are busy looting and lining up their pockets when majority are battling to make ends meet. The claims of empowerment is just an excuse to enrich few individuals in Zanu PF’’ said Makone.

Her passionate appeal for transparency on diamond sales come amid reports that the Kimberly Process Certificate body has allowed Zimbabwe to sell her alluvial diamonds freely without restrictions.
She added if MDC-T forms the next government resettled farmers will not be removed from their farms as it is a Government policy to resettle people.
‘’When farming inputs are distributed, there is no political party affiliation as we want to boost food production. Zanu PF must not monopolise farming inputs scheme as it has to benefit all Zimbabweans. We want food not to beg when we have land’’ added Makoni.
Makoni denied that her party long accused of drafting the Zimbabwe Economic Recovery Bill that blacklisted some top Zanu PF officials to be slapped with travel restrictions and sanctions by mostly Western countries among them Britain, United States of America, Makoni challenged former information minister Jonathan Moyo and former Masvingo governor Josiah Hungwe for drawing up the list.

‘’Zanu PF must ask their own members among them Professor Moyo and Hungwe for submitting names of top officials who were slapped with sanctions and where does MDC come in over that. Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai has no power to remove sanction but as a country we must make democratic reforms but Zanu PF must come clean that they messed up on good governance‘’ added Makoni.

She later said the so called war veterans must remember they fought white minority rule but not for black minority rule where Zanu PF members believe they can hold the nation to ransom.

‘’Personally I was kicked out of University of Rhodesia in 1973 as we fought white minority rule but we have since replaced it with black minority rulers who think they can rule forever. On elections we do not want the blind to be assisted by the police or army but rather we must have minor as this will reduce chances of elections rigging. We want free and fair elections.’’ she said.

Poor tobacco sales haunt farmers

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Hurungwe- Early rains pounded parts of the country including Karoi farming town making it was a wake up call to farmers facing another hurdle – financing farming venture.

It is now a reality that they are leaving with as on Monday some flocked into the town hoping to get financial support from insuring companies but with no positive results.

Some looked confused as they hurriedly formed groups to get loans. Armed with last season vouchers they hope to get loans but lingering question: For how long as farming is a business project?

‘’We are still yet to get financial support from the banks and these insuring companies are demanding $150.00 per hectare that I can not afford now because last season I did not get enough to repay the loan I got. We sold our tobacco for a song and we did not benefit financially last season but I must not loose hope’’ says 74 year old Raimos Mutenga of Tengwe area about 50 kilometres east of Karoi town.

He is among those frequenting the town to get loans from companies sponsoring farmers ahead of this farming season.

Last season some farmers sold their tobacco for as little as 50 cents forcing demonstrations where buyers later increased buying price but the damage had been done. The poor prices are haunting them, failing to go back into the fields.

Saltlakes a company fronted by businessman and farmer Temba Mliswa is embroiled in a pending court case involving $3, 5 million with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and sponsored some defaulting farmers.

‘’I am still yet to repay $1500.00 I owe to Saltlakes that assisted me last year and I can not go back to them again as they want their money first. I am desperate to go back into farming but do not have the resources’’ laments a young farmer, Gift Matara of Vuti about 40 kilometres west of Karoi area.

Matara says white farmers renting farms in the area are reluctant to assist them as they are battling to settle their own loans. Some are overwhelmed by requests of assistance from other resettled farmers.

Banks such as Agribank that sponsored resettled farmers since 2000 through Government support without repayments are turning their backs on non-productive farmers.

A local bank worker speaking on condition that he is not named says, ’’Most of these farmers were used on free inputs for too long and never thought farming is a business. They must look for avenues to make it a vibrant adventure productively. Most of them do not have collateral so that we can recover the loans. We are also in business’’

Zimbabwe kicked off the controversial land reform in 2000 that saw production slump for the past decade but last year there were increased production in tobacco though the country is still yet to regain its bread basket status of Southern Africa.

As they rains are set to continue in few weeks some resettled farmers will again cry foul- The Government neglected us’’
For how long are they going to be getting the long feeding spoon when other sectors are battling to recover will be another question that begs for answer

Ex-keeper picks up booted lawyer’s wife

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KAROI- A former Karoi United goalie proved that he is too good to keep on loose not only balls but loose girls when he got a woman kicked out by a lawyer after she was caught pants down with another man.
Sources revealed that the former goal keeper with a Karoi United during its heydays in mid 1990s is now staying with the former lawyer’s wife.
The ex keeper was married and divorced his wife whom he had suspected of going out with other men but had to take his time for the action.
According to family friends of the man at the centre of love triangle, he was fed up by allegations that his wife was going out with several men at some hotels in town where she could be booked during shows and he was left at home looking after the kids.
‘’He could not take any action as he was unemployed and was staying at his in-laws house in Chikangwe high density suburb then for nearly five years. He kept his cool until this year when he found employment. He moved out and divorced the wife’’ said a former soccer player with close links with the former goal minder.
However, as he divorced his former wife whom he has three children with; the keeper his match when he found the loose ball from the lawyer’s courtyard. It was the former lawyer’s wife who had been kicked out her matrimonial house again
‘’The man of law kicked out his wife following allegations that she was caught pants down with another man not this soccer player. He divorced her and they were both suspended from their church as they looked forward to see the family making amendments on their action to be divorced. Hardly two moths later, the woman is now staying with another man not the one that fuelled their divorce’’ a church member from the lawyer said speaking on condition that he is not named.
The lawyer who at one time was suspended by his church following the divorce has made strong arguments to be readmitted into the church as the woman proved that she is loose, added a woman church member
Sources added that the new love birds are moving around with the car the former soccer player is driving.
‘’He has made a point that its better to take a woman known to be of loose morals than to have a married wife who is outgoing to such an extent that she was picked up during the night by some of her boyfriends during his presence. He could not take action as they were staying at his in-laws house. As of now he is free that why he took the former lawyer’s wife and the two are enjoying life’’ added a close friend of the formed goal keeper.
The lawyer was spotted nursing the broken heart the church during the weekend with his minor girl child and the former wife is no longer attending the same church.

Govt moves in to curb hoarding of drugs

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Some clinics are accused of hoarding drugs including those for malaria that has created artificial shortages to patients, a Government official has said. Addressing health journalists last week an official said this is affecting Government bid to combat malaria in most remote and prone areas. Mudzi is situated about 140 kilometers north east of Harare and is a malaria prone area. Mrs Fortunate Manjoro who is the Ministry of Health education, information and communication officer said this has affected some patients due to uneven drug distribution throughout the country. “Some clinics were hoarding drugs especially those for malaria that could last six months when other clinics had nothing. Some clinics with less malaria incidences had excess drugs and it was uncalled for as it caused artificial shortages affecting patients countrywide. As you know it is advisable for malaria patients to seek medication within 24 hours, Government has moved in to
stop this rot” She explained that Government through Natpharm has embarked on monthly stock take of drugs in every clinic or hospital to see if they have enough drugs that cater for their clients. It will reduce unwarranted deaths due to hoarding of drugs.” Mrs Manjoro urged journalists to write stories that advocate malaria eradication through highlighting challenges being faced in all sectors including health. The ministry says it aims to reduce incidence rates from 90 per 1000 in 2007 to 45 per 1000 in 2013. “In Zimbabwe malaria is pririotised disease that get funding from the Government and donor community including Global Fund but a lot needs to be done to get rid of malaria” she said. Malaria is the second killer disease after HIV and AIDS.

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